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Givenchy Play (2008)
by Givenchy

Givenchy Play information

Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerEmilie Coppermann
PerfumerLucas Sieuzac

About Givenchy Play

Givenchy Play is a masculine fragrance by Givenchy. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Lucas Sieuzac and Emilie Coppermann

Reviews of Givenchy Play

Bitter orange and grapefruit is beginning to be in more and more designer fragrances nowadays, well at least the ones I like. My only complaint with this fragrance is the projection but it does garner compliments.
02nd August, 2014
This is a useful scent. Great for graduations, a friend's wedding or a job interview. The "playful" mp3 bottle design doesn't match the fairly classy juice but I appreciate an attempt at a different design. The marketing didn't match the juice either. Compared to, for example CK Eternity, it's not as serious or mature but good for similar situations. I wouldn't wear this everyday or a night out but I will definitely buy this.
06th December, 2013
All Season Signature

This is confidence in a bottle. Sweet, woody, and spicy all in one neat, long lasting package. More complex than your average frag. Should be worn by young men in there 20's and 30's. Very "Playful" yet mature at the same time. Don't be afraid to try new things. GET IT.

Pros: Long Lasting, Nice Bottle, Versatile, Confident
Cons: If you don't own it"

22nd October, 2013
My wife loves

There is a sensual warmth to this fragrance that is appealing. I like it, but my wife loves it; it is her favorite on me of the many dozens I have tried. The Arymis word may be the reason for it; it does have a quality or tone to the wood that I have not smelt before.

I know that his does not get a good deal of love here, and is viewed a overly synthetic and generic, but I think its a pleasing smell with a hint of sensuality. Light enough for summer, but with enough warm for winter; this is a good all around sent for me. It does lack depth and complexity; it is not a challenging sent. Still, it is one of the view that my wife and I both like (we have very different fragrance tastes), so it remains a constant in my closet and my go to "date night" fragrance.

Update.....I have rated this a 4, which frankly, is a reach. As much as my wife loves the small, I enjoy it, but there is just zero projection. I need to spay it until the cows come, which frankly makes it not a good value.

Pros: Warmth, good longevity
Cons: lacks complexity

06th July, 2013
Grapefruit, pepper, vetiver...what fragrance is it??? It could be any one of 20+ generic fragrances. I don't get how a nose could combine the same tired notes over and over, and put a different name to it. It smells good...granted. but it smells like every other citrus dept. store frag.
05th May, 2013

Nothing particularly wrong with this juice which is decently appointed but averagely synthetic and forgettable. To me this is basically a spicy/citric grapefruit prominent olfactory long transition towards a vanilla/patchouli base with a (yet partially) tart and dusty fruity aftertaste. Masculine. I detect the bitter orange/ grapefruit combo flanked by the peppery dustiness. Frankly i do not detect any trace of tobacco (in the sense of toasted smokiness) while i smell in the dry down a decently elegant floral/fruity dustiness with a touch of ambergris over a smooth vanilla/patchouli. I felt initially the tentation to assess it negatively but the sharper dry down with its touch of less metallic (than at the beginning) elegance and the emerging woodsiness from the vetiver prompted me towards the neutral rating.
22nd February, 2013

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