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Jarling is a feminine perfume by JAR.

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When my son was little he had head colds and earaches every other minute, and I spent a good number of hours in the doctor's office and pharmacy procuring an purple-y pink antibiotic that tasted exactly like Jarling smells. Okay, maybe not 'exactly,' but close enough that when I sampled this I was suddenly back in my old rickety, two story house in Idaho, rocking a croupy child back and forth in a steamy bathroom.

When I imagine the person who loves this scent, I see a mid-thirties female with long, manicured nails. She wears white, lacey clothing and buys a lot of underwear at La Perla. She keeps her house VERY clean.

Mimosa. Almond. Heliotrope. Marzipan. Diabetic coma.
03rd October, 2017 (last edited: 04th October, 2017)
Liquid happiness.

Heliotrope and almond blast first, and sweet soft mimosa come in. Then it stays that way for hours and hours.

Then the almond half of heliotrope start to dominate over its puffy sweetness. A hint of...soapy notes(???) appears sporadically. I think this is the end.

Now in retrospect, I suspect it's a high quality linear notes with multi facets.
24th July, 2017
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Jarling opens with a relatively sweet, syrupy vanilla and anise tandem with hints of almond-like floral heliotrope in initial support. As the composition moves to its early heart the sweetened almond-like heliotrope gathers tremendous steam, adding a mild powdery nutmeg spiced vanilla facet with a subtle iodine-like tinge as the star anise remains, now in significant support. During the late dry-down the anise vacates and the iodine spiked heliotrope gradually recedes, with the vanilla remaining sans most of its initial sweetness through the finish. Projection is on the low side of average and longevity is dead-center average at 8 hours on skin.

Jarling is an odd composition for sure. At its heart, the primary focus is to showcase a relatively linear presentation of high quality heliotrope with its almond and vanilla-like facets out in the open. What I couldn't get past, and in fact really disliked was the almost blood-like semi-metallic smelling iodine aspect detected in the background relatively early in the key mid-section, not to mention the strange anise presentation that didn't quite mesh well with the heliotrope. Once the iodine and anise vacated the vanilla focused late dry-down was very nice indeed. At the end of the day though, Jarling seems more than a bit too linear on the one hand, and too off-putting early on the other. The key test of a truly good composition is would someone want to wear it, and in the case of Jarling despite its obvious top-notch ingredients the answer is a resounding "no." The bottom line is Jarling is a composition that obviously spares no expense, but the final result is near unwearable, earning it a "above average" rating of 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5, but an avoid recommendation due to its severe lack of versatility.
18th April, 2015
Those who are familiar with JAR know that this brand is to perfumery just like a 1936 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic is to cars. A completely out of the world experience that's far beyond pure luxury and pleasure as we know them. JAR fragrances have the ability to drive you, within a single wearing, from heaven to hell and back. An experience that will redefine the sense of smell and the usual evaluating paramenters with no turning back.

Jarling makes no exception. What may sound as an average heliotrope soliflore, upon application delivers an extremely caleidoscopic blast of mimosa, almond, marzipan and star anise paired to challenging bitter undertones that bring to mind of cyanide and what I will call "vintage antibiotic syrup for children" (Baktrim anyone?). While all of the above sound disencouraging, Jarling is immediately ready to evolve into one of the most delicate almondy-mimosa-lilac centered fragrance ever created.Plush, sophisticated and, considering the price tag, extremely exclusive. By all means, a JAR.

Lovers of Apres L'Ondeč, take note. This is the final frontier.

Downside: Not as tenacious as one would expect from a JAR.
26th July, 2012
I will agree with the reviewer below comparing Jarling with En Passant, to me this is a sweet gourmandy Lilac. When I smell it and close my eyes, I see pastel candies with a dusting of sugar. A personal favorite! Another thumbs up from me.
23rd May, 2012
I love the top notes - five spice powder! It's a lovely anisic accord built, I suspect, around some star anise. It's not intense and licorice stick-like, but powdery, spicy, and lightly sweet. Soon it becomes partnered with a marzipan almond note and a dollop of heliotrope, and as the spice fades out interest continues in the form of a warm civet note.

Sadly, what could have been a fascinating evolution is ephemeral on me, giving up the ghost after a couple hours.

Neutral only in light of the enormous price and low tenacity. If this had greater longevity and more oomph it would get a lot more love from me - it's both pretty and novel.
29th September, 2010

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