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Hindu Grass
by Nasomatto


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PerfumerAlessandro Gualtieri

About Hindu Grass

Hindu Grass is a masculine fragrance by Nasomatto. The fragrance was created by perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri

Reviews of Hindu Grass

I love the calm, clean earthy vibe of this fragrance. Earth, grass, water, sharp cathedral spires.
I almost didn't recognize the patchouli here because it was high, bright and cleaned up, but the contrast in this fragrance between the high and grassy notes was scintillating. And finally powerful. The high camphorous accord seems to have oud in it because the slightly meditative, spiritual note a clean oud produces is present here (like the oud in Heeley's Agarwood). It goes beyond its naturalism for sure and connects with a soul. I'm fascinated with how some base or earthy notes, like patchouli or oud, when cleaned up and thinned a bit, produce a certain spirituality, as if in escaping their earthy context, they are able to expand and sing an amazingly high clear note. There is a fuzz of sweet floral that adds a hint of beauty, a touch of voluptuousness to a combination that could have been too green, too grassy or too earthy. So I find the balance satisfying.
The patchouli is outed a little more in the dry down, but on my skin it stays fairly high and clear to the end. What it does do is slowly mellow, as if you were sitting in a cedar lounger in a sunny field, with grassy dryness, fading flower plants and sunshine imbuing your aura, so you start feeling a certain peace and contentment.
The downside is that it's not long-lasting. And I don't really care for the impenetrableness this house tries to maintain. It strikes me as somewhat of a branding ploy. And the price - are any of the high-end fragrances really worth this much? I answered my question in asking - we all know this is mainly about positioning. It's hard to be devoted to a house which practices this, as it has never been my game.
02nd February, 2015 (last edited: 25th March, 2015)
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United States
Opens with an incredibly moist earthiness that suggests early spring time when last year's foliage is breaking down as the snow melts and new delicate green things are just sprouting. Indoors are the smells of gourmand spices, cinnamon, mace, coriander and sage. Very much an evocation of Easter in the United States. The middle notes are vanilla, tobacco and moist patchouli. HINDU GRASS is complex and interesting...for about an hour. After that, it breaks down to a sweetly putrid rotting vegetation odor then fades away by hour three. The spices remain somewhat, but take on a different character that is overwhelmed by that putrifying green smell. Starts out promising, but disappoints upon development on the skin.
06th January, 2015
Hindu Grass is in my opinion the most "natural in perception" Nasomatto's issue. The fragrance opens with a blast of aromatic spices-herbs (coriander-clary sage-anise-artemisia??), may be hints of bergamot too, all immediately joined by a sort of almost liturgical prickly "dust" (pepper-a touch of frankincense too?) and by a sheer earthy patchouli. The atmosphere is by soon raucous, untamed, darkly spicy (dry spices) and rooty-earthy (yet barely medicinal). I detect a vague Etro Vetiver's type of "realism" but in this case the standout element is an indie-resinous hippie cedary patchouli "of the forest". This opening is anyway compelling, I detect hints of barely medicinal resins (may be minimal aoud and birch tar-cypress resin) joined with a dry tobacco presence and probably untemed vetiver. The tobacco seems fragrant and plain for a while in the central stage. The patchouli is dominant, the aroma elicits a sort of exotic Etro's vibe (also the sharp Etro's Patchouly jumps more than vaguely on mind indeed) and it unfolds a sort of wild untamed (somehow realistic) earthiness finally soothed by hints of amber-cocoa and woody resins. I guess a secret rose insertion enriches the trail since I suppose sometimes to feel it on skin lingering as a ghost all around. I detect the cocoa yet in the central stage but it is along the dry down that the previous element starts merging with patchouli in order to develop an heavenly smooth chocolatey (dark chocolate-realistic "cacao"-like) patchouli vibe. Another fragrance jumping more than vaguely on mind is L'Artisan Al Oudh and I suppose several animalic patterns could finally be "operating" in the penetrating smooth (but still averagely dry) dark patchouli trail. Probably the best Nasomatto experiment. Great longevity and projection.
11th July, 2014
The opening is quite pleasant and nice: patchouli, rose, oak moss, a floral accord, a slight citrus/balsamic feel and also a nice tea/osmanthus note on ambers. Perhaps the whole citrus-balsamic-tea may be due to yuzu, which kind of comprises it all. To be honest all feels quite a bit synthetic, with that peculiar transparent "emptiness" of aromachemicals, but we can forgive that: in fact, at the same time it manages to stay decently vivid and nice, with a pleasant white musks-velvety note and a slightly sticky but sensual roundness, which is kind of interesting. It then turns on an amber-caramel base with tobacco leaves, a mentholated breeze and tea notes, and so it evolves, progressively refreshing and drying, finally settling on a green-balsamic drydown. Longevity is close to skin, but decent. Overall it's... good? Cute? A bit nicer than decent? Surely this smells nice and safe, but on the other side, also too much unoffensive and a bit dull, with absolutely no features that can justify the insane and completely unworthy price tag. Patchouli fans: this may be worth a try, but if you are really into patchouli, there's tons of better ones around.

07th May, 2014
This has been my favorite fragrance since I first wore it. It is a beautiful patchouli, soft and warm. Yes, I get the green notes but they are not sharp as too many are for my taste. On me, the initial sharpness fades quickly leaving a just dirty enough patchouli balanced with a warm sweetness.

The only complaint is the lack of longevity for the price. If my pockets were deeper, I would wear it daily and reapply. Sadly, it is a treat I reserve for the occasional wearing
23rd December, 2013
Tobacco patchouli

Not to be confused with La Via del Profumo's Hindu Kush, Hindu Grass is a surprisingly light extrait of patchouli with green and floral nuances including tobacco. The scent is indeed lovely and the tone pitch-perfect, up to the hour mark when the grassy notes run out of steam and all you have left is a lonely patchouli.

Pros: Gorgeous first hour
Cons: Shortlived"

29th September, 2013

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