Acqua Santa / Holy Water
by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

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GenderShared / Unisex
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HouseAbdesSalaam Attar Profumo
PerfumerDominique Dubrana

About Acqua Santa / Holy Water

Acqua Santa / Holy Water is a shared / unisex perfume by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo. The fragrance was created by perfumer Dominique Dubrana

Reviews of Acqua Santa / Holy Water

Fruit, rose, wood, incense is what I get immediately. The rose is clear green and fresh. There seems to be orange blossom in the mix as well. The fruit is orange, juicy and lively. There is an aromatic note (sage?), and the frankincense is light, dry and dusty. The wood is in the background and does not dominate or weigh down this zingy composition. The combination of the whole is minty, fresh and lively. Mild + projection only. Gentle, uplifting, discrete. Thumbs up.
24th March, 2015
Yes, Acqua Santa is simply divine, one of the best aqueous/hesperidic and dusty frankincense renditions of the olfactory panorama, a totally natural aroma absolutely "ambiental", eucharistic, averagely fresh yet at the same time comforting, somehow silent and sinister with its "ascetic" accord of spicy citrus oil, rose, aromatic odours and frankincense. The latter (with its Eau d'Italie's vague conjurations) is immediately detectable in its rosey oily and spicy fluidity, so aqueous and sharp, so shadowy and meditative. I detect by soon bergamot, orange blossoms, may be oregano, probably pepper immediately followed by nutmeg and sharp floral notes all diluted in a tea-like immediately notable liquid frankincense over a dry woody base. Simply impeccable and with a sheer liturgic woody/lemony final undertone.
18th May, 2014 (last edited: 27th May, 2014)
Good but not for me

While I give this 5 stars, it's really not for me. It was different in the tester vial, and perhaps this is due to the fact that I was using smaller amounts when testing it. Anyway, it's just a bit too much orange for me. I have consequently decided to sell my bottle.

Pros: lasts longer than people think
Cons: too much orange for me"

07th August, 2013

A joyful and friendly, 100% natural perfume in an EDC-style. Superb quality and blended to perfection. Weak longevity is the only downside.

Pros: Scent
Cons: Longevity"

19th July, 2013
I wish I smelled what everyone so far has. It sounds divine. But on my skin the faded orange note dominated and I've never really cared for the aging citrus smell - it makes the incensy frankincense a little abrasive. As it dries down, instead of a wonderful woody deepness it wafts a vaguely irritating spiciness. I tried it twice with the same results, so have concluded the chemistry isn't working.
14th May, 2013 (last edited: 05th December, 2013)
From Abdes Salam Attar website it is said of Holy Water / Acqua Santa "Made from substances held sacred in Western and Oriental mystics (sandalwood, incense, rose) this is a perfume that opens up the heart to angelical realities and fosters the return to one's own interior dimension. I take this statement to be very genuine and literal. Everything about the fragrance is uplifting and has a spiritual weight about it.

The cologne opens and smells in structure like an eau de cologne except for the immediately noticeable lowered tonal register of the frankincense. Frankincense is the dominant character and imparts a hallowed, low chanting, vibrational feel to the scent. The airy uplift of a slight rose is a bit of purity in the opening and I am guessing it to be enhanced with bitter orange blossom and/or orange flower? It is a challenge to guess the ingredients but I do so only to help describe the wonderful nuances of warmth and uplifting quality of this Holy Water. The frankincense smells lemony and mellow and has the slightest touch of grittier wood that I would imagine to be mastic or nutmeg oil in slight measure. The soft finely tuned grains of sandalwood contribute to a wood base that lingers on in refined and mellow tones for a few hours after applying. Lasts about 4 hours mostly as a subtle presence on the skin.

Befitting its name, Acqua Santa smells of integrity and purity of intention throughout its brief but passionate performance. I give it a thumbs up recommendation as a balm for he who searches for righteousness and asks for a gentle, innocent presence as a guide and companion.
01st December, 2012

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