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Absolutely Irresistible (2008)
by Givenchy


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Year of Launch2008
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Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Absolutely Irresistible

Absolutely Irresistible is a feminine perfume by Givenchy. The scent was launched in 2008

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A warm and sweet floral scents that can easily makes you feel feminine,beyond elegance, sophisticated and powerfulIt smells more floral,pleasant and elegant than the original even in my opinion it is better of ANGE OU DEMON.certainly seduction is evidence this posit!you can not go wrong with this one when you wearning it at a special party.Warm,Sweet,Enchanting, Seductive,Floral,Womanly and Absolutely Hot.

It is great especially in the top notes however it has a familiar scent to my nose!A little strong and sweet in the begining.charming and cute after a few minutes and warm and romantic in the end.the drydown is a lush amber dream.the floral qualities and depth of this perfume are beautiful,delicate and somehow strong and unified.totally i get amber and a faint spiciness surrounding the jasmine.

Absolutely Irresistible is a perfect example of what an oriental floral should be.Generally you can feel cozy and comfortable when wearning it.suitable for cold weather.perfect invitation of irresistible passionate Saturday evening when you are looking for a perfect accessory for your little black dress.


Longevity?Above average on my skin.

24th May, 2015 (last edited: 12th January, 2016)
Absolutely Irresistible is deliciously good.

This fragrance opens with a scent that can only be described as a big, zesty, juicy, realistic mandarin orange. I love, (I can't say that word enough), how Givenchy have created a fruity scent that is real and not synthetic. I am often quite disappointed with fruity scents produced these days, hence the reason why I don't own many.

One thing I've noticed with a lot of Givenchy fragrances is that they all dry down to a powdery-like, yet unique scent. The patchouli and the paprika notes, when added to the powdery florals in Absolutely Irresistible, create a spicy warmth that exudes sex appeal and mystery.

As one of my friends would put it, "this fragrance makes you want to eat the parts of your body where you've sprayed it". Although it's not a gourmand, it could very well be one.

I have to say however, that once Absolutely Irresistible settles on the skin it starts to smell very much like Deep Red by Hugo Boss. It'd actually be hard to tell them apart, especially since both have excellent sillage and superb lasting strength.

Overall, I find this fragrance to be very versatile. It can easily be sultry and dirty while still maintaining an element of class and femininity. Definitely a must-try.

04th June, 2011
Glamor in a bottle with fire, with one spray Absolutely Irresistible turns a drab
gray winter's morning into a fiery spicy
and sexy soiree that is out of the ordinary i truly admire this scent from
top to bottom it's just beautiful.

Opens with sharp oranges that awaking your senses then lush red ripe berries
adds to the sex and sin to this fragrance comes steeping though like a
hot wind with the spicy top drydown of
Pimento, As we enter the middle it becomes musky Heliotrope with it's milky
almond scent opens the middle Jasmine
is very prominent dominates the center
not interrupting the spiciness of this.
Amber dries beautifully without being
cloying or oily and musk i do detect
Musk that is missing in the scent cards
Ceder has always been hard for me to
pick up and this is no exception Patchouli like in 90% of scents is overshadowed by the more flamboyant
players but in a quiet way it's make it's presence known in it's earthy
graceness and ends with the Vanilla.
12th December, 2010
As Sweet as Lou Lou by cacharel, but is not more irresistible like its predecessor, smells good anyway and is longlasting.

I like the red berries and paprika combination, but nothing can replace the rose notes
20th May, 2010
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United States
My experience with this perfume is very limited, but I would just like to share my initial impression of this perfume. I don't know about the sickly sweet smell of it that someone else mentioned ... in fact, when I smelled this my thoughts were that it had a muskier, spicier undertone, which I think is from the red pepper in the top note. It reminded me of a smell a woman would wear that would blend well with the scent of tabacco. (Is that a strange thing to think?)

I sprayed some on the collar of my jacket, and a day later, I can still smell it. Obviously, it is a very strong fragrance. Towards the end of it's life, it smells less floral. I can detect the amber and patchouli easily. However, I always attributed patchouli with a powdery smell, and there is very little powder to the dry notes.

While I liked this scent, I do agree with the people that say this is definitely NOT a workplace fragrance. It is strong and almost blocks out a person's ability to smell anything else when sprayed on the collar (as I did). However, I kept sniffing my jacket all day long today, and I have to say that after it had faded appropriately, it was a very enjoyable smell.
12th April, 2009
I fell in love with this fragrance after getting a delux sample from Sephora. I can definitely get rose, patchouli and red berry notes. I think the mix of berry and rose makes this scent much more appealing to those of us that want to avoid "old lady" rose pefumes. Lasting power is pretty good at 8+ hours.
08th December, 2008 (last edited: 23rd July, 2009)

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