Elixir (2008)
    by Penhaligon's

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    Subtle sensuality

    What a lovely line-up of exotic Eastern notes. A beautiful fragrance; warm, spicy, woody incense, sheer and subtle. My first few wearings left me feeling slightly disappointed, I hadn't read many reviews before I sampled, and I thought the fragrance was too soft and light. But with each wearing, I grew more impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the diaphanous nature of the fragrance. I bought a full bottle. Just beautiful.

    Sillage is on the low side, longevity over 9 hours.

    Pros: Warm, spicy
    Cons: Low sillage"

    04 October, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Elixir is a spicey mentholated brew of woods, spices, and aromatic elements. I am sure that Olivia Giacobetti intended the mix to be deep and healing and the eucalyptus gives it a penetrating quality that I really enjoy. If you had a head cold or were starting to feel under the weather this mix would smell good inhaled in a steam bath. There is a Marakech type of spice blend mixed into incensed woods plus a little sweetness. I like almost everything about the fragrance except for the pace of the fragrance development. When first applied it is almost searing in hotness, then it is great smelling for a moment and then it withers down to a hint of itself. Giacobetti is well known for her transparent style of perfumery, but unfortunately transparency with Elixir's bold ingredients is a clash of intentions transparency becomes impotency. I love the scent but don't like the unevenness of scent silage and distribution. Rate Elixir as 2.5 stars out of 5.

    01st November, 2012

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    I own the female version of Elixer, which is in a different colored bottle than the one shown. A lovely, spicy scent which wears on all day long.

    16 September, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Tried it in London when I was in search for something strong and spicy with a hint of (beloved) incense, got myself a travalo to test it. Few months later I was very happy to receive it as Xmas gift from my fiancé. Elixir gives its best during winter season, warming up the senses. On me it is quite long lasting, maybe because my scarves and coats still carry the scent within the fibers... I know it's a masculine frag but I would suggest it to any woman looking for a spicy oriental envelopping experience. I'd say it's a deeply relaxing fragrance inviting to meditation and calmness.

    04 September, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    I love hot, spicy fragrances, particularly those along the lines of Givenchy's Xeryus Rouge with its fiery chilli notes and its raw sexuality.

    Elixir opens a little similar to Xeryus Rouge with a fiery burst of spices, however it soon settles, like a fire that's beginning to burn out.

    It had the potential to be a smoking hot fragrance, yet it has left me slightly underwhelmed, which is a massive shame. It's too light and polite on the skin for my tastes.

    During the opening notes, I can smell the cinnamon, cardamom and what appears to be hot peppers. The scent rapidly cools down into a pleasant, subtly spiced floral with a slightly soapy quality.

    The fragrance chops and changes, one minute it's spicy the next it's soft and flowery. The drydown shows some signs of the scent heating up again, but it never seems to reach boiling point. Rich woods and resins tend to dominate in the drydown, with the incense and vanilla being barely detectable to my nose.

    I guess I'm still on the hunt for something similar to Xeryus Rouge for women. For those not expecting a hot fragrance for passionate wear, Elixir would most likely pass as an interesting, soft and wearable spicy oriental, yet for me this just couldn't make the mark.

    14 April, 2012

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    This is a somewhat disappointing woody oriental. Starts out ok with a hint of some florals and spices with some deep woods in there. It then fades rather rapidly and you are left with a prominent rosewood note throughout. Longevity is rather poor and overall this one just doesn’t seem well executed.

    09 February, 2012

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