Indu Kush / Hindu Kush
    by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

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    "Hindu Kush" is one of the most aptly named perfumes I have ever come across. It smells exactly like the Hindu Kush-mountains look like: Very sparse, stony, airy and cold, with some woods underneath the mountains. I can even smell the wind blowing! There is just a little coziness in it, like sitting by a small campfire and trying to catch at least a little bit of warmth. Together with the somewhat mysterious "Mecca Balsam" is this my favourite perfume that I have sampled from the "Scents of the Soul"-line. Whereas "Mecca Balsam" is warm, uplifting and inviting, an indoor kind of smell, "Hindu Kush" is more grounded, rough and cold, an outdoor kind of smell, and I must admit that it's not always easy to wear 'cause it's so austere. Although the both perfumes are totally different, they share a certain quality that is able to put me in a meditative state of mind. Awesome stuff!

    25 September, 2012 (Last Edited: 10th March, 2013)

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    Funny how I could smell the deep green mossy undertones within minutes of application. Beyond the aromatic spices and uplifting incense, HINDU KUSH shows surprising depth, with beguiling balsamic facets that put me in a meditative, even contemplative mood. Luca Turin hit the nail on the head when he described it as 'resinous oakmoss'.

    27 July, 2011

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    Soothing, spiritual and uplifting.

    My favorite fragrances have resinous woods and incense, and I'm loving this. 5 stars, full bottle worthy.

    Others here are better at describing the notes as I'm new so I'll just comment experience wearing this - because wearing this is: an experience. It's the kind of scent I reach for when I'm in meditative or contemplative mood, or for when I want to feel calm and grounded. I have a little collection of calming resinous scents and this so far is my favorite go to of the bunch.

    I've sample about 10 from this "house" and this and Hindu Kush so far are my favorite.

    14 March, 2011 (Last Edited: 07 September, 2011)

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    This is the sort of fragrance that makes me think: "Ah! There you are." It revives memories of a time hen I wore patchoulis, musks, and sandalwoods, and when everyone burned incense. Yet it does not have that thick, earnest, linear, "head-shop" character.

    The beauty of Hindu Kush for me is how it manages to be rich but dry, dry but cozy, cozy but airy, airy but assertive, assertive but graceful. As a result, it warms in the winter and cools in the summer.

    The weather is very hot and humid now. A dry scent is just the ticket. Often the fragrances associated with summer (green and aquatic scents, especially) can be actually quite syrupy, and a bit clumsy. Not Hindu Kush. It defies gravity.

    19 August, 2009

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    Hindu Kush is an appealing spicy Oriental fragrance and an all-natural frankincense perfume that anyone who likes incense ought to love. It starts with a conglomoration of exotic spices, both pungent and sweet, each appearing quickly at different intervals. The incense is high-quality and rich. At the base is a thick, deep labdanum--a dark amber--smelling of wood and, in combination with the spices, a bit smoky with subtle, maple nuances. Altogether, it creates a mystical, adventurous, rather sexy fragrance.

    21st March, 2009

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    Quarry has written an absolutely fabulous commentary on Hindu Kush! For me, I get the initial blast of green - almost camphorous - which disappears almost as mysteriously as it came...yet somehow, it leaves a residual green that combines with dry woods and incense. Maybe because I'm sampling it during a 18 degree blustery winters' snow, it feels like the dry & cozy warmth of a small cabin whose only source of heat is a woodburner! I find this association quite charming. It's character reminds me somewhat of Juozas Statkevicius' fragrance, sans flowers. My personal preferences don't usually run in the direction of incense based fragrances, but I find myself intrigued and impressed!

    20th January, 2009

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