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Cuir (2007)
by Lancôme


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerCalice Asancheyev-Becker
PerfumerPauline Zanoni
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group

About Cuir

A relaunched version of Revolte / Cuir, part of the Lancome Collection.

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Reviews of Cuir

Saffron with a nice styrax and leather backbone; it all comes off as a polite, soft, dense suede. It’s a little doughy. Low sillage, quickly become a skin scent, but it’s resinous, mixes well with personal chemistry and hangs around.

Cuir de Lancome reminds me of a new-smell suede jacket I bought decades ago from Bermans Leather, “the leather experts” and quintessential mall specialty store. I really liked that jacket. Every time I watch Pulp Fiction with Butch hopping those fences, trying to be invisible, creeping his way back to his pad to grab his watch, I think of that jacket. Memories and scent!

CdL is rather simple. It's not your typical russian leather like, say, Aramis or Bandit.

Montale Aoud Leather and Al Haramain Red Jafran oil (very strong) have a similar saffron. Chanel CdR les exclusif edt and CdL share a similar styrax leather base and feel, as well.

My bottle is from '07; I assume industry restrictions affecting styrax related material will hurt this one.
09th January, 2018
Most leather fragrances are more masculine. This one is a feminine leather. Not much leather, but more of a supporting note. It is mostly Ylang Ylang and saffron. An elegant fragrance with hints of vintage women's frags before they turned into generic sweet/florals.
15th September, 2017
Heaven bent for leather? Yes! Spicy, floral, light leather. Can’t say there’s a lot of those floating about. More like a soft suede glove dropped in an garden in India. There’s also a touch of sweetness in the base to boot. I like wearing this one especially in the heat in the summer. Leans a touch to the ladies side but confident men can easily pull this off.

Lancome’s best and one of my favorite leather-based fragrances.

31st January, 2017
My favorite leathers are Knize Ten and Chanel's Cuir de Russie. I did own a bottle of Cuir Ottomon and finished it without intending to replace it - that was a rough, strong leather that I enjoyed fully, but did not want to repeat the experience.

Now looking for a sophisticated and subtle leather, I was ready to shell out $250 for a bottle of the Chanel, when Lancome's fell into my lap. My nose finds Lancome's Cuir a good substitute for the Chanel and more pocketbook friendly at one third the cost of the the latter.

It is elegant, refined, and sensual, bringing to mind the scent of soft Italian leather jackets or Jaguar upholstery. Definitely, a huge success with me. Very highly recommended, especially for fans of the Chanel.
30th January, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
After a very brief opening blast with bergamot there is the very early development of the component that gives this product its name: leather. It is a soft new suede leather, although later on it takes on the characteristics of the leather sole of a now shoe, but without any oak bark element. It is a gentle and restrained leather, and whilst - especially at the beginning - some birch-related gasoline impressions à la Bulgari Black opening minutes shine through, they rapidly become gentrified and lose all of their garage-fume harshness.

After a transitional saffron has arrived, the drydown contains a floral turn, with a pleasant jasmine and a smooth patchouli combining with hints of violet, yet the leather remains ever present throughout. The base is styrax-filled with a fine congruent powderiness blending in very smoothly with the leather core.

Looking at this scent's development, this is much smoother, softer and less of the gasoline-fumes-cum-car-seats-in-the-garage style than, for instance, Knize Ten; memories of Chanel's Cuir de Russie come to mind. Again, not so much the fabulous and stunning original leather-infused version, but more the prettier, attenuated and florally softened reformulation. A soft and gentle leather this is.

The perfomance is very good with moderate sillage, very satisfactory projection and nearly ten hours of longevity on my skin. Great for autumn, a gentle take on leather that is eminently wearable at work. 3.75/5
24th November, 2015 (last edited: 09th December, 2015)
This is a soft leather fragrance that smells like top-quality suede. Warm, earthy orris root is more prominent to my nose than floral notes, and sustains Cuir de Lancome throughout its development and drydown.

Several years ago, this fragrance was widely available for around $30, but as of 2015 it is harder to find and costs in the neighborhood of $75. From the outset, it smells to me almost identical to the drydown of Knize Ten (both original and Golden Edition), and that is the only reason I haven't stockpiled Cuir de Lancome - I probably have enough Knize Ten to last a lifetime, so it's like having two great leathers in one.

On my skin, Cuir de Lancome very quickly becomes a skin scent with little sillage or projection. I can detect wafts of it many hours after application, but no one else can. It is powdery and gentle and I am not able to detect much change from one stage to the next in its development; nevertheless, this is a fragrance that really does smell like fine leather, and it deserves the accolades it continues to receive.

15th September, 2015

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