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Opal (2006)
by Sonoma Scent Studio


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Year of Launch2006
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People and companies

HouseSonoma Scent Studio
PerfumerLaurie Erickson

About Opal

Opal is a feminine perfume by Sonoma Scent Studio. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Laurie Erickson

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Reviews of Opal

Opal is a cashmere wrap scent – it envelopes you in its cosy luxury, all soft and smooth. It’s warm yet at the same time sheer and lightly opulent, it will not over power or distract but rather add to the natural creaminess of one’s skin. Upon opening Opal is ever so slightly candied with the sweetness of vanilla and a very clean, sugared musk. It’s light, sheer and doesn’t venture into the cloying area thanks to some Bergamot which keeps this fragrance airy.

After some time on the skin Opal begins to develop a lovely powdery quality as well as a sheer floral aspect, although no particular flowers are listed. There is also a sheer, very light Sandalwood in the base that adds a little depth to Opal and rounds of nicely this very comforting concoction.

Opal is totally loveable, cosy and comforting. I think I have found a HG product in Opal, as I cannot think of a single occasion or situation where it isn’t appropriate. Opal may not ever be called innovated or daring, but it will draw those around in for a closer sniff.
21st June, 2010
A charming skin scent, soft and comforting.

As promised, there are no plasticy musks here. Two other potentially heavy-hitters--bergamot and sandalwood--stay on best behavior from first spritz to drydown. For the first ten minutes the vanilla stands out, but never in a high-pitched, gourmand way.

Smooth, silky , balanced, lovely, long-lasting. And what makes Opal the Holy Grail of soft, slightly feminine musks is that it never goes powdery.

An example of how harmony and restraint can enhance the beauty of a fragrance.
10th March, 2010 (last edited: 25th July, 2011)
I never understood the attraction of musk-centric fragrances until I tried OPAL. Softly feminine, elegantly constructed and natural smelling with hints of creamy vanilla and sandalwood. Very wearable indeed.

sandalwood, vanilla, musk, bergamot, ambrette.
18th January, 2010
Lessa Show all reviews
United States
This is an immediate comfort scent - soft, warm, fragile and extremely soothing. Beautiful combination of ingredients, as Jemimagold listed in her review. Sometimes you don't need a shouting symphony to please the senses! Nothing fancy, but very well put together for the price. A lifetime keeper!
18th May, 2009
Opal is an honest, gentle little musky/floral perfume. Within 5 minutes of spritzing, it comfortably melted into my skin and felt like it belonged there. A bit further into testing, I got faint coconut and vanilla notes which were delightful. At this low price level, I'm astonished at how delicate and well made Opal is. A decant of this will definitely be part of my perfume collection for years to come.

Per the Sonoma Scent Studio's website, here are the notes of Opal: sandalwood, vanilla, musk, bergamot, and ambrette.
08th July, 2008

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