Aqua Mat Homme (2008)
    by Masak´ Matsush´ma

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    80ml EdT
    80ml EdT
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    Sweden Sweden

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    Not my cup if tea. I love mat Male and mat very Male.
    It smell syntetic on Me.

    02 September, 2012

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    Poland Poland

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    delicious fruit salad of grapefruit zest, mint, coriander in a musk bowl. pity that its longevity is poor.

    07 May, 2009

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    I liked Mat, but Aqua Mat did nt work on my skin. It smells a lot like M; Men, but a lot brighter and fresher, more aired out. Then it turned sour on my skin. There is a fixative used by Ralph lauren and Tommy Hilfiger fragrances that doesn't agree with my skin...but it doesn't alwyas prevent me from wearing them, as the fixative only hangs around for a few minutes. In Aqua mat however it was very prominent and overbearing, hanging out for the entire scent life save for the first few minutes.

    So if you can pull of Polo Blue very well, and the likes of Tommy 10, this should be fantastic on your skin. It's like the niche version of a mass produced melon mess. You finally get to enjoy what it is those cheap mass market acquatics were trying to produce. Thumbs up fro being a good frag. thumbs down for going sour on my skin (I am sure I am not the only one, and if everyone can't at least wear it, then they screwed something up!) So neutral.

    19 March, 2009

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