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Jardenia is a feminine perfume by JAR.

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Heavily-indoled gardenias, so heavy you can almost feel it's sticky weight on your wrist. But there's still a ghost like greenness, haunting there for first couples of minutes. The animalistic aspect of gardenias reveals itself at very beginning, and getting more obvious after one hour, as the sweetness fading away.

Unsurprisingly, after about four hours, what's left is dusty musky scent. The flowers are gone, then dead bodies buried underneath reveal themselves.
24th July, 2017
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United States
Jardenia is all about one key note, and one note alone, gardenia. The presentation of the white floral gardenia is about as life-like as you will find in the world of perfume. The composition opens with its sharp green, slightly earthy mushroom-like facets in all their glory. As time passes through the dry-down the sharpness gradually dulls and the mushroom-like qualities recede, leaving a sublime, smooth white floral presentation of gardenia through the finish. Projection is excellent and longevity very good at about 10 hours on skin.

Jardenia is a tough composition to evaluate. There really is only one key accord throughout and that is the gardenia. If one is looking for aggressive transitions and various noticeable notes throughout they will be sorely disappointed. That said, if you just evaluate the composition for what it is, things improve exponentially. As a "true to life" rendition of the gardenia, Jardenia is reference caliber stuff. It captures all the various facets of the white floral found in nature including its mushroom-like quality and its sharp green bite, something rather rare in the world of perfume. I can honestly say that I have absolutely enjoyed sampling Jardenia, and while it is probably not something I would wear myself, I can certainly appreciate the effort in recreating the gardenia so realistically that one could mistake the perfume for the real thing. The bottom line is Jardenia is a "one trick" pony, but that one trick is done so well it is impossible to fault it for lacking more, earning an "outstanding" 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 rating. I am not sure I can recommend purchasing the composition to anyone other than the most ardent gardenia lovers despite my absolute awe of its exceptional execution, but sampling Jardenia should be mandatory for all.
19th April, 2015
On my skin, this starts out rather sharp, aldehydic & almost lemony. After a few moments, l get the much-mentioned blue cheese note, but it's not at all rancid, just creamy, & doesn't last long. This doesn't really strike me as gardenia until around two hours in; until then it's a confusing green & spicy white floral accord, with a very strong & indolic "magic marker" note that's almost overpowering to my nose. After the two-hour mark, the gardenia is more recognisable, becoming earthier & almost metallic as it dries down. l don't get a mushroom note, which is fortunate as l happen to hate mushrooms. Hours later, in the far drydown, there's a hint of animalic-ness just before the scent fades.
l expected to absolutely love this, but l don't. l am familiar with the scent of gardenias, but this doesn't quite do it for me. lt's somehow a caricature of gardenia, a "smelling experience" rather than a wearable perfume. For wearability, l much prefer the radiant beauty of Tuberose Gardenia, & the creamy softness of Gardenia Petale.
21st November, 2012
Anyone who has experienced JAR (both the fragrances and the store), knows what I'm talking about. JAR is not a perfume shop, it's a secret club. Their compositions are far beyond being just fragrances, they're more like the car crashes in Ballard's Crash. Perversely fascinating, kinda morbid and definitely out of this world.

Jardenia is one of those fragrances that, unless you want to be called names, you can't say you don't like it. Well, I actually can't say that I completely like it.

The opening accord is absolutely stunning in its simple complexity. A huge indolic gardenia note of immense beauty strikes as a pyrotechnical effect. It initially kisses you then shakes your head to finally leave you speechless for its unquestionable charme. Almost an hologram in it's vibrant/vivid reproduction of the real flower. The opening phase endures for almost one hour to then introduce a mushroom note that smells a whole lot like "funghi porcini". Yes, fresh cut funghi porcini. The fragrance still works and morphes into a challenging phase that's typical of many other deliveries from the house. At the three hours mark, the gardenia slightly recedes while the mushroom note slowly takes over to the point of becoming absolutely dominating for the rest of the fragrance' evolution. After ten plus hours it gets definitely exasperating and, at least to me, nausea inducing. Scrub time.

Ok, Jardenia definitely makes a strong impression and it's one of those fragrances that you encounter every once in 100 years but I would wear it? No. This stuff is not for me but, if you like unique fragrances, this is something to surely check out.

In the end, I loved the opening and detested the drydown.

One more point: I strongly believe that in this specific case the "exclusivity aurea" of the brand plays a particularly relevant part. I'd be genuinely curious to play the blind game with Jardenia and see if most of the people who love this fragrance, would have the same impressions if they smelled this stuff blind. Don't get me wrong, the quality is there, that's unquestionable but I'd really love to know other's people reactions to a blind test...

Rating: 9/10 (for the audacity)
6.5/10 (final result)
11th June, 2012
The more I wear this one, the more I love it. A dark, dirty gardenia. The best of Jar!
07th June, 2012
The blue cheese note when initially applied stays prominent on my skin. I'd like it to be a bit more "gardenia" than cheese; meaning I don't want to smell like a gardenia past its prime. It does provide beautiful moments, but frankly, I just don't see what the fuss is all about.
05th May, 2012 (last edited: 10th May, 2012)

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