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Amber Vanilla
by Regina Harris


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About Amber Vanilla

Amber Vanilla is a feminine perfume by Regina Harris.

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For my own personal enrichment I've decided to rename this perfume

At first I was a sniff away from scrubbing it off, I found it nauseating in a grandmothers closet kind of way... HOWEVER as soon as the oil sets in the vanilla began to show its way over the overpowering top note mess and slowly the amber warmed its way through as well. After an hour or so it sits quite nice on the skin.

I wouldn't consider adding it to my personal collection based on the top notes, other wise it would sit very appropriately on a more mature woman.
22nd February, 2011
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United States
have you ever tossed a stone into a smooth pool of water, and then sat back and watched the concentric circles fan out?

That's how this scent wears. I admit i approached it with discrimination; my opinion is if you need a cutesy bottle to push your product it's to hide a crappy composition.

So i dabbed this on, sat back, and was washed over by wave after warm wave of the most golden aroma.

I'm a huge amber/vanilla fan; see my wardrobe stacked wtih Guerlains, so this scent really works for me. The longevity is much better than I was expecting, as was the quality

I"m confused why it is classed as an oriental spicy, I dont detect that. To my nose it is the smooth like a well polished rock. it's a gorgeous composition that creates a happy space that you'll never want to leave.
25th April, 2010
Deliciously warm vanilla opens this perfume with touches of smooth dark amber. This perfume is 'hot ,warm skin' . Then the vnailla recedes and the amber becomes a major player. Delightfully sensual and long lasting though as a perfume oil, sillage will not be grat but whomever gets near to you and hugs you ,will think you naturally smell this divine.
Vanilla lovers will feel somewhat frustrated with this because the amber is more dominant overall.
27th August, 2009
kess Show all reviews
United States
To me, this is more "Musk Vanilla" than Amber Vanilla. So don't expect a lot of amber, this is more about a sweet musk scent. Extremely concentrated and only the tiniest amount is needed to know you are wearing it. Dries down to more musk. Could probably be worn by both genders, even though it's classified as feminine in the directory.
27th July, 2009

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