Covet Pure Bloom Sarah Jessica Parker (2008)
    by Sarah Jessica Parker

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    This smells almost good enough to eat!
    Generally I don't like fruity florals but this one is a perfect balance, I think maybe the coconut just tones down the fruit, stopping it being too sharp in the opening.
    The floral is delightful, retaining the coconut to keep it sweet , and the base is perfect.
    I'm a huge fan of this fragrance!

    21st March, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I wish that I could say that my enthusiasm for COVET extended to COVET PURE BLOOM, but, alas, I cannot. I still love the bottle, but this combination of essentially all of the notes omitted from COVET--with purple fruits and "abstract florals" dominating the show--is neither intriguing nor complex. Synthetic, yes indeed, and not in an appealing avant-garde way. This is the sort of perfume that gives "abstract florals" a very bad name.

    I tried a sample of COVET PURE BLOOM last winter and was not at all appalled by it, so I decided to acquire a bottle, hoping to discover that this composition was "challenging" like its predecessor. Instead, I find that PURE BLOOM is difficult to wear but not challenging at all. It may be that this is a strictly cold weather composition, so I'll try again once the temperature has plummeted.

    If I decide in the end that COVET PURE BLOOM is not for me even in the depths of winter--when forbidding purple liquids are far less volatile--I'll keep my bottle nonetheless so that I have a pair of water faucet handles: one purple, the other peridot. They look beautiful lined up next to one another. COVET is hot; COVET PURE BLOOM is cold.

    19 July, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    I think this is my favourite out of the Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance collection. The scent itself surprised me. I was expecting something really fruity and similiar to the original Covet. Pure Bloom is much lighter, sweeter and flowery.

    I really love the coconut scent in this fragrance. It gives that aura of an exotic celebration which makes this perfume better suited to the warmer months. The plum note also keeps this fragrance from becoming too citrusy and blends well with the tuberose and jasmine.

    I find the bottle very appealing. It is cute yet feminine and pretty. The purple colouring suits this perfume well.

    Unfortunately, Pure Bloom does not have good lasting power. However, because this fragrance is so light and fresh, reapplying during the day would not be of any problem.

    26 April, 2011

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    I really like SJP Lovely & SJP Covet, so I had to give Pure Bloom a try. After a few samples, here's my verdict: YUCK!

    26 March, 2011

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    Scent is ok but unique enough for me to make it my own...

    17 July, 2010

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    Ugh. Pure Bloom? How about Pure Blah! I bought this because the Lovely line is so talked about, and figured this must be just as good. Sadly, it smells cheap. At first blast, it is some sort of floral smell mixed with grapes. Then, it dries down to a chemical tuberose smell. I tried to like this, I really did. I wore it and even asked co-workers to smell my wrist. Most said it was a faint smell. Not what I was looking for. The bottle is cute, but there is nothing special about this fragrance that makes me want to feel sexy or even fresh. Just plain boring and sort of gross.

    02 July, 2009

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