Coeur d'Ete (2006)
    by Miller Harris

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    Coeur d'Ete is a women's fragrance by Miller Harris. The scent was launched in 2006

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    Lyn Harris and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz are two of my favorite perfumers. As with Annick Goutal (herself - not those behind the scents now) I find their work to be so elegant, nuanced, and evocative that even when they're working with whimsical notes, or along a whimsical theme, the end result is just never vulgar.

    Coeur d'Ete is an example of Lyn Harris's refined-yet-unfussy style. The list of notes sounds outright bizarre, yet on my skin, it reads like a grownup purple floral chypre - very classical! The effect, not necessarily the notes, reminds me very much of the middle-to-drydown of Guerlain's Chant d'Aromes, which is more noticeably aldehydic and "perfumy" smelling, yet I suspect Coeur d'Ete has some subtle aldehyde action going on, too.

    It's kind of fascinating - I know it gives many the impression of being a soft and gentle lilac-forward scent, though in my experience, it's a scent like a ballerina - only a lot of work behind the scenes and a backbone of steel will yield such a statement of simple, persistent grace.

    06 June, 2014

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    Fresh, bright floral

    I love a bargain, and because I found a large,slightly used bottle for under $20.00 I couldn't resist giving it a try even though it's new to me. One of my best untested purchases in a long time. My first purchase from this house, and if this is an example of their quality, I'm smitten.

    Don't be put off by the large number of seemingly incongruous notes listed above; (some sites list many more than this) it's a very harmonious, subtle fragrance that is smooth, fresh, and very feminine. A lovely fragrance that sings "springtime". I detect some fruitiness (juicy pears stand out to my nose) but I wouldn't really classify it as a fruity-floral. Love lilacs? Give this a try. It's a layered and complex fragrance that plays out with delicacy and charm. The basenotes are resinous enough to make it last for many hours, and the sillage is very good, (I sprayed liberally) One note that is not listed above is licorice, (anise)which played a big part of the opening notes, but then gently faded away. A beauty. A great daytime scent, definitely feminine-leaning.

    The vendor who was selling this frag listed "banana, pear, and lilac" as the only wonder I won it for so little money. Her mistake was my gain. Love it!

    Pros: Subtle but complex, very natural smelling
    Cons: None"

    19 September, 2013

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    This is a lovely floral scent. It starts crisp and yet soft, and gradually develops into a rich and heady cloud. I find lilac to be the dominant floral note. And like scentsivitity, I don’t get any of the food elements. They simply deepen the florals. Thus, it is a simple and cheery, spring-like scent.

    23 November, 2009

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    Turkey Turkey

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    This is a powdery frag more than floral, just baby powder or baby oil like scentsivity mentioned; Probably due to the banana factor.
    This is feminine more than masculine but it is so strange to tag this one after tagging a floral like coeur de fleur as unisex.

    10th September, 2009 (Last Edited: 05 October, 2009)

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    I was surprised not to see any reviews of this one. Lyn Harris created Coeur d'Été during the early stages of her pregnancy. My understanding is she found it comforting when her sense of smell was heightened from being pregnant and many scents were less pleasant. Notes listed include white lilac, cassie, heliotrope, chocolate bean, banana and liquorice. The floral character is very evident but I am at a loss to detect any of the food notes, as such. This is a soft, delicate and very feminine floral. I get a fair amount of sweetness and a touch of earthiness in the drydown. But the thing this reminds me of is the smell of baby oil! This may work nicely for a lady. I think it is a bit monotonous, so I give it a neutral rating.

    16 February, 2009

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