Red Aoud
    by Montale

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    Earthy, Spicy, Sweet. Who knew that these three adjectives could describe something so delectable! The initial blast of classic Montale Oud is quickly subdued by the soft smooth combination of Haitain Vetiver and saffron. Hours into the fragrance the red pepper begins to steal the show as the saffron and orris jump into the passenger seat. Excellent longevity and silage. Well blended and just a joy to wear. Thumbs Up.

    17 February, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    While they name it as Red Aoud, I must say the oud note is one of the weakest notes in this fragrance!
    If you're looking for oud go somewhere else!
    The opening is a sweet and strong saffron smell with some oud note. you can smell the oud but it's nothing against saffron note and also disappears after about 2 minutes and only thing you can smell is strong saffron note with tons of sweetness!
    Do you know what the mid of this fragrance smells like?!
    In my country there is a home made beverage which is very simple to made. add as many as sugar you can in the water (make it syrupy) and then add saffron powder in it! bingo, you have this fragrance!
    After a while rose note kick in and now you have rose and saffron notes hand to hand with that strong sweetness all the way through!
    Where is that pepper and vetiver and the other notes?! dude, go kid yourself!!
    In the base you can smell strong vanilla plus rose and saffron that are weaker but still strong enough to smell!
    Projection is like a beast, I only sprayed once and the scent filled the whole house. also longevity is insane!
    Believe me or not I can still smell it after 48 hours!
    Yeah, I'm a lazy guy that didn't take a shower for two days but it's quite annoying that I can smell this fragrance after 2 days on my skin!
    I think if you spray it on your shirt you should burn it or throw it away to get rid of the smell!
    All and All, completely feminine with projection and longevity strong as sun!

    16 February, 2014

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    Gourmand Oud

    The opening notes is where I am getting a reasonable oud note, but soon a fruity cherry-like aroma comes into the foreground. The drydown adds spices, pepper, vetiver and a decent sandalwood base. This. A rich, deep, creamy and intensive scent, very well blended, developing nicely on my skin and displaying good silage and projection. On my skin the longevity is an excellent eight hours. For collier days.

    Pros: Longevity

    16 October, 2013

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    This is my first sample out of the Montale house. I must say this is a beast.

    28 March, 2013

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    Along with White Aoud, Red Aoud is definetely one of the best Montale's releases. It smells heavenly and it's a masterpiece in my opinion. Oud is not loud/harsh and does not play the main role here. It's sweet and warm, and a true unisex. Sometimes it reminds me of Dior Homme Intense. Thumbs up for this masterpiece.

    04 January, 2013

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    I generally love Montale Paris scents... or hate them. Most I have to try several times before I know for sure. Red Aoud opens sweet and a bit spicy, only a trace of oud. While there is no vanilla or chocolate listed, there is a hint of them. Pepper and cinnamon hint also. It smells nice, just not for summer. This is strictly a cold weather fragrance.I wouldn't wear it often, but I would buy a small bottle for occasional use.

    05 August, 2012 (Last Edited: 28 August, 2012)

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