Vetiver Dance (2008)
    by Tauer

    • Launched: 2008
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Vetiver Dance Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    I like this scent, reminds me of Guerlain Vetiver. Clean smell, but do I just want to smell clean? Perhaps once in a while.

    24 October, 2013

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    Fresh and light

    My first sampling, but it's clear to me that this is another Tauer that must be sampled several times to come to an understanding of what it's about.

    My first impression: two thumbs up. I love the crisp, fresh opening, warmed up by the peppery note. But the heart notes (rose, vetiver, and LOV) turned this fragrance in a completely different direction. Suddenly I'm in a whole different realm--what stands out is the exquisite LOV accords, not the vetiver. At this time, I feel it definately leans toward the feminine, not masculine. As the basenotes begin to play out, the fragrance moves back into unisex territory. Complicated fragrances require some time to master.....

    Hmmm. I'll report back later. Another Tauer shape-shifter.

    A second wearing has convinced me that the vetiver is lightly used; my skin seems to amplify the florals. Sampling is highly recommmended. It's a beautiful composition and a great choice for daytime; very fresh and light. If you like your vetiver straight-up and strong, you won't care for this one. But if you love the floral notes listed in the heart, lightly enrobed in a veil of vetiver, wood, and fresh labdanum, you'll adore this. Longevity is over 10 hours, sillage very good.

    Pros: Crisp and soft in different stages, very changable on my skin.
    Cons: Sample first, somewhat unpredictable"

    26 September, 2013

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    Switzerland Switzerland

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    I am not a huge vetiver lover, however I have to give credit to Tauer for creating one vetiver fragrance that I find quite interesting. Its salty first, then spicy and almost leathery character sets it apart from the vast majority of other cooler, more herbal vetiver based scents available on most shelves today. Only the very final stage of its drydown reminds me of a multitude of contemporary masculine mainstream colognes, but the warmth and complexity evoked by most of this creation's steps at least save this vetiver from anonymity.

    03 April, 2013

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    As most reviewers have mentioned, this is NOT a pure vetiver scent. It's a warmed-up complex Tauer riff on vetiver. Herbs and spices on top, animalic notes and tonka in the base. The closest reference I have in concept (not smell) is Antaeus (herbs + woods + castoreum).

    There are elements of Tauer's signature sweet resinous base, in this case, wtih the ambergris amplified, giving the drydown a smilar effect (not smell) as Antaeus' use of castoreum. Like Antaeus, it will get animalic/urinous/sweaty. And there is a LOT of ambergris.

    This is the highlight of Vetiver Dance -- I personally love this type of fragrance that can combine with body chemistry to straddle the clean/dirty line. I find that at the end of the day, these scents often smell better to me than scents that "go off" -- because they have lost their top notes, and their bases smell stale if not refreshed. At day's end, Vetiver Dance feels "lived-in", not "worn-out" -- it just gets better! For me the BLEND is what this scent is all about -- far into the drydown, I can still catch the vetiver, but it melts with resins, sweat, a salty note (like in Duc de Vervins), something anise-y (like Rive Gauche)...

    Vetiver Dance won't appeal to vetiver purists, or fans of current "leaner", "transparent" Duchaufour/Ellena/Giacobetti-style scents (some of which I admire, but don't wear). It's more like a Roudnitska, Flechier. or most notably, a Bernard Chant Aramis/Estee Lauder creation. (Devin is one of my favorites). I think Vetiver Dance is very much inspired by an older aesthetic -- heavily blended, animalic, abstract, man-made, NON-naturalistic, very old-school French. It's like Perfume that announces itself with a capital P, not trying to reference anything else. If you're looking for a "picture" of vetiver, this is not for you. It will be delightful if the idea of "dancing" with vetiver appeals to you -- pursuing it, playing hide-and-seek with it, and ultimately melding with it.

    13 June, 2012

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    England England

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    Not for the faint hearted, as other reviewers have said a rich, sharp top note leads into the green heart of earthy vetiver. This perfume is very, very strong but ultimately incredibly satisfying, very much worth the effort.

    10th May, 2012

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    Germany Germany

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    For me. it's ionone dance - no vetiver, just cucumber-violet and a generic women's cosmetics smell. I see it on mature women in elegant, expensive clothes. Nice for what it is, but not vetiver and not really mine either.

    21st January, 2012

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