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GenderShared / Unisex
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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Red Aoud

Red Aoud is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

Reviews of Red Aoud

First fragrance from several samples from the Montale line and this is not for me in the least. WOW super floral with some sweetness and a soapy vibe. Leans way feminine and towards the dry down does become more sweet and powdery. Glad I got a sample first. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY if you don't like florals.
31st May, 2017
Late in my visit to the Montale shop, when I had already greedily pounced on a few cans and was subsequently attempting to be an angel of restraint, I was introduced to Red Aoud. The charming shop assistant sprayed some on a strip and said that she loved the feel of roasted tonka about it. And I could see where she was going with that – that striking gourmand accord which wears on the skin like toasted brioche or even crumbly almondy cake is the most remarkable thing about it. It’s a real caresser and I almost bought it then, but I was suffering from perfume relativism after having smelled so much, and so desisted.
Now, nearly a year later, I’ve got around to sampling it and that lovely toasted accord is still the most striking thing about it. We are so used to tonka as a dab of something indistinctly sweet in our perfumes that it is useful to remember the smell of the real thing which has depths and a dark halva-like richness – the difference is like that between vanilla sugar and a cloven pod of the real thing. I know tonka isn’t in the declared notes but roast tonka is what seems to surge up from Red Aoud’s base and I likes it.
The rest of Red Aoud I like less – the rose smells cheapo and screechy and is quite discordant at the opening until it settles somewhat, the oud is non-descript and somewhat shy, the other woody notes are generic and the spicing – particularly saffron which I adore – just refuses to make itself known on my skin. So we’ve got the phenomenal voice of the central gourmand accord surrounded by a band of rather untalented musicians. I can’t make my peace with that.
18th March, 2016
I'm torn on this one. On one hand, it's like nothing else I've ever smelled. On the other hand, its so bombastically strong I'm scared to wear it.

Red Aoud is basically the gourmand of the line. Saffron and oud open the show, but the oud is subdued compared to the others in the Montale line. It's creamy, and fascinating.

The saffron fades, as does the oud, and what you're left with is a chocolate musk. It's great, but not for everyone, and not for those looking for subtlety.

Also - don't buy the big bottle, for the love of god.
04th May, 2015
Pepper, spice, oud in Red Aoud make for a strong opening and agreeable spicy dry down, much more pleasant than Amouage Journey Man, in my opinion. Certainly masculine, with a good balance of spicy and herb-ish notes, I'd probably classify it as a cold weather night scent. I'd agree with some of other reviews in that it is well blended, as no particular note is cloying. It has some sweetness to it in the dry down, albeit subtly.

Projection and longevity are both strong.

This is definitely an appealing addition for fans of spicy fragrances. Generally I am not but I have to agree that this probably would work for a lot of men, and isn't overwhelming or overly formal. I'm not familiar with much of Montale, but this wants me to make try more of their scents. Not one that I'd necessarily buy at the price but worth considering.

7 out of 10
12th March, 2015
This is one of the more condom-themed Montale’s — the rubbery saffron-rose note that’s oddly appealing. But I think that what’s actually impressive about this is that it’s not as rose-dominated as you might expect, rather it takes the saffron as its focus and honeys it up a bit over the standard Montale “oud” accord. The effect is a slightly powdered, slightly gourmand take on the line’s usual Orientalist cliches, and it actually works. Furthermore, it’s not belligerently loud like many of their scents. As it settles, the rose does bloom a little more (not a good thing in my opinion as they usually smell cheap from this line), but all in all, it’s one of the better of the 50 or so ouds they’ve cranked out. A saffron gourmand with some spicy, rosy flourishes. No actual oud in sight, but that’s to be expected.
04th March, 2015
Red Aoud has an opening so obnoxious that you just want to slap its face. Really, it is quite an ugly cacophony of notes – red pepper, that fake chocolate/wheat note from Chocolate Greedy, the sour fizzing Montale oud, and bready cumin – all tumbled in together with no thought as to the outcome. But wait half an hour and all I can say is, Oh. My. God. The snowstorm of notes banks down to reveal a warm, rich gourmand oud that is deliciously reminiscent of halva, that Middle Eastern sweet made from pounded sesame paste and honey. The cumin and saffron notes contribute a bread/pasty feel and the sandalwood adds creaminess. But what really makes Red Aoud special is that red pepper note. It is pulpy, sweet and vegetal all at once, and smells exactly like pureed roast red peppers. Placed against a backdrop of mouthwatering creamy and sugary notes (the honey, the cocoa, and the pastry notes), the red pepper note sings out loud and clear. That, for me, is the secret of Red Aoud – it is half-vegetable, half-dessert. I think it succeeds for exactly the same reason Safran Troublant succeeds – they are both fragrances that balance an array of edible and inedible notes that are just disparate enough (but not clashing) to make you think of dessert but hesitate before putting it in your mouth.

When I first tested Red Aoud, I was disgusted. I thought it was an awful fragrance, stomach-turning in its richness and head-spinning in its cacophony of notes. Now I am obsessed with it. I am not claiming that it’s a great fragrance, but something in it work on me like no other, and I find myself wanting to wear it at least twice a week. I only have a drop left in my sample and I am rationing myself until I can get a bottle of it. I should mention that it is an extremely loud and bombastic fragrance, lasting for days on skin and hair, and weeks on clothes. I love its loudness and vulgarity. Red Aoud is all tits and ass, and wolf whistles from construction workers. And who doesn’t need a bit of spray-on sexual confidence sometimes, I ask you?
23rd February, 2015 (last edited: 06th January, 2017)

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