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Passion Boisée (2007)
by Frapin


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Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Passion Boisée

Passion Boisée is a shared / unisex perfume by Frapin. The scent was launched in 2007

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Reviews of Passion Boisée

My first bottle of Frapin and... well... it's nothing new IMO. It's almost identical to LaCoste Essential. I mean 90%+ LaCoste. That being said I feel it is much better than LaCoste Essential so it earns a neutral IMO. Glad I didn't pay full price for this.

Addt review 5/22/17

After some additional wearings of the fragrance I find this to be a well done spring summer juice that lasts well past the 6 hour mark even in the heat. For the price I would say get a sample before buying...otherwise Enjoy!
12th January, 2017 (last edited: 22nd May, 2017)
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United Kingdom
The opening is a mix of a mandarin-citrus blast that has a slightly boozy character and is paired with a clove-based spiciness. The citrus is fresh and quite bright, but this is not a refreshing blast, more a glowing freshness. The boozy tone and the spiciness add a bit of darkish texture to the citrus, but this spice is not very harsh and has a certain creamy softness to it. It is less spicy in its merger with the citrus than, for instance Creed's Orange Spice. Quite nice.

The next stage of this creation's development sees the initial notes gradually being replaced by a soft, smooth leather impression that remains a tad generic and unexciting on my skin. Woodsy undertones and a light and soft patchouli are additional accompaniments in the base, with the booziness as well as the spiciness nigh vanished by now.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and eight hours of longevity.

A pleasant summer composition made of decent-quality ingredients, not too synthetic and well blended, albeit a bit less vibrant and complex towards the end. Still, warranting a - just - positive score on account of the interesting first part and the decent performance. 3/5
17th August, 2016
Wow, I really had this wrong the first time around. Passion Boisee is great. It opens with a flash of turpentine which quickly morphs into a bright, sparkling tangerine note, the orange of Terre d'Hermes minus the dirt, but juicier, more realistic and bright. As it develops an excellent creamy oak note emerges, very tastefully spiced as to lend character and some sweet aromatics while remaining clean, sturdy and composed. Along with it, a spicy vanillic rum, never too heavy on the booze, doled out with great attention to balance. The nutmeg and cloves are key players here, as they seem to spice everything in a complementary way, never clashing or seeming out of place. Sometimes clove is way overdone, heavy and thick and dominating everything else, but not here. It's handled perfectly. The suede-like leather in the base fits right in as part of the foundation, well-blended with the other notes in the sense that it's there but subtle, lending a masculine presence to the whole. Everything a about this is elegant, refined and tasteful. It's rich without being loud, complex without falling into a cacophony, and never too obvious. I get a mature, masculine impression from Passion Boisee.

Originally I must have had a stuffy nose or cold when I first wore this, as I could barely smell it. I definitely couldn't pick up on all the little details that make this so good. It's a very nice fragrance, a bit on the reserved side. Do I wish the projection was just a little stronger? Sure. But it still does the job, and I just apply a little more than usual. Overall, Passion Boisee seems suited for low-key days at work and relaxed moments of leisure at home or a favorite hangout. Thumbs up for this winner from Frapin, a subtly complex and elegant scent that is comfortable and easy to wear.
19th March, 2016
I don't mind this one, Frapin Passion Boisee: sweetness, booze, spice and orange, but it doesn't grab me. This is more like the earthy orange in Terre d'Hemes than the orange from Fahrenheit.
09th September, 2015
This gem starts off with a beautiful tangerine and clove The clove provides greenness and all of a sudden, that famous frapin booziness comes to the door (rum). This is a well constructed fragrance. Semi gourmand fragrance that seems it will work in all seasons. 8/10
01st April, 2015
Passion Boisée opens with a peculiar, tasty accord of juicy orange supported by a bold boozy personality, refreshing as a summer night out, on a woody-ambery base (vetiver, Iso E), also slightly mossy with oak moss notes and perhaps leather too. I also detect light spices, an accord of aromatic herbs, and a tiny floral heart. A fresh, flavoured Oriental scent, really aromatic, with Frapin's signature "boozy" vein, and also a nice colour palette – you "see" warm tones of orange, green and brown, like a Mediterranean sunset you're enjoying with your favourite drink (orange and rhum, does that exist?). As minutes pass it emerges more clearly the cloves note, with their pungent-medicinal personality. Like other Frapin scents, it shows a peculiar structure, as I detect some "dissonances" which are not defects, just some "odd-smelling" accords, as it coexists a range of notes: sweetish, fresh, sour, spicy, earthy... however it somehow "works", it's elegant in a peculiar, bizarre, dandy-ish, exotic way. On the drydown it becomes warmer and more harmonic, settling on a cozy, refined, luminous and really pleasant accord of cedar, oak, orange, and subtle mossy notes. One of the nicest among their range. Well done!

23rd June, 2014

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