Beyond Love
    by By Kilian

    Beyond Love Fragrance notes

    Coconut, Jasmine absolute, Tuberose concrete, Tuberose absolute, Green tuberose accord, Tuberose petal accord, Sclareol (ambergris substitution), Musc Tonkin reconstitution

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    Big white tuberose "statement" fragrance

    Those who love strong white florals should like this one, but I'm getting lost in all those flowery notes. This one opens darkly and keeps that moody tone going throughout, so it's not a casual or "easy" fragrance. The notes listed come out all at once, not in layers, so your nose is hit with amber, jasmine, coconut, tuberrose and musk. Sensory overload! The coconut note annoyed me--unless I'm eating it in cake form, I'd rather avoid it outright.

    Huge sillage and longevity; 10 hours now and no sign of stopping. I think I need a shower.

    Could be a good unisex if you have the right body chemistry but may be too much for most men. Very much a "look at me" sort of fragrance that wears the person on its lapel.

    Pros: Unapologetic, potent, great longevity
    Cons: Can overpower the nose"

    14 October, 2013

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    Lush, sweet tuberose

    This interpretation of tuberose created by Calice Becker is a silken, polished thing. It goes on bright, creamy, straightforward, and eases into other florals with an amber musk anchoring the base.

    For me, it doesn't have the wow factor of Carnal Flower or Fracas, with their buttery delectable goodness, or the interesting weirdness of the camphorous Tubereuse Criminelle. But it is beautiful.

    Pros: Good strength
    Cons: Falls just short of unique, high price point"

    21st August, 2013

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    What if Fracas is an old rich lady and Beyond Love and Carnal Flower her daughters?

    In my opinion beyond love is related to carnal flower really closely but yet so different. As an example of what I'm trying to say is like Fracas had two daughters, the naughty crazy and loud Carnal Flower and the cute smiling red cheeks Beyond Love. Beyond love is obviously related to her mom Fracas and for some reasons to her sister Carnal Flower, but where the latter one is all about loudness and "to your face" strenght and personality, Beyond Love manage to be as prominent as her sister but with a pure approach, a sensitive yet sensible intimacy that she keeps secret as long as she wants. So where carnal flower with her crazyness never really reveals what she's all about, Beyond Love with her innocent touch takes you pretty close to reveal clearly what she's all about, a minimal yet luxurious soliflore.

    Pros: Longevity and sillage, inspirarations behind this project
    Cons: Too "hold back" on the use of tropical facets

    20th June, 2013

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    The perfect coconut floral

    The milkiness of the coconut and the freshness of the tuberose and jasmine make this perfume feel like a peaceful tropical garden just after a bit of rainfall. The notes are all true-to-life, nothing cloying or artificial here. The dry-down holds its integrity and warmth. A really perfect coconut floral.

    31st May, 2013

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    Solid and true, the tuberose takes center stage, softened by the powdery vanilla of ambergris and tonka musk and swirled about by jasmine and coconut.

    My other two tuberose-centered favorites are Piguet's FRACAS and Caron's TUBEREUSE (the latter now sadly discontinued).

    I will stick with FRACAS, simply because it's affordable and cherish my 100 ml bottle of TUBEREUSE. At $235 per 50 ml, BEYOND LOVE is simply beyond my budget.

    If it ever comes down in price, I'll snap it up to make a tuberose trio in my wardrobe.

    If you can afford it, by all means, treat yourself.

    03 May, 2013

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    Scratch and sniff popcorn reminiscent of Jeux de Peau with coconut and tuberose.

    23 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 13 March, 2014)

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