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Sycomore Eau de Toilette (2008)
by Chanel


Sycomore Eau de Toilette information

Year of Launch2008
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
PerfumerChristopher Sheldrake
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Sycomore Eau de Toilette

Part of Les Exclusifs range. A different fragrance to one of the same name launched in 1930.

Sycomore Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

Reviews of Sycomore Eau de Toilette

So then the kid says
"Mom! She smells like a story!"
Damn kid spotted her.
20th January, 2018
EDT version only:

A list of my top five Desert Island Perfumes would vary depending on the month, week, even hour that I listed them, but one thing that would never change about the group is that it would always include Sycomore. Like Eau d'Hermes, it inspires such unmitigated devotion from me that I find it difficult to talk about. I just hope to never be without either of them until the day I die.

Devoid of florals, it's unlike any other Chanel I ever smelled. Elegant and velvety, it's unlike any other vetiver I ever smelled. Damp, mossy and smoky, it should be bleak but instead elevates my mood at any time of day and in any weather.

I don't get the comparison people make to Encre Noir, which I find harsh and bitter, nor do I sense the marijuana smell that others ascribe to it. To me Sycomore is a walk on the moss-covered ground of a cypress forest on a crisp, grey day, with the woodsmoke from a distant campfire occasionally wafting across your path. And its perfection could not be better summarized than in Turin's assessment: "If putting it on does not make you shiver with pleasure, see a doctor."
10th January, 2018
Finally received a small sample of Chanel Sycomore from a friend. As a lover of vetiver and vetiver based fragrances I have been looking forward to finally smelling Sycomore. While I will very quickly admit that Sycomore is a great scent, I feel like I've smelled several very close versions of this fragrance before. Most notably in Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire and Dyptiques Vetvyerio. Sycomore has the same smooth, clean tone, with an almost nutty vetiver note. Creamy might be a way to describe it. The sample I received was the EDT yet to my nose, there isn't much of a smokey tone to this as many reviews describe. I also don't catch the comparison to Encre Noir, which to me is rootier and slightly bitter. Sycomore has a much woodier, velvet-like, vetiver tone. It's quite nice, with mild projection but excellent longevity. I'm going to compare the rest of my sample to my current vetivers to see if there's a place for it in my collection. Thumbs up.
07th November, 2017
Got a tester of this in Vegas from the Chanel shop. It smells beautiful, but almost too fleeting.
Longevity is good, I could smell it on and on my clothes the next day, but projection was weak.
15th July, 2017
An interesting scent. It is not what I would expect from Chanel; I've only ever known their older perfumes such as No 5, 19, and 22.

I like this blend of woodsy notes, in that it isn't like so many others I have tried in more recent days. I get the vetiver, tobacco, juniper, cypress, and pepper notes. The violet note comes later on, for me. I do not detect any aldehydes or sandalwood. That is unusual for me. I can nearly always pick out those. Very well made!

I may have to try Chanel's other exclusifs...
18th May, 2017
I love the edp version of Sycomore. The vetiver is beautiful and floats around with maybe cypress on my skin for about six hours. The opening through the second hour is my favourite part. It seems like the sillage is fairly close to my skin, but someone commented on my scent today, so I will say it has a moderate sillage. I cannot compare it to the old edt Sycomore. It does not matter if it is different the the old version, because I do not have access to the edt.
21st March, 2017 (last edited: 04th April, 2017)

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