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Wild Woods for Men
by Coty


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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About Wild Woods for Men

Wild Woods for Men is a masculine fragrance by Coty.

Reviews of Wild Woods for Men

Wild Woods was very inexpensive when it first came out, and now that it's sadly discontinued it's fetching a pretty penny on eBay. While fairly linear, it truly is a very comforting fragrance. Rich wood and frills, and perfect for a fall or winter day.
19th November, 2014
What a fantastic gem. I picked up a new tester for almost nothing and I'm very impressed. It has no top or middle notes - it's just a lovely woody incense melange. Almost completely synthetic, but wonderful nonetheless. It's extremely well-rounded with no sharp or astringent aromas. I detect, in order of strength - sandalwood, incense, tonka, cedar, nutmeg, tobacco, vanilla, and musk. Creamy and delicious, discrete and brief, and rather simple - a great lounging fragrance.
12th June, 2012
Reminds me of sweetened pipe tobacco, which I love.
03rd May, 2011
Not bad at all...a rather vanilla-heavy wood, and a great example of a simple cheapo scent that just smells good. It has some cedar like Visit or Rush, but not the acrid dry stuff; it's more of a sweeter, gentler wood. I think of it as an improved Rush, because even though it's almost as weak, and still fairly artificial-smelling, it doesn't have that plasticky edge which I ultimately couldn't stand about Rush. Also, this makes me envision nicely finished wood furniture or art pieces more than almost any other scent. Finally, the vanilla's sweetness doesn't get out of control, which is key because by the end vanilla is almost all that's left, with perhaps a hint of milk chocolate or carob. Very smooth from start to finish.
22nd January, 2011
For the ten bucks i bought it for NIB, very good! Uncomplicated but unexpectedly rich wet woods. The simplicity is a bit off-putting however as the scent is so straightforward.
01st December, 2010

Worn to be wild! – That’s what the box says… Wild Woods for Men is an uncomplicated and unassuming wood fragrance is not very exciting but is definitely competent for what it purports to be. The box says that it is a “…mixture of exotic cedar, sandalwood, and musk,” which, except for the word “exotic,” is an adequate description. Its woods are pleasant, aromatic and, if they are synthetic, it’s a pleasant syntheticness. Because of its strong aromatic-like ambiance, I can’t decide if it’s synthetic, but there seems to be a bit of unnaturalness in its construction. I don’t really smell the musk that is supposed to in it, but that is not unusual for me when I meet strong woodnotes. It’s a genuine cologne so it doesn’t last very long… its lack of longevity is even shorter than its sibling, Wild Spice, but I don’t see that as a problem, sometimes I want a nice scent that doesn’t last more than a couple of hours. I don’t love it, but I like it and its price makes it a thumbs up.

07th August, 2009

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