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Elixir (2008)
by Penhaligon's


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerOlivia Giacobetti
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group
Parent Company at launchFox Paine & Company > Cradle Holdings

About Elixir

Elixir is a masculine fragrance by Penhaligon's. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti

Reviews of Elixir

There is something truly captivating about this one. It smells cold, refreshing, spicy, flowery, woody and sharp. Very aromatic but also very polite. The rose here is beautiful, but what I like the best about this perfume is the eucalyptus-incense combo that is beyond everything else that I have ever smelt. This trio is just lovely.
As someone has stated before, it does have a stone Catholic church vibe.
Spices are not overpowering. I smell cinnamon, cardamom and mace.
The dry down is soapy and sweet (probably benzoin).
The perfume is actually very light on my skin (moderate longevity and moderate to soft sillage), and due to eucalyptus, it smells very refreshing.
I find it relaxing and appropriate to wear in all four seasons.
15th February, 2017
A very beautiful and unusual woody oriental by Olivia Giacobetti for Penhaligon's.

Despite the lift of the eucalyptus in the opening this is overall a very soft fragrance. Elixir captures me from the top notes. Straight away there is the most wonderful melding of eucalyptus with the rose coming through from the heart, and enhanced by other spices such as cardamom and mace. But the real beauty of this fragrance lies in the heart. For me it wears as a really lovely accord of sandalwood and rosewood, with an aromatic rose and a little cinnamon drifting like perfumed smoke over and through this rich woody accord. The incense, tonka, vanilla and benzoin are not particularly apparent to me but they may serve to soften and round out the base even further.

Elixir smells very rich but it wears more lightly than you may expect, and it doesn't last that well on skin, although it will linger on fabric for a very long time.

Elixir is exotic, sensual, cosy, comforting. There is nothing quite like it. But, if you like Egoiste, I challenge you to try Elixir, you never know what you might find.
13th April, 2016
One of the best and more underrated perfumes from Penhaligon's. Eucalyptus (whitegreenish) and Incense (darkbrownish) perfectly blended. Magic. I'm addicted.

I haven't tried anything like this in a long time, and it's hard to compare with any other perfumes. Perfect for a cold morning, and one of those perfumes that you enjoy on your own.

I own a bottle and I've also had a shower gel. Waiting for the body oil.
09th March, 2016 (last edited: 27th March, 2016)
The citrus at the top is overpowered by the wood. The rose and floral elements are overpowered by cinnamon leaves, rosewood, and vanilla. The leaves themselves are much better represented by Yatagan. It seems like it should be complex by the notes but on my skin, alas. There's a more incense towards the dry down but nothing to write home about.
23rd November, 2014 (last edited: 22nd November, 2014)
Genre: Woody Oriental

Huh? As much as I admire Olivia Giacobetti’s work, I think the mistress of the art has fallen on her face with this one. The Luckyscent web site says “Opulent, complex and mysterious, the new Penhaligon’s creation, created by renowned nose Olivia Giacobetti, is one of the most gorgeous oriental perfumes we have encountered in a long time.” I say it’s a rather thin, pale, woody rose and incense composition that takes aim at Bertrand Duchaufour’s Paestum Rose and misses by a mile. Marketing copy that promises an oriental from Giacobetti had me hoping for another Tea For Two or Idole, but it’s not here.
13th June, 2014
Subtle sensuality

What a lovely line-up of exotic Eastern notes. A beautiful fragrance; warm, spicy, woody incense, sheer and subtle. My first few wearings left me feeling slightly disappointed, I hadn't read many reviews before I sampled, and I thought the fragrance was too soft and light. But with each wearing, I grew more impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the diaphanous nature of the fragrance. I bought a full bottle. Just beautiful.

Sillage is on the low side, longevity over 9 hours.

Pros: Warm, spicy
Cons: Low sillage"

04th October, 2013

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