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1 Million (2008)
by Paco Rabanne

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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HousePaco Rabanne
PerfumerChristophe Raynaud
PerfumerOlivier Pescheux
PerfumerMichel Girard

About 1 Million

1 Million is a masculine fragrance by Paco Rabanne. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Michel Girard, Olivier Pescheux and Christophe Raynaud

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Very french style.this is special,sweet and makes your feel really masculine and stylish then is pefect for a real gentleman!
this fragrances makes me feel warm cold winter nights too.

I recommend it for every one who wants to be seductive in a classic way!
long lasting and attract a lot of woman.
The bottle also fits to the scent.that is really cute.

11th May, 2015
One of the most powerfully synthetic openings of any fragrance I have ever sampled. Synthetic is the main play here as nothing smells natural in 1Million. I live in Florida and I can only imagine how cloying the phony soapy floral notes would get on a hot summer day. No reason I would ever want to wear this. It als took forever to scrub off, which only confirms how chemical the composition is.
23rd March, 2015
overpowering weird sweetness.It makes me want to throw up.
One positive that becomes negative that you can't even scrub it off.Not for me.
08th January, 2015
Was this the scent that launched a million young jocks? Is this what ‘fresh, spicy, leathers’ have come to?
The overriding impression of this car crash is ‘Look at me, I can scream louder, I got the bling and I think grabbing my crotch in public is the height of dudeness.’ A trying-too-hard dancefloor pretender. That isn’t a police siren tearing up the music, that’s someone doused in 1 Million coming through.
Starts with a polite (but seen in 1 million other ‘masculines’) array of airbrushed fougere notes, a bit minty, but mostly vaguely herbal-spicy. However, these are soon overwhelmed by a post-Aventus sweet frooty gloop with lingering edges of disinfectant and urinal cake that has somehow in this curious age come to typify the smell of a lad about town on a Saturday night looking for a leg over. It blares when it could just be. Dies back to a nondescript sweetness that lingers.
03rd December, 2014
1 Million is a contemporary, synthetic, cheap and conventional “trendy leather scent”, quite plastic and light too, which is anyway overall honestly better than I expected by reading the reviews. It’s basically a sort of “all-rounder” scent which tries – and actually manages – to smell good for everything: fresh enough for the gym, safe enough for the office, trendy enough for the club, generic enough for the Post Office, and so on. Most of all, nice enough for the target it’s clearly aimed at – which is surely not the most refined gentlemen on Earth. The composition is quite simple: citrus head notes, a suederal base recreating a light, mellow suedeish note – clean and generically “modern” like in dozens of other contemporary leather scents – some canonical floral counterparts (violet, or rose), woods and patchouli to enhance the “darker” and drier side of leather, spices. As I said, all smelling quite dull, trendy and plain, with the texture and the quality of a car freshener. Still... well, I can’t really hate this. Mostly because it’s clearly, openly, and *honestly* aimed at a precise target, which *likes* and wants this kind of scents – a type of audience which basically wants a decent-smelling thing good for any situation, and possibly generic enough to look cool and à-la-page (which for some people, means “conform to and like what other people like”).
With so much pretentious niche that smells like this and costs three times this, pretending to be “luxury” or “sophisticated” ... you know what? That is what I hate – the pretentiousness, the fraud. While as much crap it may be, 1 Million’s fine for me, because at least it does not look pretentious (I mean, look at that hideous bottle... it’s so kitsch I want to hug it!). I always try to consider scents both “per se” and in perspective relating them to pretenses, price, target and so on. And while per se 1 Million is undoubtedly far below good (although – crucify me – it smells nice to me) if we relate to its actual raison d’etre, this is a respectable product which is aimed at the right targets – people whom you wouldn’t suggest to wear Monsieur de Givenchy or Guerlain’s Derby to. As much as you wouldn’t suggest a bespoke Corneliani suit to people which wear Topman sweaters (and you surely don’t blame Topman for not being so quality and class as Corneliani). For me, the problem of perfumery is not Rabanne or other hundreds of crap scents which, in a way, clearly “look” crap even from the bottle – the problem is the intolerable pretentiousness of brands pretending to look better than they are, and people feeding them by paying ridiculous amount of money for this same quality of Rabanne. 1 Million is so openly, unambiguously, honestly tacky I can’t really blame it for nothing (plus, as I said – crucify me again – it smells better than expected). And I’m fine with that (not that anyone should care).

20th November, 2014
I really don't see what all the fuss is about with Paco Rabanne's 1 million; it LITERALLY smells like a woman's perfume. I have received a sample of it in my Sephora's sample kit FOR MEN and I am starting to wonder if they gave my the woman's sample because this is a scent I wouldn't mind smelling on a female. It is VERY Floral with some hints of sweet; if you want to smell like a flower for some weird reason then this is the scent to use!!!
09th November, 2014

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