Wode (2008)
    by Boudicca

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    Wode is a women's fragrance by Boudicca. The scent was launched in 2008

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Woods

    Maybe (OK, likely,) thereís something wrong with my nose, but Iím not feeling the love for Wode. After a light, brisk, lemony cardamom top note, all I get out of this scent is a commonplace clean white musk and some rather harsh woody aromachemicals. The structure, such as it is, seems bare and impoverished Ė an exercise in minimalism thatís miscalculated and slipped from provocatively spare to disappointingly dull. Hardcore fans of Geza Schoenís work for the Escentric Molecules line may enjoy the similarly ascetic Wode, but I do not.

    19 November, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    If you're into experimental fragrances this is something worth checking out. An interesting rendition of leather which takes the distance from other fragrances in the same vein by achieving a luxury vibe via non-conventional languages. In this context, Wode is similar to what Comme Des Garcons or, let's say, Martin Margiela have done with their clothes collections. High-end luxury goods with a remarkable avant-garde/punk attitude.

    Wode it's just lie that. It's a punk leather jacket wore on a chiffon white shirt or, if you prefer, it's like going to an S&M party wearing a Rick Owens' leather courset.

    How it smells like? Non-animalic yet incredibly realistic raw leather, dark green vegetals and spices blended together in a petrol-like magma that's overall crude yet quite compelling. Both projection and lasting power are average.

    The fragrance is available in two different editions: Scent and Paint (both of them coming in a aluminum paint-like can). The former it's stronger and comes as a traditionally transparent liquid while the latter is an actual cobalt-blue paint that when sprayed on clothes end/or body, magically disappears after a few minutes...Scary.

    Caution: The typical fragrance that makes perfume purists horrifying.

    26 March, 2012 (Last Edited: 27 March, 2012)

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    I love this scent! I have a full bottle of the paint and a sample of the perfume.

    Paint: Longevity on my skin is about 30 minutes, but on fabric is much longer - 8-24 hours. The bottle actually says not to spray it on skin. The paint is a much lighter version, salty and perfect for a wet spring day, with a foamy note. I find it both familiar and unique at the same time.

    Scent: Complex and gorgeous, but very musty on me. It is very dark-green in feel, like walking through a northern forest. The hemlock is lovely. If it weren't so musty, I would buy a full bottle in a second.

    05 February, 2012

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    This was love at first sniff. And the love has not faded. Scored a can in Germany after reading about the 'vanishing blue paint'. It is currently the crown jewel of my collection...and that is saying a lot. I'll tell you why.
    When showing a sizeable collection to your friends and whomever else, it is nice to be able to demonstrate the deep blue paint that magically disappears. Oh and it smells wonderful. Dry, very very dry sweet cement. Very simple and linear. Unisex? Not sure, but don't care. I love it.
    If you can find it, buy it. Even if you don't like the scent, the blue paint is awesome.

    24 June, 2010

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    With notes of juniper, cardamom, nutmeg, clary sage, coriander, angelica root, saffron, tonka bean, styrax, amber, treemoss, musk and leather - this is a opaque, unique , dry scent. Very green ,spicey with the nutmeg,cardamom ,mossy .A bit strange- very unisex but I think you have to be a brave owman to wear this. Smells almost primeval . Leathery and dark .Interesting .

    17 June, 2010

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    I tried this in Berlin 6 months ago. They said is was unisex, but her it says for women?
    I'd put in more in the unisex side as the notes are not overly femine. It is similar to JPG2 in style but smells nothing like it.

    I tried the paint version which is quite a shock when sprayed initially because it is cobalt blue on your skin. It then rapidly fades to nothing (colour wise). The assistant sprayed it on his white shirt which looked really cool! It certainly dissappeared but I'm uncertain whether traces might remain in UV light or after washing.

    The scent was interesting, reminds me a bit of the Tom Ford Extreme (maybe truffle in both?)
    It's from the same nose as Escentric Molecules so has some similarity to them and does smell very synthetic, but not in a cheap or bad way.

    I developed a bad headache which might have been due to the perfume so I scrubbed it off, but it was quite resiliant and stayed with me in to the evening so longevity seems very good. One male friend said it smelt great on me.

    Not for me as too androgenous. If you are in to scents like JPG2, TFExtreme, Black Cashmere, etc, then this is certainly worth trying.

    02 April, 2009

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