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Invasion Barbare / SB (2006)


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerStéphanie Bakouche

About Invasion Barbare / SB

Invasion Barbare / SB is a masculine fragrance by MDCI. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Stéphanie Bakouche

Reviews of Invasion Barbare / SB

What more can be said about this one? It’s the go-to modern fougere fragrance. It doesn’t smell modern — but few fougere’s do. Its true strength is not so much in its technical virtuosity (although it’s very, very well done), but rather in the perceived effect it provides for the wearer. Terms like “classic,” “refined,” “gentlemanly,” “executive,” “briefcase,” “board meeting,” “rolodex,” and “secretary,” all spring to mind; this is a scent for people seeking to cultivate a specific image of themselves and project it outwards, forcefully. It’s the olfactory equivalent of a tailored suit, and, I’d posit, that that’s the wardrobe it would compliment the best.

Scent-wise, it has a powerful violet-leaf and orris presence akin to what’s in Fahrenheit only it veers much less edgy and the clean powder is amped up via a slightly dusty and not-too-floral lavender. It has fantastic sillage, and because it doesn’t have an unusually overwhelming presence, you could flap your arms around like a monkey and enjoy the scent bubble it produces. There’s no denying that it’s a great composition with impeccable blending, but it’s quite formal and very specific in what it does. Frankly I’m surprised by how popular it is among younger people as it’s a scent that’s very grounded in the past; and, even with its reliance on modern materials, it still smells anachronistic. With that said, it’s a beautiful perfume, but it’s a tad too primped and coiffed for my personal taste. I want danger and interest and excitement and this is more about "planning for the future" and "401K" and "out of town golf trips." For me, it’s basically the olfactory equivalent of an insurance seminar, albeit one that pulled out all the budgetary stops.
08th June, 2015

Invasion Barbare opens in aromatic citrus ambiance. The aromatics are due to the violet leaves, which at first provide a delightful level of aromatics, but within fifteen minutes the violet leaves have morphed into a solid, penetrating accord. Not only do I strongly dislike a piercing violet leaf note, the violet leaf in Invasion Barbare comes on so strongly that I have a difficult time smelling anything else. What I do manage to smell under the leaf (which lasts for quite a while) is thyme, cardamom, and cedar, and that part of the scent I find quite beautiful, but the annoying violet leaf moots that point. Additionally and unfortunately, I don’t get any sweet. All things considered, I recognize this as a quality fragrance that I have little interest in.
17th February, 2015
Notes: grapefruit, bergamot, violet leaves, white thyme, cardamom, lavender, ginger, cedarwood, vanilla, musk.

MDCI stands for Marchal Design & Créations Indépendantes, after Claude Marchal, Parfums MDCI’s founder and owner. Wonderfully affable and a true gentleman, who recently was gracious enough to grant me a look into this houses extensive line; with the firm favorite being a modern master piece and one worthy of the infamous Luca Turin’s 5-star rating.

“Invasion Barbare is an elegant and soulful portrayal of a man of every woman´s dreams. He exudes warmth, intelligence and sensitivity as well as strength. Yet sensitive as he is, there is a barbarian hidden under his refined exterior. Like the ”Perfect Man” Invasion Barbare combines elegant understatement with lots of warmth and an unexpected, mesmerizing depth. The composition is built on the contrast of freshness and warmth, on the intriguing, almost peppery at the beginning play between citrusy notes, lavender, spices, vanilla and woods. The blend is extremely well crafted and as a result Invasion Barbare is a fascinating fragrance. A soft-spoken fragrance, there is nothing forceful about it, yet it possesses an almost hypnotic charisma.”

Formerly known as SB1, Invasion Barabre was launched in 2006 by perfumer Stéphanie Bakouche who set forth a stylistically modern aromatic fougère based on tried and true classical principles. What’s immediately apparent is the complexity and the quality of materials used in the composition, which exhibit a vague and comforting familiarity.

Wonderfully elegant, refined and well mannered in its opening; which is made up of a modern exuberance of crisp interplay between fresh lavender, violets and citrus and a warm contrast of subtle spices, which exude a gentle yet firm charm and radiance. Evolving into a more classical structure, cedarwood and musk add a solid masculine base, rounded off by a dry bourbon vanilla which ties in superbly and seamlessly with the zest and sweet warmth of the opening. Masterfully executed and presented, speaking with a firm and bold authority without ever resorting to being brazen, I would say that the name is half way between a misnomer and accurate. It’s all down to your perspective and how you perceive the overall concept. With that said, the fragrance is true to the demands of the brand: elegant, precious, masculine and extremely sophisticated.

Rating: 9.5/10
Longevity: 8/10
Projection: 8/10
Occasion: Semi-formal, Formal
22nd December, 2014
Walking the Piazza Barberini in Rome, I stop at the most elegant barbershop I have ever seen. Marble floors, crystal chandeliers, supple and glittering barber chairs. Everything about this salon speaks of quality and old world sophistication. When my $300 haircut is finished, I would expect my barber to dust me off with finest talcum powder, and it would smell like Invasion Barbare.

Smooth, creamy talcum powder sums up Invasion Barbare. There's a little fruit in the background, but it's talcum powder from start to finish. Natural smelling, high quality ingredients, very good projection and magnificent longevity. But still, at the end of the day, talcum powder.

I just can't think of many occasions when I want to smell like talcum powder so badly that it would justify the expense of this scent. Invasion Barbare is a fragrance I can respect, even admire, but not particularly want to wear.

25th August, 2014
WOW. This may just be my favorite scent so far. The top notes didn't really impress me and I wasn't expecting much out of the bottle, but about an hour later I sniffed my wrist and was just intoxicated. I agree that the name is misleading, it's not dirty or barbaric, but it is as delicious as a clean smell can get. It's sweet but still masculine, and it smells refined but rather young to my nose. Maybe I'm wrong about that, it's just my opinion. I just see young guys (like myself) with a lot of money (unlike myself) wearing this and feeling all cocky, yet the smell is good enough to be a work of art as far as I'm concerned. Add to that the fact that eleven hours after applying it was time for me to shower and the smell was still going--though of course it was a bit close by that time, but it was still wafting from my clothing. My skin does tend to hold scents for a pretty long time but this was something else, it would have lasted several more hours if I didn't have to shower. Just amazing, wish there were more buying options at lower prices but sometimes you have to pay for the good stuff.
13th August, 2014
I'm not a fan of lavender based fragrances and I usually bash many them. but there are a few that I can't deny how great they are and this is definitely one of them or I would say the best!
This is one of the most complex fragrances that I've tested in my life.
Lots of high quality notes blended layer by layer masterfully together to create this beautiful masculine fragrance.
At the opening I can smell lots of notes that surprised me how they mixed together like this without getting messy!
There is a semi sweet vanilla mixed with some animalic musk followed by aromatic and kind of fresh lavender, some spices specially cardamom and a little bit of leather.
It's semi fresh and clean, creamy sweet, musky and animalic, spicy and finally a little naughty and dirty because of soft leather note.
After a while and in the dry down than animalic musky scent disappears and now I can smell more spices plus a little bit of woods and some earthiness from patchouli! Very busy but at the same time very well balanced without getting harsh and messy. you can smell every note one by one without too much trouble!
The base is a dark and very mature aromatic herbal and smoky leathery scent followed by some woods, spices and earthy patchouli.
Very rich masculine scent.
The scent is not something new but the quality, blending and overall scent is mesmerizing!
Projection is strong and longevity is around 5-6 hours on my skin.
A masterpiece indeed!
It's a great choice for fall and spring and maybe winter but it's too much for summer!
13th July, 2014

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