1 Million (2008)
    by Paco Rabanne

    1 Million Fragrance Notes

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    To me this is disgusting and I have to move away/out of the underground carriage when I smell this on people as it is overpowering and acrid. It is the men's version of Poison - to be avoided. Goodness knows what the womens version smells like, I haven't dared to even try it.

    23 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Some days its good, others day, I put it on take a whiff and throw up cause it sometimes becomes bubble gum with some spice at the end. Idk, but when it smells good, it really works nicely.

    04 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    It's definitely sweet! The fruity top notes dissipate on my skin within an hour leaving a much more woody scent with a slight touch of sweetness. I pick up a lot more of the white woods and blond leather than anything else. One spray on the back of the neck is sufficient for me. If I sprayed anymore it would become way too sweet and cloying. This scent is good for chilly weather and cooler nights. I really enjoy this one.

    01st February, 2014

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    i think this is the best smelling fragrance i have every smelled... when i have this on and walk into a room it will make people forget what they was saying and ask omg what are you wear smells great.

    24 January, 2014

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    demasiado artificial

    demasiado artificial, me causa náuseas, é como se a pessoa tivesse acabado de se entupir de antibióticos infantis e a droga ficasse exalando seu terrível cheiro doce do corpo da pessoa

    09 October, 2013

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    One of the many ugly millions

    This is exactly why i dont like most most fragrances nowadays... and Paco Rabanne sold his soul in here..
    The name says it : its one million or as i say 'just one of the many millions..."

    Its an overedged and overrated scent with al ingredients tending to be too mucho macho.

    Too sweet too artificial with this bubblegum cinnamon spicy mellon cake.

    I see boys wanna be men in a discotheques lurking on young women trying to get eyecontact but not manly enough to confront them asking to have a drink or have a nice conversation, they stand with the boys being macho and laugh trying to hide their insecureness...
    this scent is not horrible but its has no soul... i need SOUL in a scent i need have a scent with a story!
    With this scent i can only think of the times we live in now... hasty,crowded,fast,aggitated multimedia overconsumed and shallow...
    And again i get more and more hunger back to the days of real romantics...

    Pros: - - -
    Cons: How many characters can i use in this textbox ?"

    12 September, 2013

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