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Wolfgang Joop! (2008)
by Joop!


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Wolfgang Joop!

Wolfgang Joop! is a masculine fragrance by Joop!. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of Wolfgang Joop!

No offense for the Germans, but so many German fragrances of the last 20-30 years share something really similar in my opinion. A sort of penchant for loud notes, spicy sweetness, and an overall feel of cheapness. Wolfgang by Joop is partially no exception, although it smells better than other fragrances I have in mind thinking of German “cheap-os” (some Boss and recent Baldessarini, or stuff by Aigner, Lagerfeld, and Joop themselves). Somehow slightly similar to Dunhill Desire Red at the beginning, but with a couple of different notes, notably a sweet Oriental powdery-nutty-spicy accord that seems comprising cinnamon, tonka, also something powdery and slightly honeyed (it may just be cinnamon playing tricks, though). Imagine this blended with lavender, a “laundry” musk note and some conventional balsamic-woody structure topped with citrus and orange – more orange than citrus. So in short at its early stages Wolfgang is basically a sort of Oriental spicy scent on the powdery-balsamic side, topped with a fun sweet-citrus note smelling more like orange candies than orange fruits. The evolution is unexpectedly really nice, bringing Wolfgang to a spicy cinnamon-vetiver drydown (similar to the cloves-infused vetiver note in Loewe7) which is really enjoyable – sharp, simple, refined, almost minimalistic, still sweet but silky and mannered. Not bad overall, besides Desire Red (slight similarity and only initial, though) it also reminds me of some aspects of Jil Sander Background, specifically the medicinal-balsamic side which I find almost identical here, just less loud. Tacky sweet-Oriental opening, nice spicy-woody drydown; not bad overall, but nothing particularly recommended either for me.

15th June, 2015
I am impressed and surprised; this one is very overlooked and underrated.
Far more mature than anything else Joop has released to date.
In my opinion the BEST Joop!
It starts out with a big blast of what I think is strawberry; this lasts for maybe 30 minutes strong, followed by a gradual tapering off into the heart and base notes, which are linear and indistiguishable from one another (assuming a "heart note" actually exists).
From here, it is warm, rounded wood and spices.
Lush and masculine.
It reminds me of Mont Blanc Presence, except better, insomuch as it is richly rounded, as opposed to the jarring and chaotic clashing of Presence.
Definitely recommended.
21st July, 2011
In my opinion a classic joop ...
pleasently sweet as only a joop can be but not too heavy,
very warm, oriental and slightly fruity.
Woody and soapy in the dry down, with great longevity

Why neutral then?
Well it's nice and pleasent but nothing spectacular you'd need to smell more than twice !
25th April, 2009
Had a chance to test it recently. For me its quite resembled to Joop! Jump (2005). Even Joop! Jump is more seductive, well balanced and bears character of its own. While WolfGang is more towards maturity and had variations of Woods & Spices but can't be said "Jump out of your suit"!!
12th March, 2009
i liked this very much even if it doesnt change much over time ... a pleasant smell that i enjoy wearing.... i dont like the bottle anyway
01st March, 2009
Smells like the drydown of Joop Jump. This one doesn't change much over time it is just pleasently sweet, ok for business but nothing to really write home about. With Joop Jump and Joop Go being two fragrances that are quite alike but fruitier and fresher in the top notes, I would not see why one would choose this one instead. OK but nothing special.
12th September, 2008

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