Love and Luck for Women (2008)
    by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

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    Australia Australia

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    I don't think this should be categorised as a floral fruity gourmand. It's more of a fruity floral in my opinion.

    Unfortunately I just can't seem to warm to this scent, it's a little too synthetic for my liking. It smells a little like laundry detergent mixed with blackcurrant juice.

    I kind of wish that this fragrance would smell like the notes listed, I was so hoping to smell a peppery floral with rich, fruity undertones. Instead Love & Luck is a tropical, sunscreen-ish and slightly soapy mess.

    Another disappointment was the absence of the pink pepper and patchouli notes. Either they weren't added or they were made so subtle that they could hardly be detected. These notes, if stronger, would have given this scent more character and boldness.

    The staying power isn't very good which only adds to my disappointment. I much preferred the first Ed Hardy fragrance

    11th June, 2011

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Love and Luck (Ed Hardy)

    Nice opening notes, I can definitely smell some fruits here, discreet scent Spring / Summer, Casual, not exotic, young public definitely, reasonable silage and projection, Not the Best, nevertheless adequate.

    16 February, 2011

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    Tried this today at Macy's. The initial impression was musk and melon, but when it settled down, I was left with Freesia. It's a nice floral scent, without being suffocating, and I would be inclined to wear it in the spring and summer months.

    30th September, 2009

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    United States United States

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    The pink peppercorn actually really stood out at first spray for me. Along with the Bergamont. That mellows pretty quick and I get the fruity nature of this fragrance. Sweet and fruity, somewhat balanced by the spicier notes, but still too sweet-fruity for me. It does smell slightly edible. It would work on someone younger for certain, and does seem to be marketing to that segment. Why the SA handed me these samples I'm not sure... (at almost 38 years old, I hardly look young enough to pull this off.) It's fairly pleasant overall, but too sweet and fruity for my tastes. For some reason, the pink peppercorn really continues to stand out on me, even through the drydown, though I do sense the patchouli and"sandalwood" as well. I suppose I like it and will give it a thumbs up, even though I personally would not wear it...

    21st March, 2009

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    I like this. Very similar to D&G Light Blue's fruity florals. Black currant is a nice note here.

    31st January, 2009

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    I tried it at the store but didn't buy, it was a bit too fruity for me, but not unpleasant if you like that.
    The bottle is gorgeous and unique

    06 January, 2009

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