Absinth (2007)
    by Nasomatto

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    Greece Greece

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    In all honesty, this is a good fragrance, but only for one reason: it demonstrates what can be done with one of the most flexible notes in perfumery - VETIVER. Yes, it can be smoky, mixed with citrus, used as a base and so on, but in my opinion this note is key in Absinth. The fragrance overall is meant to capture the naughty nature, or rather the forbidden aspect of a strong alcoholic drink. It does it beautifully by using vetiver as the dominant note.
    Is this a fragrance though worth splashing out on? Well, yes if that's your cup of tea, but by no means is this an essential purchase for any serious fragrance enthusiast. There are plenty of vetivers out there that can do better. This stuff is strong. A 30 ml bottle will last, so don't be put off by cost and size, but do sample this one extensively first.

    09 January, 2014

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    Light take on absinthe

    I was expecting a little more depth and darkness, but to my nose this was a lighter, refreshing, and just slightly sweet take on its theme. The herbal edge only suggests mischief - no hysteria or madness here. Very pleasant, but surprisingly fleeting for a pricey EdP. Good for a wet fall, but would need a heavier base and a touch of darkness for winter. Also, this is easily unisex.

    16 October, 2013

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    United States United States

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    This fragrance is such an interesting gem. Vegetal, mossy and evocative of layers of greenery and earth, while at the same time suggesting sweet apple and beet. A candied-shell quality ends up encapsulating all of the above in a very pleasant package. Is it bright and dark at the same time? I certainly smell no absinthe, but perhaps it's the spell of the green fairy that brought me to this sweet green earthy place!

    01st December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Reminds me of vetiver tonka but with a very strong peppery opening; the opening is extremely strong and spicy (I'm talking nostril burning stuff here) and dies within a few mins and then the fragrance is fairly linear for the next 4-5 hours. Not up to par with other Nasomatto fragrances (Duro, Pardon, Black Afgano) in terms of longevity and projection.

    Be very careful with this stuff...the opening seriously blew out my sense of smell for a few days.
    It could be combined with allergy season but it is seriously some strong stuff.

    Neutral rating...good fragrance but I think it should last longer for the price \ quantity Nasomatto sells this at, especially being an extrait...

    23 April, 2012

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    United States United States

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    The wormwood provides most of the interest here, what there is, making Absinthe refreshing in a uniquely smelling aftershave kind of way. Intially has some of that modern fragrance spoiling fruit along with breakfast cereal nuttiness. Deepens and darkens nicely as it dries down and becomes increasingly intriguing. Where to wear this? At breakfast? No, probably just during the walk over to the sink.

    18 February, 2012

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    Spain Spain

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    Great stuff! Absinth is especial , appealing and stylish. It has almost the quality of a diamond, polished and shiny, (in this case, a green diamond).
    Unfortunately, as other reviewers have pointed, it lacks of the wished strength, so I should also have liked to see more presence in it. The initial blast is very grassy, herbal, with hints of dark moss , almost with a moldy quality. The opening is crossed by a slight cannabis touch , delicate but well defined, surprisingly well made.
    The absinthe note is very subtle, IŽd say 'domesticated ', which even seems slighty caramelised.
    On the other hand , this green river runs through a riverbed, made of the typical 'metallic' musk of many other nasomattos, giving a clean feeling of luxury.
    The Overall is a little bit linear but the idea is very well executed.

    28 November, 2011

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