Pulp (2008)
    by Byredo

    • Launched: 2008
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Pulp Fragrance Notes

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    tigrushka's avatar
    Finland Finland

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    Way too busy

    I don't think I have ever used the word "annoying" to describe a scent, so this will be the first. Pulp is fruity, F-R-U-I-T-Y, really, really fruity. Not a fruit salad but a fruit mash.

    If I try really hard to say something nice about it, I might say that the illusion of fruit is very realistic: Pulp really does smell like real, actual fruit, not some vile chemical-created essence.

    Still, I find Pulp about as charming as a fly endlessly buzzing around you or a person who talks, talks, talks, and talks without saying anything.

    Pros: Fruity
    Cons: Fruity

    08 August, 2013 (Last Edited: 28 March, 2014)

    L'eaulita's avatar
    New Zealand New Zealand

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    Fruit on Steroids

    Whoa- this one is going to give you your money's worth.

    Aptly named, this is all about the fruit- the pulp to be exact. The concentrated, sticky, squishy insides. An aggressive passion fruit opening- tart, full, juicy and an army of mangoes, citrus, apples and fig behind it. Passionfruit isn't listed as one of the notes, but its definitely there. Its very concentrated too, I am guessing the ingredient [I]Paradisamide[/I] has been used with abandon in this fragrance. There an ice cream we have here which has a shell of passion fruit sorbet and when the fumes of ice come off it, you get a very tart passionfruit note that is so sharp, it smells a little like mustard powder. Dry, bitter and spicy. I get this in the opening of Pulp, but it meanders away when the fruits start arriving en masse.

    Drying down, about 30 mins in the fig comes up more and starts to take on facets of Goutal's Un Matin D'orage, wet and earthy. This might be why some get the rotting aspect. Its warmer and more organic when it gets to this stage which can give the impression of spoiled fruit on the ground. I don't get the overwhelming rotting fruit, I can understand how it may come off this way but to me, its a very minimal side effect, its a little on the overripe side but never offensive.

    Lasting power is phenomenally strong, and its one of the best realistic fruity scents out there. No added sugar or candy notes, or cheap flowers taking centre stage, just a big hot mess of amped-up fruit. I don't know of any other fruity scent out there that performs like this, which makes it unique. The price is a little expensive, but is in line with the rest of the brand.

    Pros: Long lasting, linear, distinctive, bold
    Cons: Price

    28 May, 2013

    Justin Case's avatar
    Justin Case

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    A blast of fruit starting with citrus, then revealing more rounded notes such as fig, apple, and peach. An absolutely delightful gourmand that did not smell "rotten" at all to my nose. The combination actually reminds me of mango, if anything. Decidedly unisex.

    26 April, 2013

    NineInchNell's avatar
    United States United States

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    Pulp is my favorite fruitl scent. I think it's the fig that makes it so unusual.
    Anyway, there's nothing to compare pulp with because there's nothing else like it.

    16 March, 2013

    comfortablynumbbg's avatar
    Bulgaria Bulgaria

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    Smells kind of rotten, very dense and powerful,fruity (fig I detect the most)...but it's in your face kind of fruity and vile, I don't think it's well executed, and extremely daring

    24 November, 2012

    iivanita's avatar
    Croatia Croatia

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    as an idea i like it! and the idea was to create a smell of exotic fruits! this is exactly how it smells of exotic, ripe, orange to red coloured flesh of a fruit full of delicious juice! As a perfume i think this is maximum *** stars,
    becasue it lacks some structure, its like you wear syrup :) but what i could not find here i found in Seven Veils! the same exotic sweet smell but with structure of a real perfume!

    26 October, 2012

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