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L'Eau de L'Eau (2008)
by Diptyque


L'Eau de L'Eau information

Year of Launch2008
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyManzanita

About L'Eau de L'Eau

L'Eau de L'Eau is a shared / unisex perfume by Diptyque. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of L'Eau de L'Eau

This is a perfect cologne for me, kind of a cleaned up Acqua di Gio without Calone, dry, sparkling and warm as the Mediterranean itself. It references the original L'Eau Diptyque, but it actually surpasses its forebear. Both are well-made, neither that original. This smells better and could be worn year-round by someone who likes clean scents.
19th December, 2014 (last edited: 04th February, 2015)
Well, nice. This lighter version has a clean, very slightly detergent but pleasant smell. If there are florals they aren't rose or jasmine, perhaps something like hyacinth, though I'm not 100% sure what that smells like. Sounds close, though. Looking it up. Okay, wrong. The spices threw me. Top: green mandarine, grapefruit, lemon, petitgrain, clove, cinnamon, ginger, pink peppercorns. Mid: geranium (wonder if that smells anything like hyacinth), lavender, orange blossom. Base: Benzoin, tonka, patchouli. Somehow these ingredients combine to create an olfactory impression of water! That's what the name means. It's an okay scent, but not for me.
22nd December, 2013
I really like this spicy eau de cologne. The cinnamon and clove twist adds a great depth to the classical lemon cologne vibe. It is impossible to overspray and creates a delightful aura around. It is a little bit weak in performance but it is OK. I think I'm buying myself a bottle.
25th February, 2013
An aromatic-citrus Eau De Cologne driven by a clove/cinnamon combo. It opens with zingy citruses and lavender to then introduce a spicy accord during the mid-phase that stays quite linear for a few hours to then turn into a sweetish and kinda balsamic resinous base. If you like cloves, this is a well crafted and pretty natural smelling concoction which results smooth and understated but somewhat forgettable and a tad anonimous.
29th May, 2012
This is intended to be a fresher, lighter version of L'Eau; and it succeeds. It is a pleasant combination of citrus and spice. In comparison to L'Eau, the citrus notes are brighter and more prominent. The spices are more a compliment rather than a dominant feature. The combination of citrus and spice works well together -- the scent is still somewhat old-school (reminiscent of a pot-pourri) but it is not as heavy and certainly not as clove-y as L'Eau. The ginger adds a nice note, not so noticeable in L'Eau.
30th November, 2011
I'm going to go against the grain of previous reviewers and give L'Eau de L'Eau its first positive rating here. I'm aware that the name alludes to Diptyque's foundational scent, L'Eau, but honestly, when something is called "the water of the water," why does anyone expect it to behave in any other manner than that of a cologne? Colognes are known for their short duration and low sillage.

That being said, I find much to appreciate in L'Eau de L'Eau. I can best describe it in the terms Jane Austen used to describe her own writing: "Bright, light, and sparkling." As others have observed, it opens delightfully: a lovely burst of citrus with just enough tonka and patchouli to ground it and just enough sweet spice (i.e., ginger and cinnamon) to make it interesting, yet it feels clean and refreshing overall. It is also true that the "big blast" of fragrance upon application quickly decreases, but it doesn't actually disappear. Rather, it becomes a close personal scent that I could still detect whenever I moved for well over twelve hours. I could even smell it on my wrist the morning after. I can't recall ever encountering a cologne with such endurance.

Perhaps I'm not disappointed--in fact, I'm rather pleased--with L'Eau de L'Eau because I approach Diptyque fragrances for what they basically are: colognes. As such, I find L'Eau de L'Eau superior, both in fragrance and longevity to any of its venerable Guerlain counterparts. Colognes have their purposes, especially on the hot, moist summer days that are so common here in New York, days when anything heavier would be overbearing. As a scent for such a day, I found it a pleasure to wear.

Notes (per LuckyScent): green mandarine, grapefruit, lemon, petitgrain, clove, cinnamon, ginger, pink peppercorns, geranium, lavender, orange blossom, benzoin, tonka, patchouli.
24th August, 2010

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