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McGraw (2008)
by Tim McGraw


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseTim McGraw
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About McGraw

McGraw is a masculine fragrance by Tim McGraw. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of McGraw

Sometimes less is more, and depending on what one is trying to achieve, keeping things simple is preferred. McGraw by Tim McGraw is a celebrity tie-in fragrance developed by Coty with input from the country music singer himself to give olfactory form to the artist's humble tastes. I'm not typically fond of celebrity scents because they're all mostly just second-rate odd-lot formulas of boring, mainstream tropes like the aquatic or the ozonic, with a tiny bit of creative direction from the associated celebrity, with some cases being little more than approval of a finished product. Buying these things will leave you with a third-rate imitation of a second-rate Nautica clone in many cases, particularly with the men's celebrity scents, and who needs that? Luckily, the "down home" charm of Mr. McGraw's musical aesthetic shines through on his first two creations, namely this and the follow up Southern Blend a year later. Tim McGraw himself stated that he wanted them to be everyday signatures for the guys who wore them, although I'm unsure but doubtful he wears them himself. In any case, this debut is the more potent of the two, but is about as complex as a bologna sandwich, while the Southern Blend (2009) takes a diametrically-opposed direction that is surprisingly sophisticated, but is a lot softer in wearing. Both are perfectly serviceable, but more discerning noses will definitely like Southern Blend better, while guys who just wanna "smell good" will appreciate this one.

Tim McGraw opens with a rich and boozy note of bourbon whiskey with bergamot, instead of bringing the booze later on in the heart like with Southern Blend, using some faint nutmeg-like spice and lavender in the middle notes. The base of McGraw is darker than Southern blend, thanks to a really dominant amber note that cuddles up with tonka, vanilla, and cedar to produce a a finish that simmers down quick but glows on skin for hours. Anyone who loves using raw amber-scented organic products, amber Castile soap or any number of amber niche organic perfumers/cosmetic products (i.e. Lush) will actually find the amber-forward bludgeon of McGraw to layer quite well with them. I won't quite say that this is a hipster-grade single note perfume, but it is to amber in my eyes what bay rum is to bayberry leaf: a big single-note presence with a supporting cast. It's a bar fight in a bottle at the onset, but soon turns into last call and slow-dancing requests from the jukebox before long; you just really, really, really have to enjoy amber to get the most out of this. The kind of guys McGraw was pitched this towards probably wouldn't even know bayberry from amber anyway, and that's terrible of me to say, but those guys will see this as warm, approachable, and briskly masculine, which is the point. McGraw isn't the kind of thing that will attract attention to itself from many, but will hold it once possessed.

McGraw by Tim McGraw is a prehistoric cudgel of a scent to be quite honest, and the fact that it fades quick and remains subtle is it's biggest asset in the end. Any other full-tilt amber scent with more sillage or longevity than this might as well just be amber absolute, and we have tons of that sort of thing already coming out of niche houses for the price of a bucket's worth of this juice. Simple, quiet, soft-spoken McGraw won't get you in any trouble with anyone, and worst case, nobody will really even notice it unless they're up close. As a very basic, affordable, amber-fueled comfort scent, you can't go wrong with this, but it doesn't really have any other context of use where it's most effective besides as an entry-level signature. Unfortunately, it's typically of seasonal availability only at retailers, with it going for prices far above it's worth during the rest of the year online, so it's not hunt-worthy. Unlike it's successor Southern Blend, this one really isn't much of an underdog creative gem with the misfortune of being marketed under a country singer, but rather just functional masculine perfumery stripped down nearly to the bare essentials befitting the mindset -of- a country singer. If you want something uncomplicated, non-challenging, and familiar that will only last the night, this is as good a choice as any. I won't tell you to run out and try it like I would Southern Blend, but if it crosses your path for a few bucks like it did me, I don't think you'll regret it. A modest barbershop fragrance with a country western twang, and just charming enough for the thumbs up from me, but barely.
27th February, 2018
McGraw is a simple amber with some tonka in the dry down, and some boozy-whiskey notes in the opening - that's clever, since it also masks the faint alcoholic aspect. I detect a hint of lavender and nutmeg in the initial phase, before it becomes an amber skin scent.

McGraw isn't bad, but very basic. It's good if you can find it at less than $4 per ounce, maybe a nice option for high schoolers on a budget. I feel that this style is done better in Dirty English, which itself isn't terribly expensive either if one shops around.

13th January, 2018
When boozy amber
Is whiskey on sage ice cream
You are on message.
11th June, 2017
This scent really surprised me. I didn't want to smell like a cowboy. My wife got it for me on Christmas, along with some McGraw shower gel. I really like it! This stuff has a lot of staying power and projects nicely. Don't spray too much or it can be overwhelming. One shot on the neck is usually enough. If you're going to be out and about put a second shot on one wrist and then put your wrists together.

The smell is very deep and masculine. Give it a try!
25th March, 2015
The scent to me is great for the price. I can smell the boozy notes, and nice woody note to. I like it but it doesn't project well after and hour and longevity is spotty, you can get 6 hours one day then under 4 the next. It's a great at home scent...that's it.
18th March, 2012
man114 Show all reviews
United States
As generic as this stuff is I like it. It isn't like the typical Cool Water fare. Honestly I liked it from the moment I first smelled it, only because it didn't try to be the usual stuff, but somewhat different.

Up front to me this smells doughy. After that a bit of spice (nutmeg?), some lavender ends up slightly sweet and woody. I agree with The Cologneist on this, I think there is vanilla in here regardless of what is listed, it is probably to sweeten it up and prevent it from coming off as too dry and woody. Longevity is average, but I don't expect much from drugstore stuff. Sounthern Blend has a better drydown but has less projection and for me is a skin scent almost 10 minutes after I put it on and even on a hot day I don't get anything out of it. This will at least project if its getting hot. A tradeoff of sorts.

This is a good $10 buy though. Should be plenty of it floating around after the holidays in reduced gift sets if you're not willing to even spend that much.
26th October, 2011

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