Prelude to Love (2008)
    by By Kilian

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    Prelude to Love is a unisex fragrance by By Kilian. The scent was launched in 2008

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    Genre: Floral

    Prelude to Love opens as a very simple herb-seasoned eau de Cologne variant, then dries down quickly to a soft, rooty iris accord that’s enlivened ginger and black pepper. The citrus notes smell pleasantly natural, the Mediterranean herbal accents are nicely balanced, and the interplay of iris and spices is clever, but there’s nothing here that makes me want to spend $130 US per ounce.

    23rd June, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    A just-washed, ready-to-face-the-day kind of creation – Turin was right to call it a ‘morning cologne’. Energizing citrus – lovely green toned bergamot and lemon peel to the fore, followed by dabs of neroli – it feels and stays natural which is an accomplishment in this category. A short while in, the iris surfaces but it remains a gentle presence, not weighing down the light mood. Wide eyed and innocent, Prelude to Love must remain just a prelude to the rather risky business of love itself. Nice work and a perfume well-suited to the office environment.

    03rd December, 2013

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    PtL is one of those perfumes whose individual notes largely elude me. That is, my nose hones in not on the primary notes/accords but on those that secondary and tertiary. Namely, I get LOTS of orris butter and leather from this. The overall composition reminds me of two things: (a) Creed's Original Vetiver, in all of its soapy glory and (b) the aroma of L'Occitane's Sandalwood soap, which is a scent that is old-fashioned, comforting, and elegant all at the same time. Ultimately, PtL is my favorite Kilian thus far.

    20th January, 2013

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    Too much like 4711.

    24th October, 2012 (Last Edited: 13th March, 2014)

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    I have sampled this one a few times and have always loved it. It ranks 3rd in my book for L'oeuvre noir collection, only behind Straight to Heaven and Cruel Intentions. I just cannot bring myself to paying the full price tag. However, a 50ml refill bottle is much more affordable and could find its way to my collection.
    I am yet to find a fragrance by Kilian that I do not like. They are all fantastic in their own merit. I say this, basing my decision solely on the fragrance and not on the price tag. However, By kilian was ahead of his time in making it affordable if you are willing to bypass the gorgeous looking presentation in the bottle and box.

    Now, I move to the fragrance. At onset, this starts with a crisp orange aroma. However, to me, it smells more like the white part of the peel as opposed to the tangy, bitter outside. This quickly evolves into more of a delicate grape, more like a nice, ripe, purple grape bitten in half. I guess it is the combination of the iris and the orange blossom that gives this vibe. Either way, the aroma is delicate, luscious, and to my agony, subtle. It is a little more than a skin scent but it's not your power bomb. It lacks projection but the excellence of this fragrance and the quality of the ingredients can easily be noticed to be of high quality. The longevity is average. It lingers on my skin about 4-6hrs and longer if applied to clothes. However, this is a scent that will be enjoyed by the person wearing it and those that come in very close contact. But then again, I wear a fragrance for my enjoyment and this does the job. I believe this fragrance to be strictly Unisex and can be easily worn by either sex.

    I went to get a refill of Cruel Intentions as my 50mls were almost gone. I happened to try this scent once again as well as some from the Asian Tales and Garden of Good and Evil collection that are now available. To my surprise, not only did I get Cruel Intentions, but also a refill of Prelude to Love. After reading my review done a few years ago, my feelings about this scent has not change at all. Great fragrance.

    12th June, 2012 (Last Edited: 17th June, 2014)

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    Though it leans to a little bit into feminine side, this is a very good refrehing fragrance for summer, really like it.

    19th May, 2012

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