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Homage Attar (2008)
by Amouage


Homage Attar information

Year of Launch2008
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Creative DirectorChristopher Chong

About Homage Attar

Homage Attar is a shared / unisex perfume by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of Homage Attar

instant ecstasy...just what I needed...something else to go on my wish list...i get a kaleidoscopic cloud of rose /oud/wood and citrus floating up to my nose...i'm kind of speechless...this is a hard fragrance for me to describe...has everything going for it , exquisite blending and top notch can be pigeon holed as a rose/oud fragrance , but it's one that is in a class of it's a weird sort of way it can also be called a woody/citrus scent with a flavoring of rose...i'm gonna cut it short and sweet here because that's about all I can's hard to put into words the beauty of smelling this....
08th August, 2018
Stardate 20171205:

I had heard a lot about Amouage's attar and since I came to this hobby late, I had missed the boat. They remained mythical unicorns.
Finally I got the opportunity to try them, thanks to wonderful basenoters. And I am not impressed at all.
Tribute is nice but nothing spectacular and Homage is almost a scrubber.
Homage is in same vein as the cheapo attars that you can buy from a local attar shop.
The rose accord is thin and screechy and dominates the top for a while. This accord is very common in cheap attars and I dislike it a lot. This is not the typical rose oud accord. I think it is the "Amber" (blue amber) that is main offender.
With time this mellows out and becomes bearable.

05th December, 2017
I am given to understand that Amouage suffers almost as many issues with batch variations with their attars as Creed. Apparently, the Homage from the original white box varies greatly from the ones in the subsequent red and black boxes, with those later ones even varying from one to the other within the same box color or time series. To be fair, it appears that batch variations are not as much of an issue for people in the Middle East as it is in the West. But it does give rise to the problem of not being able to judge the scent fairly, when after all you don't know which batch you are commenting on. It also makes it heart-breaking for those who have experienced the beauty of the earlier versions and then have it elude them on follow-up bottles.

I am offering this as an explanation as to why I wasn't blown away by Homage. I thought it was pleasant, but far from mind-blowing. Lovers of Homage, put down that pitchfork - after all, you may be the lucky owners of a bit of Homage that happens to be stupendous. Lucky you! I believe you. I believe all of you who say that this is one of the most glorious creations on this good earth. Enjoy your piece of heaven. My sample was nice but just that.

The first half of the scent is dominated by the smell of citrus oils - very pleasant, but not quite what I was expecting. In fact, I couldn't smell anything other than lemon for the first hour. Then slowly, inch by inch, the scent became ever more rosy. But this wasn't the lush, complex rose accord I had been expecting - this was instead a pale, pink rose notable only for its delicacy and faintness. This rose glowed on gently for another two hours, tinged by lemon and an indistinct supporting floral accord, until I could smell it no longer, five hours after first applying. I got no oud and no incense. No smoke, no amber.

Overall, the projection was weak, the scent was very faint, and I never got the complex development that others seem to get. I got two full wearings out of my one precious drop, and my impressions were the same from one wearing to the next. Believe me, I was willing the scent into action, because I wanted to experience the rapture all of you seem to experience with this. But for me, no rapture. Boo hiss.
19th August, 2014
astonishingly good scent. bought it blind and am so pleased it even surpassed my expectations. deep, deep tair rose supported by top notch incense and what seems to be neroli of the highest possible quality. wow!
15th July, 2014
Genre: Floral/Woods

Aw crap! Itís about as good as everyone says it is. Now Iím liable to have to spend a gazillion bucks to get myself some.

The formula as advertized for Homage sounds simple: rose, oudh, frankincense, and citrus. Yet two of those ingredients, rose and oudh, are at their best so intricately nuanced and profound that they defy analytical description. That Pierre Montale has built an entire line of (mostly) distinct scents around these same two notes hints at the vast scope the rose-oudh pairing offers. Homage does indeed present rose and oudh at their complex and inscrutable best, and the addition of Amouageís justly touted frankincense secrets them off into a realm of olfactory fantasy inhabited exclusively by djinns and ifrits.

Comparison with Montaleís oudh-and-rose scents is inevitable, but nothing that Iíve smelled from Montale comes close to Homage in style. The rose used in Homage is at once spicier and sweeter than Montaleís, with echoes of nutmeg, cardamom, and raspberry liqueur. Amouageís oudh is more rounded and yielding, softer and less medicinal than Montaleís, yet still in possession of that deliciously bitter, saffron-like edge that makes the resin so irresistible to my nose. Homage is heady and enveloping and persistently claims your attention. You donít just wear this fragrance Ė you wallow in it. Such an unapologetically rich, heady fragrance is not for everyone, nor every occasion, yet there is a certain clarity in Homageís structure that may actually render it more wearable for some than the more powdery and animalic Gold (both menís and womenís). At $350 US or so for a 12ml bottle of perfume oil, this isnít going to be a lemming, but I can understand the critical enthusiasm: Homage is worth smelling just for the experience.
16th June, 2014
Rarely do I go from hearing about a fragrance -> sample -> full bottle purchase so quickly. And rarely do I review a scent so quickly as well. But this is just no ordinary fragrance.

I got it in the white box formulation in the 12ml size. It just smells heavenly.

The opening is a gorgeous rose note like no other. Nothing smoky or anything else. Just a slick, pure rose that makes you say "aaaahhhhhh" when you breath it in. After the top burns off, it mellows to a slight jasmine note, before drying down to a sandalwood and incense base.

If they did this in 100ml I'd own a gallon of it, but alas 12ml will last me a bit. Just not sure how long. It's an addictive scent for me that makes me want more and more. But don't be fooled, less is more with this one! It's not an EdP or any ordinary perfume. Use it very sparingly and it will last. Don't over apply and it will really shine through!

A classic from none other than probably my favourite house. Definitely a 10/10 for me, but I should probably give some criticism to Amouage for making this only a limited edition.
31st December, 2013

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