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Duro (2007)
by Nasomatto


Duro information

Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 179 votes)

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About Duro

Duro is a masculine fragrance by Nasomatto. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Duro

I give this 2 thumbs up!!!

What a wonderful woody concoction! An airy, leather, tobacco-smoky, yet slightly sweet fragrance.

Three fragrances come to mind: The spicy berriness in Jubilation XXV; the smokiness of PdM's Nisean, and the Incensy feel of Amouage Epic Man. Now, not to confuse anyone. These fragrances only put me in a certain genre or category, if you will, as you think through the aroma and essence of this fragrance.

Duro is a very nice fragrance! Very pleased.
28th April, 2018
As opening the bottle I screamed this is it! Very masculine. I love oudy and woody parfumes, so this is it. After wearing Duro, I felt how sexy Duro is. Love it!

It makes me more strong indeed.
24th September, 2017
This is my favorite men's perfume so far. It smells...reliable.

It opens with warm patchouli, then a bitter smoky notes jump out in the middle, quickly disappears, gradually turns into compound woody notes, with a slightest hint of musky.

Long lasting, low project.

P.S. Monsieur by Frederic Malle is another male perfume I wear.

Interesting enough, these two has similar vibe, but develop in exact opposite direction.

Monsieur has a somewhat dry, austere woody beginning, but gradually falls to a bed of comfortable patchouli; whereas Duro start with a softer notes, which is slightly on the sweet side, and eventually transitions to multi-layered woods.
30th August, 2017
Strong and impressive as its reputation holds, I'm glad to finally try Nasomatto Duro and experience what's usually hailed as a masculine beast fragrance.

Part of the charm of Nasomatto is the absence of note listings, so we need to rely on our own senses and the suggestions of others in determining the breakdown.

In the mix for me are oud, leather, and woods, and I get a bit of booziness probably from a whiskey type of note. Apart from liquor, I have a difficult time accounting for the slight sweetness I detect in a storm of semi-harsh masculine notes.

Performance marks are very high, at the extreme end along the lines of some of the Slumberhouse beasts, some Tom Ford Private Blends, and so on.

Given how biting it is, it's difficult to give this the very highest marks but for me it's a solid, high-performing cold weather masculine option that one does really need to love to splurge for, at $185 for 30ml extrait.

8 out of 10
01st September, 2016
A hypnotic and very assertive oud note. Bit sweet, bit woody, hint of intriguing spice. But overall, not my cup of tea.
18th July, 2015
Nasomatto website says: "The fragrance aims to enhance all the manifestations of male strength." AKA Packed leather bar when the Bear Convention is in town...but in a good way. Aggressive cedar base still smells great on yesterday's's skin retains oak moss traces and a suggestion of musk.
24th April, 2015

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