Cheap and Chic Hippy Fizz (2008)
    by Moschino

    Cheap and Chic Hippy Fizz Fragrance Notes

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    Australia Australia

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    I don't understand the hippy reference here. I usually connect patchouli and incense to the scent of a hippy. However, this sparkling citrus fragrance is certainly fizzy.

    Hippy Fizz is very similar to Funny! by Moschino. Although lemon and bitter orange is not listed in the notes, they are certainly present, especially in the top notes.

    The scent itself is very crisp and Summery. Refreshing in fact. I don't sense much in the way of rose or violets, however the lotus and magnolia blend in well with the citruses.

    I was a little disappointed by the lasting strength which was extremely poor. So all in all, I'd suggest Funny! as a better alternative as something that is very similar and longer lasting

    30th June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    I like to wear Hippy Fizz when I am in the mood for a fresh lemony/ citrus scent. It has notes of citrus, greens, and light flowers which is not sharp or offensive. When Hippy Fizz is first sprayed I get a strong lemon note but it is not overpowering. The drydown becomes a soft citrus/ green floral note and it hugs close to the skin. It doesn't last all day and needs reapplication every couple of hours. This is not a sexy scent or a head turner, but I would say this scent fits its name--"hippy" because of the floral notes and "fizzy" because of the citrus notes. This is not a complicated scent at all, but it is a happy and energizing one that lifts my spirits when I wear it. The citrus/ lemon notes make this perfect for a summer scent (Light and fresh, it is not sticky at all). If you are looking for a fresh, clean, citrus fragrance, I would recommend Hippy Fizz.

    21st February, 2009

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    United States United States

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    To me, this smells a lot like I Love Love, although it has been about a year since I last tried that perfume. This is another well done citrus, it has a very nice lemon verbana topnote and it's not overpowering at all. If you were looking for a soft, semi-sweet citrus, this would fit the bill nicely. I have the lotion as well as the perfume (sample sizes) and the lotion comes across more fruity/sweet, while the perfume packs more of the lemon. Not much sillage, but a well done fragrance.

    06 January, 2009

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