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Pulp (2008)
by Byredo


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Year of Launch2008
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJerome Epinette

About Pulp

Pulp is a shared / unisex perfume by Byredo. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette

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Reviews of Pulp

The fruit garden...

Before trying this, I didn't know what to expect. I heard things like "rotten fruit" and I wondered if this would be worth even trying at all. I was pleasantly surprised!

What I get from this actually, is almost the smell of (like the name) pulp. Fruit pulp. For me it's Mango pulp, and it's a smell I actually really like. I do also get apple and citrus in there, and some grape etc.

This is one I would recommend to people who like fruit and freshness. I do feel that it is a very cleverly made perfume and one which is composed intelligently. I would recommend it and would advise to try out first in good weather. I think this would be suitable for year round and would say that it is unisex. This is the smell of very ripe fruit up close. But it also has a balance which can only come from a well made perfume. One to try for sure. I thoroughly enjoy it.
06th March, 2017
Memories: Broome, Western Australia. Aunties. Mangoes. Pineapple.

Who should wear this: Elle Macpherson. A librarian in Noosa.

Bottom line: $AUD240 for a mango. No way.
04th March, 2017
Reminds me of a basket of over-ripe fruit. Great projection and longevity. Wife liked it and said it reminded her of the smell in Vegas casinos (not the smoke) with some coconut.
11th January, 2017
If you like the scent of tropical fruit punch, PULP's got your number. Me? I take my fruity drinks in sips, never sprays.
18th July, 2016
I like Pulp. I really do.

In fact, Iíd go so far as to say itís an absolutely gorgeous parfum, and a unique and quite individual achievement that justifies both its status as one of the more remarkable fragrances affixed with the elegant Byredo label as well as much of the positive hype itís garnered (if not necessarily the egregious price tag, but then, Iím no chemist, so perhaps it does).

The only problem is, more often than not, in my wearings, Pulp isnít the radiating splendor I remember, and instead I find myself confronted with it's bratty little bitch side. Itís easily the most temperamental fragrance Iíve ever worn.

If the temperature that day isnít just so, itís either *poof* gone without a trace or overbearingly, embarrassingly, ever-present.

A little warm AND humid? Gird yourself for a noxious candied fruit explosion and some dirty looks from co-workers.

Cooler and drier says the weatherperson? Youíll drive yourself crazy debating whether youíve lost it because you were absolutely certain youíd put something on that morning, but inhaling deeply from all application points reveals no clue as to what.

BUT, when the atmosphere decides to keep her end of the bargain, Pulp is an absolute stunner that almost makes the trials and tribulations worth it. Almost.

Maybe if I lived in a place thatís temperate year round with little variance in humidity...

Wait, I already live there.

If I canít make Pulp work in Los Angeles, I canít give a thumbs up to this fragrance that I actually love.

Alternately, find me a place more temperate than Los Angeles (What would that be? Like a vacuum not quite at 100%?), and Iíd revel in Pulp's lightly sweet and optimistically green grandeur amongst the stasis of that impossibly boring world.
03rd April, 2016
People seem to have very different experiences of pulp. It's my personal favourite from Byredo. It is intensely fruity yes, but there's more to it. Smooth cardamom and a nice dry chocolatey/woody/cherry(?) base that keeps the ripe and slightly sour fruits balanced.

Sillage is fairly poor though, but it's also easy to overspray at which point it becomes annoying. But still a thumbs up from me.
23rd February, 2016

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