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Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve (2007)
by Parfumerie Generale


Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseParfumerie Generale
PerfumerPierre Guillaume
Parent CompanyPierre Guillaume Diffusion

About Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve

Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve is a shared / unisex perfume by Parfumerie Generale. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Guillaume

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Reviews of Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve

The opening feels very familiar. Vintage, powdery, sexy amber. It made me think of red velvet on a beautiful woman. I instantly thought: I need a full bottle. Then, it became very different to anything I knew and I became lost. I hated it for 30 seconds, thinking: no way anyone's going to buy this. May be the animalic notes I'm not used to were too present. And then, I got the amber back and some very woody cocoa (directly from the tree). Longevity and sillage (which could have been too big for this one) are great! Verdict: full bottle is on it's way.
06th April, 2017
I've been wearing Mazzolari Lui all morning. I'm in the midst of the gorgeous drydown. I've lit up the Mullard's. Jesse Cook's Guitar Sessions is on the play. My Terrier has jumped on my lap, licks (kisses) the salt from my face. I dry my face on the down of his belly.
My Queen enters the room bends down, kisses the back of my neck. Hmmm Coromandel.
The guitar moves to a waltz. My hands, arms are drawn to her waist. Terry barks and barks with a "What about me?"
I awake next to the warm body of my girl. Terry is outside barking at the cheeky Squirrel.
All is right in my Caramel world.
All of the PG perfumes I have tasted thus far evoke colour, flavour and mood.
This one in particular.
23rd March, 2016
Oh,The Horror! I blind bought a bottle of this, as is often my stupid way, from the PG website in 2008. It arrived from France to the freezing Welsh mountains winter, shot through with sparks of ice crystals. Proof, I suppose of the huge amount of natural perfume that made up its parts, still, I didn't hold out much hope for it's recovery. But thawed out, it was instant love. Sweet, sweet, sexy patchouli and the vanillin of the pages of an old book. It was deep and real. I held on to the last few drops for a special time. When that time came,in 2015, by mad chance, I was given a new bottle on the same evening. I smelled my hair, my neck,then I smelled the new bottle. The beautiful real resinousness of proper patchouli and amber has waned, the vanilla is a cheap, chemical copy. Why? Why?! Cost, I'm sure. And perhaps the notion that nobody would notice. But I did. Side by side, there is no comparison to the L'ombre Fauve of just a few years ago. Shadow beast indeed.
04th February, 2016
ln the beginning this is a thick, non-sweet amber with a very vintage-style, slightly musty feel. The projection is impressive. l detect some patchouli in there which never overwhelms, & possibly some labdanum. Over the first hour the fragrance becomes woodier, & then later on it's more of a powdery, sweet amber with a decidedly animalic musk adding depth & interest. lt lasts well, only just beginning to fade after the eight hour mark.
This is a warm, furry, soft & fuzzy blanket of a fragrance, that feels deliciously cosy on a cold winter's day. lt's dirty, but more sensual than shocking, & l absolutely adore it.
31st March, 2015
L’Ombre Fauve is one of my favorite perfumes in the world. It’s a relatively simple composition of amber, musk, patchouli, and incense, all of these notes present in more or less equal quantities, and blended seamlessly. In fact, it’s as if the musk, amber, and patchouli manifest themselves as gauzy, transparent shawls laid down one on top of another by such quick and able hands that you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

It never fails to amaze me, however, that such a seemingly simple composition can conjure up such a complex result. L’Ombre Fauve manages to transcend the sum of its rather mundane parts to become a manifestation of all of the ordinary little intimacies that make up a day in the life of a loving family.

The opening, which is pleasantly musty, recalls the sourish tang of damp laundry left to molder overnight in the laundry basket. There is a salty edge to the powdery amber that is strongly reminiscent of the nape of a beloved husband’s neck at night – not properly sweated-through skin, but skin that has just taken on the necessary staleness of a long day and is somehow all the sweeter (to me) for it. There is also something of the sugary-sour tang of breast milk that has escaped a baby’s satisfied mouth and coagulated in the folds of her darling little neck. And of course, rather famously, L’Ombre Fauve smells like the belly fur of a well-loved of the family cat or dog.

Whether you like L’Ombre Fauve or not will likely depend on your tolerance for the sweet, musty staleness that real intimacy - and especially that of a couple or of a family - has to offer. It has a lived-in skin feel to it that some may interpret as feline and sensual, and others simply as too much of the bestial. For me, personally, it is a comfort scent that simply mimics the best of the most ordinary but most intimate smells around me. I hope never to be without it.
12th December, 2014
Genre: Oriental

While clearly composed in the oriental manner, L’Ombre Fauve departs from the heavier, gourmand, woody oriental style Pierre Guillaume has explored repeatedly in scents like Cozé, Dadjmere, and Aomassaï. Either because or in spite of this, I think it is one of his more successful oriental fragrances. L’Ombre Fauve is a sweet spiced amber that could easily have come from Serge Lutens, but wound up in the Parfumerie Générale line instead.

In its use of sweet, powdery amber and earthy, animalic patchouli, L’Ombre Fauve is particularly reminiscent of Ambre Sultan, though it does without the briny oregano accents. In its musky, animalic base notes it also shares affinities with Mazzolari’s Lui and Patchouly, though it is far less dense than either in its drydown. In fact, name not withstanding, of its spiced amber kin (among which I also include Anné Pliska, Ambre Précieux, Cinnabar, Coco, and Opium,) L’Ombre Fauve is among the most transparent. In my experience, only L’Artisan Parfumeur’s L’Eau d’Ambre and Montale’s Blue Amber approach it’s luminous buoyancy, and L’Ombre Fauve is more complex and nuanced in its spices, more alluring in its animalic content, than either.

L’Ombre Fauve is reasonably potent, but not overwhelming, as some of its peers can be. It also endures for several hours on the skin, radiating its warm, sweet animalic glow. While it doesn’t displace Ambre Sultan, Ambre Russse, or Ambre Précieux in my estimation, I do think L’Ombre Fauve is a worthy entry in a very crowded field. It certainly offers an appealing alternative for those who prefer their amber with a little less belly fat.
19th June, 2014

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