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Passion Boisée
by Frapin


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Passion Boisée

Passion Boisée is a shared / unisex perfume by Frapin.

Passion Boisée fragrance notes

Reviews of Passion Boisée

This gem starts off with a beautiful tangerine and clove The clove provides greenness and all of a sudden, that famous frapin booziness comes to the door (rum). This is a well constructed fragrance. Semi gourmand fragrance that seems it will work in all seasons. 8/10
01st April, 2015
Passion Boisée opens with a peculiar, tasty accord of juicy orange supported by a bold boozy personality, refreshing as a summer night out, on a woody-ambery base (vetiver, Iso E), also slightly mossy with oak moss notes and perhaps leather too. I also detect light spices, an accord of aromatic herbs, and a tiny floral heart. A fresh, flavoured Oriental scent, really aromatic, with Frapin's signature "boozy" vein, and also a nice colour palette – you "see" warm tones of orange, green and brown, like a Mediterranean sunset you're enjoying with your favourite drink (orange and rhum, does that exist?). As minutes pass it emerges more clearly the cloves note, with their pungent-medicinal personality. Like other Frapin scents, it shows a peculiar structure, as I detect some "dissonances" which are not defects, just some "odd-smelling" accords, as it coexists a range of notes: sweetish, fresh, sour, spicy, earthy... however it somehow "works", it's elegant in a peculiar, bizarre, dandy-ish, exotic way. On the drydown it becomes warmer and more harmonic, settling on a cozy, refined, luminous and really pleasant accord of cedar, oak, orange, and subtle mossy notes. One of the nicest among their range. Well done!

23rd June, 2014
One of my absolute Frapin's favorites for sure and a great modern spicy chypre for us. Passion Boisee proposes again in a substantially different way the Speakeasy's rum/leather/moss accord (and its spicy/orange patterns, though in a far more stressed way) but while the latter pushes the button over an aromatic and luxurious fruity/leathery tobacco substance Passion Boisee is spectacularly centered over a fluidy or somewhat humid (less dense) spices/tangerine exotic accord (vaguely conjuring the spicy exotic L'Humaniste's inspiration) which develops finally in to a silky leather (silky suede with an almost rosey/orangy and musky/detergent vibe). I detect the spicy rum but it happens far more in terms of spicy fluidity than properly in terms of effectively boozy/liquorous luxurious approach. I appreciate particularly this fragrance with its intense, sensual, almost pungent and organic orangy/musky spiciness finally turning out in a really velvety (musk/suede centered) and cleaning/rosey way (at least in my perception probably misleaded by a soapy musky and spicy orange apparently rosey in perception and in part conjuring a sort of chic Narciso Rodriguez for Her's type of cosmetic/musky sensuality though in an "older" and more traditional and almost laundry way a la Bellodgia). This exotic (slightly old eau de cologne type) orangy spicy subtleness is absolutely refined and sophisticated, really sensual and feminine as few scents around. There is a really subtle and elegant earthy undertone in the air and i suppose hints of vetiver support the cedarwood/patchouli/oakmoss accord (which holds on spicy/orangy and musky till the end). A great thumbs up by me.
21st February, 2014
Spicy. Nice enough but I probably wouldn't buy a bottle
18th January, 2014
As soon as I sprayed it this reminded me of Terre D'Hermes. In smell you ask? No. However, what this is is citrus and wood. This is lighter and sweeter than Terre D'Hermes. I could see this being worn by the younger guy who thinks Terre is a little too old for them. Project average as well as longevity.
18th October, 2012
Sweet, boozy, woodsy concoction. Extraordinary opening, but it is the middle and dry down that I am most fond of. The dry down reminds me vaguely of Issey Miyake; however, PB is superior. On my skin this lasts for hours and its silage is quite decent, although not extraordinary. Finally, I am surprised for liking PB because it is rather sweet; however, I find its development from application to dry down to be beautiful.
02nd October, 2012

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