Roadster (2008)
    by Cartier

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    Nice one from Cartier

    Many Cartier fragrances are not famous for excellent longevity, but this one is decent. Strong mint note, but not overpowering. Classy fragrance in a classy bottle - and when I say classy I definitely don't mean old man scent, as people can misinterpret classy. Go for it, you won't regret buying Roadster, you will smell "intelligent" ;-)

    Pros: Nice scent, good sillage, longevity

    03 June, 2013

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    Great scent for Spring/Summer

    I blind-bought this fragrance due to several positive reviews and even though I didn't dislike the scent when I tried it for the first time, I wasn't thrilled at all about using it regularly.  I applied it the next day and it gave me nausea and a headache, maybe I applied a bit too much or it was just too different but I ended up giving up on it. After a couple of days I decided to give it a second chance and it really worked out, I received a couple of compliments from co-workers and I wasn't getting sick at all as I used to, I think I just had to get used to the mint leaves all over the notes.  Anyways, overall really good scent, lasts on me for about 6 hours which isn't that bad for my skin, it projects really well over the first 4 hours and then comes close to the skin.  I would definitely recommend you to try a sample first because even though it's a very classy, well-blended minty fragrance it's definitely not for everyone.

    18 May, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    An accomplished balancing act between refreshing mint and creamy vanilla. The mint reminds me more of mint-choc-chip ice-cream than the oft-opined toothpaste. Come to think of it, why isn't there a Roadster-flavour ice-cream? Mint/vanilla, it seems so obvious. Maybe there is (I'm not big on ice-cream).
    Anyway, there's a sort of aquatic topnote which fades into the background quite quickly; it's a bit of a misfit really but I don't mind it; it adds to Roadster's odd-for-designerness. Could work as a year-round signature scent, very versatile. Good longevity: 8 hours from 5 sprays, with the mint proving remarkably persistent; although the enjoyable extended drydown is more vanilla-dominated. 4/5. Great bottle and sprayer, as usual with Cartier.

    22 April, 2013

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    Unique scent, but the mint is a little too powerful for my tastes and it gives off a toothpaste vibe.

    14 January, 2013

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    I just haven't quite been able to fall in love with Roadster. It kicks off with that famous mint note, joined by some 80's-smelling basil and a sweet small that borders on chocolate. Eventually, it all settles into a really nice smell that reminds me of some sort of imaginary sweet wood, sappy and green. I really like the sweet green wood drydown, but the topnotes just don't work for me. I see what they're trying for, but somehow all the notes just sit their awkwardly smelling weird next to each other for quite a while before Roadster finally gets good.

    07 January, 2013

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    Nice vanilla + mint combo with a touch of vetiver. Very unique and smells great. Great sillage and lasting power. Suitable for summer/fall but can be used in colder months easily.

    29 October, 2012

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