1969 Parfum de Révolte
    by Histoires de Parfums

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    1969 Parfum de Révolte Fragrance Notes

    1969 Parfum de Révolte information

    1969 Parfum de Révolte is a unisex fragrance by Histoires de Parfums.

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    Canada Canada

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    Really not my cup of tea! Certainly get the sweet spices and chocolate. Very foody-gourmand. Incredibly dense and rich. I can't imagine wanting to smell like this. Can't wait to scrub it off.

    04th July, 2014

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    United States United States

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    On the initial spray I get rose, peach with a mild coffee and vanilla note. Perfect for spring and summer. Some say this has a gourmand vibe. I would have to say it is an oriental fragrance. A very good one at that. 7.5/10

    26th May, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    A sweet, round, rich creamy accord - the "trademark" of HdP. Bright and funny, not my cup of tea and perhaps a bit overrated, but surely a good fragrance.


    19th February, 2014 (Last Edited: 16th April, 2014)

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    There’s a DayGlo-through-mist quality about 1969’s opening, the bright juicy fruity notes, the cardamom spike, a Tocade rose, crumbs of chocolate, all somewhat obscured by poor projection. Shame, as the opening is twisted just right for me: the unusual appeal of something newly created, like an ice cream flavour thrown together from random suggestions by the public which surprisingly works. Too damn subtle to be a true perfume of revolt. Dries down to a baby pink powdery rose.

    05th January, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    This is a very delicious and sexy scent!
    The opening is a great combination of peach, chocolate, rose and one thing that is not in note list .... vanilla!
    The vanilla smell is creamy and so yummy. now mix that with peach, chocolate and rose .... mmmmmm!
    I'm not a fan of rose but it's very well done and well balanced in this fragrance.
    This combination and smell remind me of "Tom Ford Noir de Noir" in many ways but I think this one is better!
    Less floral and rosy than "NdN" but as a replacement this one has fruity note.
    As time goes by you have still the top notes with a little less sweetness, and now patchouli and some spices kick in and give the scent a really nice punch in the face!
    The scent is less feminine and almost toward the unisex in the mid.
    Another great and quality fragrance from this amazing brand.
    Both projection and longevity is really good.

    23rd December, 2013

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    United States United States

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    I was born in 1964 and the year 1969 seems like arcadia to me, a time I was too young to understand and appreciate. As a decade, as a phenomenon, the 1960s has come to represent many things, from naiveté to revolution, but I assume in this case 1969 refers to the expansiveness, freedom-seeking and questioning of authority that flowed forth after the 1967 Summer of Love.  You know, the hippy thing. ("Parfume de Révolte") To my nose, though, 1969 seems far more contemporary. It takes the fruity floral to school, demonstrating that even a genre as threadbare as the contemporary fruity floral can be beautiful and complex in the right hands.  Where the hoard of trashy fruitchoulis are glaring, as if highlighted by mercury vapor street lights, 1969 is professionally lit and ready for the camera. Hoard? What’s the collective noun for fruitchoulis? A host? A murder? A gaggle? A cast? Let’s appropriate from the collective noun for the no-longer-used maidens. A rage of fruitchoulis.

    1969 has a combination of softness, urgency and definition that gives a depth of tone that I would expect in a classic chypre but am startled by in a fruitchouli.  It balances intensity and austerity as a chypre would (think YSL’s Y) but still has a bit of that puppy energy of a fruitchouli. Quite sexy, really.

    02nd December, 2012

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