Cuir Pleine Fleur / Fine Leather (2008)
    by Heeley

    • Launched: 2008
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Cuir Pleine Fleur / Fine Leather Fragrance Notes

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    Iran Iran

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    This is an interesting fragrance but If you're a fan of leather specially those dark and smoky ones ...... I would strongly suggest to sample this fragrance first because this is not that type of leather at all. do not blind buy this just because it says leather!
    The opening of this fragrance is a green and a little bit powdery mix of violet leafs, birch, suede and tons of musk!
    The violet leafs immediately brings back the opening of "Dior Fahrenheit" for me but forget the petroleum smell and tune down the leather note at least 10 times and add some powdery feeling .... boom, you have the opening of this fragrance.
    The suede note suppose to smell like leather but I believe it's girly version of leather not those dark and smoky pure leather scents that smell manly.
    There is no musk in note breakdown but I can insure you will smell lots of it from the minute one to the last minutes on your skin.
    In the mid that suede note goes away and I can smell an animalic musky scent with some bright woods and very transparent floral note that give the scent a soapy vibe and I can still feel that green violet leaf in the background.
    The scent is slightly sweet but you can easily ignore that because it's very light.
    All and all, it's an interesting green, musky and animalic fragrance but leather???? I don't think so!
    Projection is good and longevity is around 6-7 hours on my skin.

    05 April, 2014

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    Canada Canada

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    Now this Heeley perfume is a joy to me. It reminds me of the aroma of my grandmother's Morris Minor from the sixties. It was canary Yellow with red Leather seats. She wore a violet suede leather jacket and driving gloves and wore a wonderful floral perfume and often had Candied Violets as treats. I will be buying a bottle shortly.

    31st March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    This is a truly fine, understated leather fragrance. The leather and floral elements flow through one another so sensuously. This strikes me as a very feminine leather, but also could be ravishing on a man. Lovely.

    14 January, 2014

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    Beautiful Haze

    Transparent, floaty, diffusive. Green, dusty and just slightly leathery.

    I didn't love this at first smell, but it grew in my mind's eye so that even when I wasn't wearing it, I was imagining it. This to me is the scent of horses and hay and grass and the quiet hidden places in nature. Very evocative and never brash or overwhelming. Just slightly flowered, but in no way feminine. It smells like a place, rather than a gender or an occasion.

    My favorite Heeley by a long shot.

    Pros: Delicate and classy
    Cons: Too light for some"

    24 October, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A gorgeous leather which grabbed me with its visceralness. It is the compelling true-to-life smell of the inside of a soft leather handbag imbued with floral perfume. The fragrance is very present, sensuous, tactile, and immediate because of a clear sense I get of its having a physical reality on my body. Cuir Pleine Fleure keeps me completely in my body.
    This is a refined leather with soft deep violet and light, glad mimosa, a fortunate combination which makes for a sophisticated blend. It just doesn't seem to make a wrong move at any point and feels like an instant classic. It has no sense of histrionics, no over-striving, no statement, but just is, which to my nose sets perfumes with true character apart - their sure sense of themselves. That sureness resonates strongly in Cuir Pleine Fleur. Its sensuous sophistication is infinitely satisfying.
    I'm partial to leathers, and this is what I've always wanted mine to smell like. I always thought I preferred the rougher qualities of leather, the friskiness of Bandit. Instead I was seduced by a purr. It has eclipsed my other favorites. When you're dating, you're open to different people, experiences and nuances. But when you fall in love, all those smaller likes and pleasures totally disappear in the face of it. That is what happened to me with this one. It's my Holy Grail leather at this point.

    31st March, 2013 (Last Edited: 12 January, 2014)

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    Smelly Beast
    Brazil Brazil

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    One of my personal favorits. It opens with lots of violette leaf, very green, earthy and bitter. I get tons of birch tar too giving a nice smoky anbience and some spices to balance the composition. AS It drys it gests softer but still wodsy and dry, I also get some honey. The suede in it is very luxurious and soft but not buttery or creamy the image that comes to my mind is a Prada suede jacket. The composition is very modern and very transparent but also retro in a way because o the tar. Its very unique, Ive never smelled a russian leather like this. It lasts all day but its a skin scent. Usually when I travell this is my scent, very versatile and it gives me confidence.

    17 July, 2012

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