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Cashmere for Men
by Cristiano Fissore


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About Cashmere for Men

Cashmere for Men is a masculine fragrance by Cristiano Fissore.

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Comes out of the bottle like Coca Cola poured over wood chips, before a burnt, leathery birch takes over. It's got that ash smell that always reminds me of wet cement or clay, and there's a pleasant green quality that I'm assuming is the vetiver everyone's talking about. By the time the ash and birch take over, the cola smell is long gone, living on as a sort of root beer-ish sweetness.

Cashmere is perfectly nice, but folks who have sampled a few niche scents will likely find it familiar - just about every niche line has one of these, and there are perfumers like Mark Buxton and lines like CDG that have made their names with these sorts of scents, so it really comes down to what Cashmere brings to the table to make itself stand out. I think it would be the root beer sweetness that sets Cashmere apart, as well as the fact that it's not buried in black pepper or iso e super smoke, so the birch and ash and sweetness are clear and pronounced.

All in all, I've enjoyed my sample of Cashmere, but have no need for a whole bottle - personally, I like things more smoky and peppery, and the sweetness hasn't won me over, but it still deserves a thumbs up.
18th February, 2014
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United States
Cashmeran Should Be The Name...

Cashmere for Men opens with a dash of straight alcohol before a pink pepper-laced cedar quickly emerges. As the relatively linear progression moves to the early heart, the peppery cedar joins the beginnings of a growing vague synthetic blond woody amber accord. The synthetic blonde woods soon after take on the sole starring role as the pink pepper slowly fades to the background and the cedar all but disappears, swapping places with supporting Teak wood. During the late dry-down the blonde woody accord remains, with only just detectable white musk supporting it. Projection is below average and longevity is on the low side of average at 6-8 hours on skin.

Cashmere for Men is a fragrance with an official list of notes that is right up my alley. Published notes like cedar, pink pepper, fir resin and vetiver among others are right in line with my tastes. With all that going for it this one should be a slam dunk, right? Unfortunately, wrong... Having found a slightly used bottle for sale recently, I bought it blind thinking I was in for a treat and instead received a different kind of surprise... The pink pepper and cedar come on near immediately when you spray it on, indicating a great early start... Unfortunately, after that things slowly go downhill as instead of the listed fir and the vetiver, the composition gradually is instead dominated by the unlisted dreaded "synthetic vague blonde woody" accord that is near-certainly cashmeran. Cashmeran is a nemisis of mine as it really has a cheap smell to it, coming off as a lazy generic woody amber shortcut by the perfumer that is all too common nowadays. Once the cashmeran entered the picture, it was "game over" for my potential enjoyment, with the late addition of Teak wood seemingly enhancing its negative effect. The bottom line is at Cashmere for Men's $130 per 100ml bottle retail price this synthetic dry woody concoction is a tough sell, earning an above average 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5 irrespective of price and a weak neutral recommendation. Folks that like compositions like Dry Wood by Ramon Monegal may enjoy this one more than I.

Pros: Pleasant pink pepper and cedar open; bueautiful classy bottle.
Cons: Lazy synthetic vague woody amber accord derived from cashmeran.
01st September, 2013 (last edited: 13th December, 2013)
Cashmere smells fine but if by any chance you're already familiar with Gucci Pour Homme I, CDG2Man and Escentric01/Molceule 01, there're no reasons to keep it incosderation. The typical modern citrusy-peppery-incensey masculine paired with a strong (and synthetic) woody amber base. Unremarkable.
18th March, 2012
Dry, gray, woody fragrance characterized by a dusty-peppery and basically tart combination of woods, musk, hesperides, cedar and incense. There is some fluidy transparence for a long part of the trip and a touch of laundriness and detergent woodsy cleanliness.The woods imprint texture, warmth and substance to the dust. The smell starts sharp (but barely gummy) in order to end soft, warm, woody and melancholic though still watery. The first part of the davelopment reminds me vaguely Sandalo Etro and smells like sweet amber, burnt incense, delicious woods, dry fruits (berries?) and licorice. I see the association with Gucci PH because of its sharp, silent, shadowy and dusty woodiness (cashmere woods, guaiac, teak and others). The slightly aqueous feel continues till the dry down made of virile ambergris, patchouli and fluidy vetiver that is so notable in the background. Comforting and elegant.
19th February, 2012 (last edited: 19th June, 2015)
I stumbled upon Cashmere for Men by chance when I was given a free sample with a purchase. I never heard of it and I wasn't expecting much. I gave it a quick spritz and it initially reminded me of something I've smelt before, but couldn't place it until I read the review a few spots down. It's definitely in the same style as fragrances like Gucci Pour Homme (the first one, smokey-woods fragrance by Tom Ford) and 2 Man by Comme des Garcons. Cashmere for Men fits somewhere between the two. More refined than the Gucci, without the Comme des Garcons weirdness. If you're looking for a balance between the two, this is perfect. It smells like sweet white smoke. It smells like it has sandalwood, but it's not listed as a note. I think the sweetness comes from the mixture of the various wood notes, like the gaiac, teak, cedar mixed with the rose bay. You might expect it to wear really woody or abrasive, but it's very soft and comforting, almost like wearing a cashmere sweater. The name is really fitting. A fragrance which I believe needs to get more attention.
20th April, 2011
First of all, this is a beautiful scent. Fissore also makes one for women and a 3rd scent which is supposed to be unisex. I have not smelled either but this one could easily be worn by either sex. It is a good marriage of opposites. It's sweet but not cloying....rather upright. It's light but has thickness too it. It is aptly named because cashmere wool is thin but warm.
The notes listed are: bergamot, rose bay, elemi, ginger, cedar, cashmere wood, guaiac wood, teak wood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, white musk.
I did not get any cedar or ginger or vetiver or bergamot or patchouli. This may well be more an indictment of me than the fragrance! I have no idea of what cashmere wood is or smells like, but maybe it is weaving its magic here. Sillage is a little weak but longevity is solid. Will own this one.
17th March, 2011

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