Canali Style (2008)
    by Canali

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    50ml EdT
    50ml EdT
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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Pleasant, but nothing more.

    As others note, this is a pleasant enough fragrance. I don't get the pineapple some do, and find it a decent, somewhat synthetic, Italian style wood. But there is nothing special about it.

    Pros: Inexpensive, inoffensive.
    Cons: Dull."

    25 October, 2013

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    Canada Canada

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    I got a 100ml bottle of this for $12 as a clearance item, and I have to admit it's not bad. It's yet another minty Italian Wood fragrance, except this one has some sort of bitter teak oil note on the bottom. Not very strong.

    A classy, wearable and inexpensive office scent.

    08 May, 2013

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    Brazil Brazil

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    This is not for everyone, and not for everyday use... this is a singular scent, there is something like a pineapple with furniture mix, it's kind of odd, but is unique and beautiful.
    In the drydown I got some FCUK for Him vibe, not so sweet, but reminds me a bit.
    I really enjoy this, but I only use this in formal occasions.

    12 March, 2013

    Andrewthecologneguy's avatar
    Nigeria Nigeria

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    Smells like a pair of brand new leather shoes, packaging and all. I am not sure I want to smell like that. Either way it makes great house spray...and a good dry scent when layering or mixing.

    05 March, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Yet another sweetened ersatz wood fragrance with a fake musk drydown. If you have Armani Code there is no reason to pick this up. This was a blind buy that didn't turn out so well. No, it's not awful but is that praise? The unimaginative name should have tipped me off that the frag would be bland. The upscale packaging borders on false advertising. Even the longevity is mediocre.

    06 July, 2012 (Last Edited: 07 July, 2012)

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    United States United States

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    Smells like the pediatrician's office I used to go back in India.

    17 February, 2012

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