Bogart Citytower (2008)
    by Jacques Bogart

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    Bogart Citytower Fragrance Notes

    Bogart Citytower information

    Bogart Citytower is a men's fragrance by Jacques Bogart. The scent was launched in 2008

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    Darvant's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    Bogart Citytower is a well appointed fresh oriental, candidly powdery but never "balmy affected", delicately spicy, sharp, minimally peppery incensey and finally woody in a talky chypre way. Spices and incense are in substance soft and mild, just for a while minimally resinous. The fresh cardamom is a key notes noticeable till the end. The mildness level is keen, really balanced, never beyond the acceptation limits. The final talkiness is pure soft windy delicacy and the synthetic vibe is quite under control. I see points in common with several far more expensive juices around, for instance from Tiziana Terenzi (partially with Ecstasy), Farmacia SS Annunziata (Takis for instance) or Piguet (Casbah, which is far more spicy, incensey, resinous and stormy). Citytower is anyway more than decent despite a cheap price and the "ordinary" implemented materials. Frankly I don't feel the floral accents while a initial wet hesperidic approach is undeniable. The dry down is really pleasant since you detect a really realistic leathery touch swirling over musks, powdery woods (a touch of synthetic "uncreamy" oud) and talky amber. A likeable fragrance finally even fresh and virile till the end.

    13th September, 2014

    Tony T's avatar

    United States United States

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    The drydown is a bit powdery and subtle..
    All of the basenotes remain close to the skin while the top notes remain constant. The oud/musk basenotes are very subtle as mentioned but sillage is ok.. Not worthy but at least the price is in the same line as other Bogart offerings..

    03rd February, 2014

    PerfumeCollector's avatar

    United States United States

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    A very pleasant, long lasting scent, that is very close to the skin.
    Incense is the dominant note with some tobacco in the foreground. Oud is well back in the background and it is barely perceptible, but it does make a difference, without it it would be a completely different scent.
    The drydown is musky, spicy and sweet, it has to have either Tonka Bean or Vanilla, although they are not mentioned in the pyramid, but you can not deny their presence, it is too sweet to attribute the sweetness just on musk.
    It is completely different to any other Bogart I have tried, although I can see a little similarity with Bogart pour Homme.
    I do like it and I think it easily deserves a thumbs up

    21st April, 2013

    sharifhossain's avatar

    Bangladesh Bangladesh

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    I bought Bogart City Tower because I used Bogartís another product One Man Show. One Man Show is just fine but itís very common in our country. So I decided to blind buy this City Tower. Unfortunately City Tower disappointed me. I bought this at the double price of One Man Show. All I could smell was boozy and nutty. I suspect the bottle was not genuine. Firstly, the packet was not intact. Secondly, the bottle was cheaply printed. Finally, the popular Almas Super Shop, from where I bought this bottle, is not a dealer of Bogartís Colognes. One Man Show is way way better than the City Tower.

    13th February, 2013

    RobbieX's avatar

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    Very woody and nutty. A unique scent with a lot of character. Longevity moderate and so is sillage. Just about a thumbs up for me.

    28th October, 2012 (Last Edited: 03rd April, 2013)

    Kain's avatar

    Iran Iran

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    This fragrance start with huge blast and smoky incense, sweet musk and nutmeg. strong and sweet but at the same time so smoky and dark.
    After about 10 minutes, incense become stronger mixed with some oud in the background, giving this fragrance even more smoky vibe!
    In the base, incense and oud are weak in the background with leather and musk hand to hand and some floral notes.
    A good fragrance for fall and winter with great projection and longevity.

    05th February, 2012 (Last Edited: 07th May, 2012)

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