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Zafferano (2008)
by Odori

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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanySireta > Bois 1920

About Zafferano

Zafferano is a masculine fragrance by Odori. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of Zafferano

It ain't a secret that rose and saffron do great together and Odori's Zafferano is basically all about this combo. A clean and vivid rose paired to a very realistic saffron note with a woody / ambery oriental base. For anyone into eastern perfumery, definitely not novel but still somewhat nice.

Personally, I find it leaning a bit too much towards the soapy side of the spectrum (I prefer darker takes on the main theme), but if you're fine with that, this is a pretty honest fragrance.
23rd December, 2014
Ignore the negative reviews. This is a sumptuous Saffron floral, but a dusty and dark one. The saffron gives it a masculine edge and the florals lighten it up. It smells of wealth and beauty. Its a great comfort fragrance, while sillage and longevity are average, as a scent it is stunning. I think it is over priced, and waited a long time till I found a deal on this. Overall though, its a masterpiece and the bottle is beautiful as well. Another thing to note, this is not an Oud fragrance, and I see no similarity to Black Aoud or any Montales.
12th June, 2012
Opens with a very feminine burst of bitter flowers, none of which I can identify. Within minutes it completely changes and becomes very similar to what Black Aoud smells after an hour, though fresher and less rich. And there it remains.

As Sir Slarty says it smells “Like a watered down Black Aoud”, and yet it’s the same price. If I had never encountered it’s Montale doppleganger Odori would get a thumbs up, but that isn’t the case.
12th September, 2009 (last edited: 05th October, 2009)
A bit too floral. I didn't think I was smelling roses until I read the notes. Smells like a weak oud. Like a watered down Black Aoud. Light woody floral I'd say with a hint of patchouli. Not appealing to my nose.
16th September, 2008
Italian saffron, raspberry flowers, wild rose petals, Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley, rosewood, golden oriental amber… (and oud?)
Zafferano was quite a surprise. I was expecting a dusky-woody scent, from the combination of saffron and woods. What I got was an oud-like blast of considerable proportions! Oud is not listed as an element, and some have speculated that the saffron has been done in an “iodized” style. Perhaps. Or perhaps oud is a mystery element. Whatever the explanation – be ready for the quirky, tangy-pungent, bug-spray qualities of oud. The opening is spicy and earthy, with a bit of sweet hay (from the saffron). But quickly there are perky, rubbery notes hovering in the background. These almost seem like a green fern-moss note. As far as florals go, jasmine seems to dominate, rather than rose. The cedar is done in a bright, medicinal style (rather than woody). This is a very bright, almost astringent scent. At times it reminds me of Arlington by Harris. A lean sort of oriental scent – if that classification is appropriate. The amber is very light, like a tangy yet restrained patchouli. The drydown is acidic and unusual. Bottom line: this is such a different sort of scent that each person should try it and see how it works on his/her own skin. On me, something like oud was the major element.
11th August, 2008
Line my coffin in this scent, its roses and saffron are heavenly, and maybe that's not where i was slated to go. An offering to the gods of perfume
26th July, 2008

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