McGraw (2008)
    by Tim McGraw

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    The scent to me is great for the price. I can smell the boozy notes, and nice woody note to. I like it but it doesn't project well after and hour and longevity is spotty, you can get 6 hours one day then under 4 the next. It's a great at home scent...that's it.

    18 March, 2012

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    As generic as this stuff is I like it. It isn't like the typical Cool Water fare. Honestly I liked it from the moment I first smelled it, only because it didn't try to be the usual stuff, but somewhat different.

    Up front to me this smells doughy. After that a bit of spice (nutmeg?), some lavender ends up slightly sweet and woody. I agree with The Cologneist on this, I think there is vanilla in here regardless of what is listed, it is probably to sweeten it up and prevent it from coming off as too dry and woody. Longevity is average, but I don't expect much from drugstore stuff. Sounthern Blend has a better drydown but has less projection and for me is a skin scent almost 10 minutes after I put it on and even on a hot day I don't get anything out of it. This will at least project if its getting hot. A tradeoff of sorts.

    This is a good $10 buy though. Should be plenty of it floating around after the holidays in reduced gift sets if you're not willing to even spend that much.

    26 October, 2011

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    Not bad at all, though I'm assuming you will get a bottle for around $5-$10 at a discount store. It's got a nice vanillic/pachouli/woody base. There is a somewhat musky lavender and mild spice before you get to the base, and that persists as well. It's not "synthetic" enough to be irritating, though the musky lavender may be too much for a lot of people. I need to be in the mood for it, and don't think of this as an "office scent." However, if you think of the base of Roadster and the middle notes of L'Instant Pour Homme EdT, then you will get an idea of McGraw. L'Instant is more gourmand/anisic whereas Roadster is herbal/minty, while McGraw is musky lavender/spice, so it's sort of like what you want on the side of your steak to me: baked potato, French fries, or onion rings? Granted, the French fries might be better than the onion rings, but there are times when you prefer onion rings. Longevity and projection ("sillage") are at least good, especially the longevity.

    05 October, 2011

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    The advertising says: "McGraw is a spicy woody fragrance with notes of bergamot, nutmeg, lavender, moss, amber, patchouli, sandalwood and aged whisky."

    I sampled this at Kohl's where I sometimes stop by the fragrance booth to check out the more commercialized brands. On the blotter I got a fleeting hit of a more mature man's fragrance, almost like a discreet Azzaro pour Homme, rather than the typical cheap sporty stuff I usually find there. After spraying it on however, it quickly morphed into all of Cool Water's synthetics with nothing on top but some old banana peel and pepper. Maybe that's supposed to be the whiskey mentioned in the advert. It diminished quickly to a faint musty iris found at the bottom of an aunt's old leather handbag.

    Just way too full of irritating synthetics for me. Maybe as soon as something gets market penetration, they reformulate to reduce any costly components. That is the only way I can understand the diversity of opinions here.

    03 April, 2011

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    No whiskey here, just a pack of Milk Duds with a slight cucumber smell to it.

    Surprisingly, McGraw lasts and projects pretty decently.

    Actually, it's not that bad, but not that good either.


    24 March, 2011

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    Most celebrity scents are really vapid commercial attempts to cash in and this may be true. Anyone who IS anyone has released a scent of some sort, many purporting to be "unique" and refined. Most are rather commonplace and lack the "edge" promised in the advertising.

    Still, one can find a celebuscent that is interesting and above the ordinary. In the morass of men's popular aquatics, McGraw is a nice change. The bottle has a faux- leather textured top, and the guitar pick them of the box echoes on the bottle bottom.

    It is a woody scent. I detect creamy woods, citrus and vanilla. I do not get the advertised whiskey, as a pronounced booziness is absent. This is a nice wearable.

    Is this ultra-cutting edge fragrance? No, but it does not deserve to be overlooked. Very affordable and perfect for everyday.

    In my 1-10 scale, this rates a 7.

    21st February, 2011

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