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King (2008)
by Parfums de Coeur


King information

Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 10 votes)

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HouseParfums de Coeur

About King

King is a masculine fragrance by Parfums de Coeur. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of King

I need to start by saying that Parfums de Coeur has one of the worst reputations if not the worst in the industry, seriously a step below even the Axe/Lynx line and is probably only beaten in the il-repute department by companies that make "Classic Match" and "Jordache" designer imposters. PDC even made those very same designer imposters themselves for a while, until they discovered that frugal folks would accept a no-name original fragrance in a plastic glass cleaner bottle over an imposter one in a glass decanter, and adjusted their business model to suit (until the imposters line recently came back). Granted, the BOD sprays I'm foreshadowing here aren't terrible, and certainly hold more personality than imposter creations, but still sit lower on the totem pole due to their raunchy and right-out-in-the-open sex appeal that doesn't really appeal at all to anyone but a horny teenager. I mean seriously, "Really Ripped Abs" is something you work out in the gym to attain if you even want them, not something you can spray on, and if you could somehow harness the smell of a man's midsection, would you want to wear it in public??? Anyways, outside of the women's "Skin Musk" line, PDC doesn't really make much signature fragrance of their own, and zilch for men, at least until this came along in 2008.

King by Parfums de Coeur is now discontinued, and so obscure and unloved that stock of it doesn't even turn up on eBay, probably due to the name of the manufacturer. Anybody looking for an original scent won't think of the PDC brand, and anyone looking for PDC is searching for a deal on BOD spray or an imposter scent. It's a shame really, as PDC did put forth a valiant effort, even if the end result is a bit dated in design. King debuted in 2008 and saw a huge push at big box chains, particularly Walmart, where samples of it could be found and it received it's own complete aisle endcap in the fragrance section. The scent of King is advertised as lasting for 12 hours or more on the skin, and being fresh, clean, and manly; I'd mostly confirm this as I have had about 2 bottles of it since it launched, although I fear my current one will be my last unless a secret stash turns up somewhere. The scent opens like Drakkar Noir, but even soapier (if that's possible to imagine) and removes the "noir" elements of mint, verbena, wormwood and cedar, in favor of brighter tones that bring this somewhere into late 60's and early 70's aromatic fougère territory, but without all the musks and mosses those scents favored. What one is left with is an aromatic fougère that reinterprets the vibe with sandalwood, incense and 80's powerhouse vibes via aromachemicals that shoot it into the life expectancy the box claims it has. "Woody aroma chemicals" or "WAC's" play a huge role in setting up this massive projection, longevity, and incense-like burn, which gives King the ever-so-slight connection to Amouage's Jubilation XXV (2007), which this may have been trying to copy somewhat in the dry down department, but clearly not accurately.

King was a good respectable scent for it's price point, probably a bit of a scent out of time, and would have been better in 1988 than 2008, even if still sold in a Walmart. There's not a thing modern about it at all, but being as folks who shopped at places such as Walmart never explored fragrance much and probably stuck with classics anyway, it was more likely intended to be this way than not. Considering PDC is mostly a body spray and imposter company, they probably bought an old unused formula off another design house and slapped their own name on it, who knows? What I do know is this is a fairly bright, sparkling, and pungent aromatic fougère that if used sparingly, will offer hours of inoffensive and polite scent perfect for the office, casual meets, and a day running errands. Nobody is going to fall in love with you wearing this, but nobody is going to feel like their space is invaded either. It sits pretty high in my rankings as a nondescript aromatic utility scent, but now that it's drying up, it might get relegated to the special occasion, which is really not what it was for honestly. Overall, I feel King was PDC's version of a standalone eau de toilette not a part of the body spray line, in the same way Axe's Lab (2008) was, just with a very old-school design and without the associated "BOD" labeling. Pleasant, quirky, but otherwise just an obscure footnote.
29th October, 2017 (last edited: 06th May, 2018)
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
Although a contemporary release, King is a throwback in some ways to oldies such as Drakkar Noir and Photo by Lagerfeld. It doesn't have their power and King does not come close to its grandiose longevity claims; by about 3 or 4 hours it's nearly gone. If I cannot smell a fragrance, I find it difficult to evaluate. Does the scent of a sheaf of binder paper smell like a $150 niche or a $12 cheapie?
06th December, 2012 (last edited: 13th March, 2013)
Received this in a Christmas set, amongst many other samples. Not bad at all, despite other reviews, I didn't really pick up the resemblance to Drakkar, different noses I guess.

Projection: 6/10
Longevity: 6/10
Versatility: 8/10
Smell: 7/10
Overall: 7/10
06th November, 2011
man114 Show all reviews
United States
Up front it smells vaguely like sweet Drakkar. Perhaps Caesar's Man is a better interpretation as this is sweeter smelling than Drakkar as is Caesar's. Opening is almost identical but weaker to Caesar's. After a period of time (not a long one, I've met my friend an hour or two after he put this stuff on) it smells like an incense stick. An oriental gone wrong or cheap, but not a good comparison there are good smelling cheap orientals. I couldn't place it for a while but finally hit the nail on the head. It smells like an incense stick plain old $1 incense from a dollar store. This is not a long period of time, an hour or two maybe you're not getting much of that sweeater Drakkar/Caesar's opening for your money (granted it isn't much money). This incense stick presence lasts for hours and hours, and projects madly if its hot out, or stays almost unnoticed if its cool. My friend wears this from time to time and we always make fun of its tagline calling it "Conquesto El Stinko". It smells OK if you smell it yourself or out of the bottle, but on someone else you're constantly thinking what awful cologne. Ever so often you'll catch a whiff and thing "that is just awful colgone you're wearing). It is that bad. He did however get complimented on it at a store from a clerk, and my wife doesn't dislike it, so perhaps the ladies like it more? It isn't worth the torture you endure suffering through it. I wore it today and am on maybe hour 12, at which according to the box it should be going strong. Smells the same at this point as if I wore their cheapo BOD Man 24K spray, a skin scent that is only dry and woody by that point, almost overly dry, I'd not consider it attractive at this point, but bland, tossed into the myriad of cheap woody drydowns of cheap sub $10 colognes.

The progression goes something like this, sweet Drakkar/Caesar's Man, Incense, dry woody. There are better, more refined smelling fragrances that have plenty of incense if you like it even on the cheap end, if you wanted something sweeter with some incense, get Elizabeth Taylor's Passions for Men it is only a bit more and is much more tolerable and has a much more pleasant impresson. This stuff earned our take on its tag line, "Conquisto El Stinko", for good reason.
01st August, 2011
I am completely revising my review, and going from what I once considered a near 4 star cheapy, to about 2 stars.

Let's get into it. King basically smells like 2 things combined, and this time.. it's not Drakkar Noir and Giorgio. It's corned beef and hair. When I say hair, ya know when ya go to the salon, and there's that smell of fresh cut hair radiating in the air. THAT smell. You feel weird smelling it, but are intrigued and don't mind it. Sort of like gasoline, only not nearly as good.

King is one part fresh cut hair, one part corned beef. It kinda smells like farts too.. So why is my rating neutral? Well, as it dries, it's not nearly as bad, nor is it from a distance. It's somewhat interesting, but not very wearable. Somehow I've managed to use over 60% of my 1.5 oz bottle. <vomits>
02nd November, 2010 (last edited: 28th December, 2010)
Ok, let me start by saying...that I HATE drakkar noir with a really...This reminded me of drakkar noir, BUT...BUT it smells like what drakkar noir SHOULD have been. very soapy, intense citrus, cedar...these are the notes I get from it. They really should rename this draught of the living dead as this scent is so strong it could revive the dead. Longevity and Sillage are superb...about 10 hours of total longevity, 5-6 of which it projects well. Definitely not something I will buy because it is SO strong, but I could see myself wearing it when I'm middle aged definitely. If you like drakkar noir (not sure how anyone would lol) then you will like this and will find it much more cost efficient; about $10.00? Thumbs up for improving a so called "classic" and for being much cheaper. Oh, I also like the name and the bottle. Props.
12th October, 2009

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