Guerlain Homme (2008)
    by Guerlain

    Guerlain Homme Fragrance notes

    Mojito accord, Lime, Mint, Floral accord, Bergamot, Cedar, Vetiver

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    80ml EdT
    80ml EdT
    80ml EdT

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    Disappointing and typical wood fragrance

    A very disappointing scent for me - I get none of the cool fresh notes from my sample (direct from Guerlain), simply an ordinary mix of patchouli, cedar and vetiver. There is a minty quality way in the background, but not enough to be significant. One of the few Guerlains I find to be mediocre.

    The 11 ingredients: Lime, Bergamot, Mint, Rum, Geranium, Green Tea, Rhubarb Leaf, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sugar Cane.

    Pros: None
    Cons: Lack of originality

    06 June, 2013

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    Zesty, Refreshing, and Woodsy

    Guerlain Homme -- lime and minty, light and zesty. A very nice citrus scent, which reminds me of a cold and sparkling drink on a hot summer day while lying on the beach under that big umbrella. Refreshing! Then it dries down to something woodsy.


    Guerlain Homme smells modern, and compared to the modest amount of fresh fragrances that I've tried before, I think it is also quite unique. Performance-wise, I wish it lasted longer on my skin, though.

    22 May, 2013

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    I don't understand the reviews which classify this as "generic" or "synthetic" or "poor quality." It's not any of those.

    Guerlain Homme is a completely modern fragrance with a fantastic mojito note in the opening--fresh lime, mint, and rum immediately deliver a fun, upbeat attitude that simply feels good. The opening accord is superb and one that I have not encountered in any other fragrance to date. Not only is it well executed (clean, smooth, and balanced), but it feels NEW. And I think that's the problem many Guerlain traditionalists have with this fragrance--it's a departure from their classic men's lineup of Heritage, Habit Rouge, and Vetiver. Well...get over it. I think Guerlain Homme was very intelligently crafted, i.e., it fits right in with the modern mainstream men's market while remaining distinct and altogether different from anything else that's out there. Nothing smells like this. And furthermore, Homme smells better than 95% of its contemporary competition. I had heard terrible things about it until I actually tried it myself while in a local Sephora. I was expecting it to be bad (bland and redundant), but instead I liked it immediately and bought it on the spot. This was after sampling numerous 'modern' men's fragrances beforehand, so I can honestly say that this stood out from the crowd and also head and shoulders above it.

    Around the two or three hour mark, Guerlain Homme transitions into a pleasant, woody base with a light, white musk as traces of its opening accord occasionally waft in and out. The sillage of this fragrance is fine, in fact its quite good, and the longevity is actually better than you may initially perceive it to be. Just like its flanker, Homme L'Eau, this is one that other people notice much later on in the day while you have all but forgotten it's even there. So I would say the projection is good and the longevity just above average.

    Best in the Spring and Summer, Guerlain Homme is well-suited for work and socializing outside of work. It's an easy wear that leans toward the casual, carefree side of the spectrum. It feels like a day time scent, but wouldn't be out of place at night.

    I highly recommend Guerlain Homme to anyone looking for something unique and uplifting with a cool, modern edge.

    As a side note, the Intense version differs in several ways: It features a strong rhubarb note, which gives it more of a dark, fruity quality. The mojito note is not as strong either. Also, Intense lasts much longer, but projects less. So, increased longevity but decreased sillage. Finally, the Intense version is darker and richer, while Guerlain Homme regular is brighter with greater diffusive properties

    The other flanker to Guerlain Homme, Guerlain Homme L'Eau, has much more citrus to it (smells like lemon and lime to me), and is fairly different than Homme. It's an EXCELLENT summer fragrance, possibly my favorite, and is definitely worth looking at.


    25 February, 2013

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    I resisted this for a long time--it sounded so commercial, so mass-market that I didn't want to be disappointed in a mediocre offering from my favorite house. Mojito accord? Really? From Guerlain? Well, I finally bought it--blind--and find it to be very nice. Not a great scent, not by a long shot, but nice and very safe--wear this one to the office and you will be just fine. This is one for the masses, alright, but even Guerlain's pedestrian efforts are better than most other house's best attempts. It does have a fresh minty citrus opening, followed by an almost barbershoppy woody/vetiver drydown. Longevity for a Guerlain is poor, more like one of their eaux than an EdT. All that being said, I am enjoying this, even in the dead of Winter (to the extent that we have Winter where I live) but I will not be trading in my Heritage, Vetiver or Habit Rouge any time soon (I would like to try the Eau Boisee flanker, though). Now that I know the scent, it seems way out of line with their marketing of man as a wild animal at the wateringhole. In this case, the wateringhole is a poolside bar at a resort hotel and the animal is a cocktail-sipping accountant on holiday.

    31st January, 2013

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    Wonderful opening and then dries down to a vetiver base that's also great. Very distinctive and unique. It would be in my top 10 if it lasted more than two hours in my skin. Anyway this is a must have. For me it's a citric/fresh reference fragrance.

    15 December, 2012 (Last Edited: 09 January, 2013)

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    I was tempted to rate this as a thumbs down rather than a neutral, just because Guerlain's usual offerings are so outstanding, whereas this is somewhat mediocre, not especially distinct from many other offerings on the market.

    On the plus side, this is an inoffensive scent that can be worn anytime, but your money would be better spent on almost anything else from Guerlain.

    19 October, 2012

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