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Invasion Barbare / SB (2006)


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerStéphanie Bakouche

About Invasion Barbare / SB

Invasion Barbare / SB is a masculine fragrance by MDCI. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Stéphanie Bakouche

Reviews of Invasion Barbare / SB

It has a classic vibe, it is manly and serious. The kind of perfume to be worn with a suit at an upscale event. What I get the most is the lavender with cardamom and violet leaf sweetened by vanilla. Well into the base, when the musk substitutes the lavender, it becomes more pleasant for me. I am not a lavender fan but I understand it's quality.
13th August, 2018
Dear oh dear.....

What a let down. The mighty IB. Crazy price tag but apparently worth it!! I think not!

Honestly.....It's a bland and boring middle of the road fragrance dressed up in a fancy bottle and then charged the earth. The phrase "Fur coat and no knickers" spring to mind. Completely over priced and overrated in my humble opinion.
12th May, 2018
What a smoothie! The woody-spicy cliché mates with the lavender-heavy barbershop fougère and – wonder of wonders – no-one’s honour is lost. When playing to such broad audiences with thousands of perfumes riffing on a similar mix of ingredients, it is largely the finish of the thing rather than any claim to originality that matters. So when Invasion Barbare steps out the door with every hair in place and each fleck dusted off its clothes, it means the care that has gone into polishing it is exemplary. This thing is the baby’s (hygienic) bottie.
The cool, sweetly-cooing, sprinkled with talc, lavender fougère half (shades of Rive Gauche) is matched seamlessly with oriental warmth – ginger, that gives a spice accent but with zest, and woods. The other harmonizing notes – a subtle citric fringe, soapy cardamom and gently bracing violet greens – also contribute to the immaculate maquillage.
While I admire the skill, I find the creature Invasion Barbare summons to my mind is boardroom man, a being with whom I share no affinity. I also find the lavender a touch too sweet for my taste – I often do. And the projection is moderate. This will sound like perfection to many – however, it makes me long for a touch of recklessness.
13th January, 2018
Man...I love this one...perhaps even more than Le Barbier De Tangier! There is a moment in the mid opening where the cardamon might be a bit too hot, but it's fleeting, and the overall wear is special in my opinion. This is beautifully blended, and I must have some! Such a wonderful fougere that unfortunately drifts away long before I want it to. It hangs in there as a skin scent, but I wish it had a bit more sillage. This is a 9.9 out of 10 for me. Huge love for Invasion Barbare!
24th December, 2017
Understated, not that interesting, clean tones, would keep it if I owned it.
09th May, 2017
old barbershop fouger, nothing particularly enthralling!
28th February, 2017

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