Beckham Signature for Him (2008)
    by Beckham

    Beckham Signature for Him Fragrance Notes

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    Marine scented with a slight melon and patchouli note. This is another one of those frags that are ok for the price ($17.00 at Marshalls). I tested with two sprays on the back of my hand and surprisingly the scent lasted for about 5 hours. The scent is not cloying and very safe. For the price, overall scent, projection and longevity you might wnat to check this one out.

    And this is coming from someone who doesn't care too much for a lot of celebrity scents.

    26 November, 2012

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    I guess this is ok, if you're looking for a signature scent for the Summer, or maybe even Spring. This is basically a citrus fragrance, with a mild tangerine note, a slight aquatic vibe from the melon, surrounded by citrus smelling floral notes. It's kind of a lighter green type scent.

    Quite transparent. As others have said, longevity and projection are a bit week. Longevity is spotty for me.. it goes away then comes back. Some may enjoy fragrance that do this, I personally do not, because it then messes with whatever fragrance I put on later. Projection is on the weak side. The fragrance itself is along the lines of Versace pH, and Adidas Moves, as it is a vibrant citrus type scent with an aquatic feel. Probably most like Unforgivable though, but with much less melon.

    17 November, 2012

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    Nice scent with weak longevity...

    I have purchased a number of the Beckham fragrances blind. All are great scents, to include Signature, but all are relative weak in longevity. As I continue to write reviews, the longevity element/measure has grown in importance to me and is the element I am most critical. The rationale is simple, why buy a cologne if there is no projection/sillage?

    Signature offers a fresh scent out of the gates with evergreen, floral, and powdery notes. It settles into a very pleasant fragrance with amber and outdoorsy (I think I just made up a word..!!) finishing notes. It is very easy on the nose. That is about all the good comments regarding Signature...

    Similar to other comments, the fragrance lasts about an hour. Yes, I get it - our body chemistry is different, but this fragrance does not last even on clothing. Following the hour after the initial application, it requires a follow-up dose.

    The bottle is awkwardly designed, making it a challenge to hold and spray in the same motion. The packaging is below average - I actually notice packaging of the bottle more now. You can tell when a manufacturer wants to sell "top shelf"...

    If you can pick this up for under $10, and just for the thrill of adding another bottle to your collection, pick it up...

    All things considered I will give Signature 3 stars out of five. Ensure you develop tomorrow's leaders...

    12 November, 2012

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    For a celebrity scent, this is really great. It's great in it's own right too. A fresh spicy marine scent with a really nice ozonic sillage. In fact - this has one of the freshest projections I have ever experienced. Very very nice indeed.

    13 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 11th March, 2013)

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    This scent is great, and at the price you cant really complain. Dont disregard this because its a celebrity scent - its pleasing, a compliment getter and women love it. Dont believe me? Try for yourself!

    18 July, 2012

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    26 December, 2010

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