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Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve (2007)
by Parfumerie Generale


Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 150 votes)

People and companies

HouseParfumerie Generale
PerfumerPierre Guillaume
Parent CompanyPierre Guillaume Diffusion

About Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve

Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve is a shared / unisex perfume by Parfumerie Generale. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Guillaume

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Reviews of Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve

The opening is sweet and animalic; vanilla, musk and powdery notes create a bit of funk that makes is interesting. It smells like sweet fur but the musk will be later overpowered by ambery notes. It has pretty good performance on my skin. This perfume has a Serge Lutens vibe.
27th August, 2018
This is a gorgeous combination of (as many have already noted) amber, patchouli, and musk. The furrily animalic portion of this which is evident in the scent's early stages smells incredibly sensual. To others it may smell like wet laundry left too long in the machine, to me it smells like all things warm and sharply mammalian. Unfortunately, I get less enthused about L'Ombre Fauve as time goes on and amber stands up and takes center stage. This is a matter of personal taste because I am an amber-phobe, but for those who are not and who love to smell like sexy, sweet, and slightly musty powder, you are in for a treat.
26th September, 2017
This scent was recommended to me in a thread about animalics, where I stated that one of my life goals is to find a fragrance that smells like the fur of my cat.

I find this scent doesn't literally capture what I was after, but it does so in spirit. First off, it's one of the first scents that really reads as seriously animalic to me, and I like it. It's not a dirty kind of animalic, but, like other reviewers have mentioned, it's intimate. The animalics remind me of my childhood somehow. I can't actively remember, but I feel like I must have been exposed to a few ladies who wore the big eighties powerhouses in my time. It gives me a pleasant sense of nostalgia.

Other than an animalic this is predominantly a vanilla scent to me. The vanilla is warm and deep, powdery and fuzzy, and it lingers on the skin for days.

I can go on about the notes, but let's not get bogged down in the details; this is first and foremost an emotional scent, which brings things back to my cat and his fur. One of life's greatest delights is burying my nose in his belly when he's sleeping with a conviction that seems exclusive to cats. This scent captures some of that bliss, wrapping me in a soft warm blanket of loveliness.

I don't particularly like vanilla scents, especially not in summer, but this is perfect.

07th July, 2017
This opens with a slightly vanilla warm musk. Almost Barbershop-like. After a bit, it has a vintage 40s-50s womens' amber animalic scent. Reminds me of a classic woman's fragrance from post-WW II. Fuzzy and powdery also describe this fragrance. Very well made. Unisex
21st June, 2017
The opening feels very familiar. Vintage, powdery, sexy amber. It made me think of red velvet on a beautiful woman. I instantly thought: I need a full bottle. Then, it became very different to anything I knew and I became lost. I hated it for 30 seconds, thinking: no way anyone's going to buy this. May be the animalic notes I'm not used to were too present. And then, I got the amber back and some very woody cocoa (directly from the tree). Longevity and sillage (which could have been too big for this one) are great! Verdict: full bottle is on it's way.
06th April, 2017
I've been wearing Mazzolari Lui all morning. I'm in the midst of the gorgeous drydown. I've lit up the Mullard's. Jesse Cook's Guitar Sessions is on the play. My Terrier has jumped on my lap, licks (kisses) the salt from my face. I dry my face on the down of his belly.
My Queen enters the room bends down, kisses the back of my neck. Hmmm Coromandel.
The guitar moves to a waltz. My hands, arms are drawn to her waist. Terry barks and barks with a "What about me?"
I awake next to the warm body of my girl. Terry is outside barking at the cheeky Squirrel.
All is right in my Caramel world.
All of the PG perfumes I have tasted thus far evoke colour, flavour and mood.
This one in particular.
23rd March, 2016

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