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Aoud Flowers
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GenderShared / Unisex
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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Aoud Flowers

Aoud Flowers is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

Reviews of Aoud Flowers

Why whisper when you can roar is Montale’s credo, and Aoud Flowers is no exception. So sharp, the opening made me sneeze, this one combines tart florals (geranium and rose with a twist of bergamot according to the notes) with the kind of frankensynthetic oud that could have escaped from MFK’s ‘moods’ debut trio. Indeed, Aoud Flowers feels synthetic from top to bottom, with a big doze of woowoo musks coming on like an industrial blower. It’s a testament to the power of all the other components that the oud actually feels like a supporting player here. With wear, accents of pepper and lavender (in the ‘gale of freshness’ Arabic mode) reveal themselves. Undoubtedly megabutch, undoubtedly synthetic, it still exerts a degree of fascination that catches my nose’s attention.
28th July, 2015

It reminds me a lot Aoud Musk (and for some reasons Dark Aoud) and i detect a dry flowers/bergamot accord over a woody/musky bed that becomes in the time really lunar and impenetrable. At the beginning the geranium is more present while along the trip the smell becomes rounder and a rosey touch comes up from the abyss. The lemony/rosey accord characterizes the dark musky smell and the aoud is mostly woody/melancholic and not particularly stark or medicinal. The rose/aoud combo is, unlike in Black Aoud (where it is bold and daring), really introverted and quite moody. There is some aromatic dustiness in the mix. This is one of the darkest and more forbidding Montale's compositions in my opinion but i do not find it particularly original and distinctive. It is a fragrance conjuring a sense of cold and impersonal loneliness along the bare lands of the easter Europe.
09th March, 2013
Too simultaneously bright and dry for my liking. I detect the beautiful notes here under a very fabric-softener-like blend of flowers (and agree with the blend of Black and Wild Oud approaches here), but the problem is in the mix. Too much. Perhaps a good consdideration for those looking for power, but I would notch this up to a "power washing detergent" than anything beautiful on the body. I am using my 20ml as a room spray - and it does impart a wonderful cleanliness :-)
14th February, 2012
Strikes me odd as that the first thoughts I had were "honey, rose and... Terre d'hermes?" Yeah I get a touch of the Iso E Super or whatever in conjuction with a honey note all surrounded by the infamous rosy/aoud note in all of aoud fragrances I've smelled. It's very dry but also sweet. It's a strange rift of notes.
03rd July, 2010
Stuck in the middle between Black Aoud and Wild Aoud.

I regularly wear Black Aoud and Wild Aoud, and, as a consequence, Aoud Flowers strikes me as a neither here nor there fragrance. It neither has the aromatic burst and smoky dry down of Wild Aoud, nor the rich, barbaric opulence of Black Aoud.

The bergamot and geranium add a brightness to Aoud Flowers that does not gel with the rose and aoud heart. In Wild Aoud there is Artemisia to go along with the bergamot and geranium, and the extra note makes all the difference. While Aoud Flowers is pointlessly bright, Wild Aoud is aromatic and strident.

The teak and gaiac add a dry woodiness to the base of Aoud Flowers, which the musk never entirely integrates with. The base lacks the moist earth feel of black Aoud’s patchouli laden dry down, and lacks the smokiness and roundness that Wild Aoud gets from tobacco and amber.

Aoud Flowers is a fragrance in permanent tension: the pieces just don’t come together. It’s got all of the right Montale constituents, but I can’t give it better than a neutral rating.
05th September, 2009
The description that it is kind of waxy, musky, murky and medicinal rose is good. It starts a little sweet but the dry-down is fairly astringent. I could read some tobbacco and violet leaf in it. It is a fairly elegant offering, not quite as 'sparkling' as some other Montales. The longevity is excellent, as with most Montales, particularly on cloth. A spray on cuffs or collar will last for a good 10-12 hours.

I do like this one but it's not at the top of the stack in the Montale Aouds. This one and, despite its popularity, Black Aoud, are the middle of the pack for my taste. I like White, Gold, Velvet and Lime a little better... I enjoy the juxtaposition of bright & bubbly or casual notes over the oudh. Steam and Leather are both interesting in their own way. Black and Flowers are each rather dark & brooding and a little less 'fun' to smell throughout the day. It is still a high-quality and enjoyable entry in the Montale line, and I'd still rather wear this than just about any designer fragrance in my collection. I do agree that this would be very sexy on a lady.
21st August, 2009

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