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Love in Black (2008)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Love in Black

Love in Black is a feminine perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of Love in Black

Genre: Floral

I'd like to describe Love in Black in detail, but there's no detail to describe. This is simply a crushingly potent, chemical, woody violet and iris accord, lent extra destructive power by an overdose of the most fiercely abrasive aldehydes imaginable. I have trouble sharing a room with this scent, much less wearing it.

That a scent as crude and unpleasant as Love in Black should be linear and last forever is a horrible irony. When, after several hours, the violet accord descends from excruciating to merely distracting, it reveals an equally piercing fruity rose base note, which in hindsight I realize had been adding an extra layer of subliminal torture all along. People who hate perfume cite scents like Love in Black as evidence of all that's wrong with wearing personal fragrance in public.

Mommy, make it go away!
19th June, 2014
It starts off in a strangely pungent-synthetic way, but after about ten minutes a darkly violet develops, that later is sweetened by iris and a hint of rose. Although, apart from a touch of berry at times, this scent is clearly composed as a brooding floral composition, it does not develop convincingly on my skin. Longevity is about two to three hours.
31st January, 2013
I’ve never read another review of Love in Black, so I’m sorry if I’m repeating what others have said. I saw a bottle of this in a shop and just had to try. The bottle is that matte black that people spend thousands of dollars on to paint their AMG Mercedes a sort of urban camo so that they won’t be seen wasting their 500+ horsepower in gridlock in LA traffic. This color on expensive cars is an example of the strained symbolism of contemporary demonstrations of wealth that reads like an overbred poodle. It’s so particular, so focused, so self-conscious. The desired message (“I’m hip/fashion forward/a trendsetter…”) gets lost in the actual communication (“I’m so effete that if you could see inside these blacked-out windows you’d see me fussing with my pocket square and cuff links.”)

But who cares about the bottle? It’s clearly an iris perfume, but there’s something off-kilter about the angles of iris that are emphasized. The papery and bread-like aspects of iris root are there, but they smell stale and sour. The fascinating bit isn’t the notes, though. It’s the progression. After 10 minutes of topnotes, I couldn’t smell a thing. It’s as if I could ‘feel’ with my nose that the perfume was still on my skin, but I literally couldn’t smell it. Did I go nose-tired that quickly, or is it the composition? I thought this was the briefest perfume in history, then oddly, another 30 minutes later, I sniffed again and found a lingering but noticeable sweet scent like inky bubblegum.

Stale bread wrapped in moist paper. Then silent running. Then bubble gum. Was this commissioned by Etat Libre? Not my thing, but pretty god damned clever.
30th November, 2012
I bought this one at my usual Creed corner in Milan where I've been told it was an unisex perfume.
I was looking for something with black violets notes other than Tom Ford black violet and I did a big mistake.
This fragrance is soaking and above all smells too much synthetic.
05th May, 2012 (last edited: 09th May, 2012)

One of the less appealing and valuable from the Creed's line to me since, despite its undeniable darkness, this scent is irremediably  chemical and full of almost acid aftertastes. The starring chord of violet leaves, berries and powdery iris, although initially laundry, a bit herbal and "toilette kind", reminds me in a while the taste of candies red colorants finally becoming kind of artificially fruity, gummy and floral. The final evolution is an aqueous, vaguely petroleous woody-floral,  modernly stuffy and detergent. Above all  womanly in my opinion.
09th February, 2012
Olive94 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Okay, I'm not even going to comment on the price because £85 for 30ml is expensive for anything so i'll leave that aside. The fragrance: You NEED to try this on your skin because smelling just the bottle sprayer thing is not a good indication. At first spray and for the forst 15 mins ish this is disgusting. Smells like pure starch and potato it's tricky to properly describe but the smell would not be uncommon if you were in a room full of cat piss. However after 15 mins it develops in a beautiful fragrance - the transformation is remarkable, It turns into a pure violetty, sweet fragrance that was excellent sillage/projection and all the rest. It smells exactly like the parma violets sweets. Pretty damn nice. BUT like I said before, it's overpriced.
04th February, 2012

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