Baume Du Doge (2008)
    by Eau d'Italie

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    Italy Italy

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    Excellent beginning and far less thrilling dry down.

    The first blast is stunning, simply stunning on my skin. I detect immediately a sort of inebriating (almost boozy and sparkling in effect) powdery/peppery orange-cinnamon combo which is aromatic, by soon almost minty and i would say dusty in a sort of barely talky/cedary and spicy way. A huge amount of pungent molecules swirl in the air. The orange is soon detectable in this phase but is fortunately a bit veiled by aromatic elements and spices, which is frankly a detail i appreciate. You can detect also a sort of green cedar/myrrh association which is dusty for sure (with the support of some peppery notes) and soon powdery (and in a while almost balmy) but in a slightly humid way. The note of fennel imprints that minty touch in its combination with some aromatic spices as coriander and saffron. The background is anyway dominated by a spicy sweet orange with a cedary woody approach (and a longly peppery vibe). Effectively the more the development goes ahead the more some balsams and the slightly sticky frankincense take the stage taming (hardly) the spices tornado and orienting the juice towards a more ordinary "supremely orangy" vanilla and incense basic mixture. I appreciate this juice despite i don't properly crave for the scents with a dominant spicy orange, anyway i can't write this is something i would suppose ever to purchase. The dry down retains a sort of earthy/incensey undertone but the main olfactory (balmy/gassy) appearance is frankly a bit boring, "designer type", fashionable and common, lacking that touch of atmospherical and evocative holiness that a niche incense fragrance is used to imprint aroud.

    Pros: Spicy, aromatic, slightly incensey.
    Cons: Too much finally orangy/vanillic."

    02 October, 2013

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    Amos Jolthead
    United States United States

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    Opens with a very strong mix of orange and spices, immediately followed by a strong cedar note. The cedar eventually takes over on me and becomes the dominant note throughout the fragrance. I don’t get much of the basenotes – I don’t get vanilla or benzoin or anything. Sillage is great and longevity is also very good.

    I can see the Christmas connection, although I probably wouldn’t have made that connection without someone already pointing that out to me. It does smell a bit like pencil shavings and is quite dry. The cedar note is very strong, but is quite pleasant.

    23 May, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Promising opening, disppointing drydown. Baume Du Doge opens with an orange/cinnamon accord that's immediately joined by a strong woody note (cedar). Minty hints add a bizarre, sort of strident, feel to it while cardamon remarks its presence during the middle phase. The overall effect is Interesting and somehow pleasantly weird but unfortunately the fragrance dries down to the same woody/ambery/incensey base that's way too common in many Duchaufour's creations...

    Don't get me wrong, BDD smells good but if compared to other Duchaufour's woody-incensey compositions in the same vein such as Jubilation XXV or Dzongkha, it fails to coalesce into an outstanding fragrance.

    09 January, 2012

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    this starts quite promising actually, a blast of resinous, exotic spices, quite sweet but also incensy, unfortunately after half an hour you are left with only.... oh, no: toothpaste. yes, a minty, fresh toothpaste. i will have to pass i'm afraid.

    06 January, 2012

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    United States United States

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    This is a rich but soft incense / soft spice treat. Baume du Doge opens with a beautiful, balanced, sparkly spice / citrus accord with the cinnamon dominating the spice part of the equation. After a respectable length of time, the opening cinnamon is replaced with cardamom and then the cardamom, with black pepper. By the time the pepper has weakened, the incense from the heart accord has risen to prominence. These progressing accords from the opening to the base are varied, excellently balanced, and completely satisfying. The subtle incense is the core of the fragrance – it is rich, elegant, and wearable… The spices, too, are lush and discreet. The drydown is woody and spicy, and it comes across to me as a resinous, spicy, and a tad-more-than- skin scent.

    This is not a fragrance for someone who is looking for strong projection, and yet, in spite of its reticence, it is oddly fulfilling. Baume du Doge is beautifully elegant and discreet with longevity that is a bit disappointing, but it’s my favorite offering from a favorite house.

    17 August, 2011

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    England England

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    This starts really well. A smokey incense and softer less boozey version of Dzongka. Resin, cinnamon and woods, I was in heaven. However within half an hour it became toothpaste. Herbal toothpaste to be sure, with plenty of cloves, but stubbornly minty and seriously unsexy. Not for me, this one.

    19 February, 2011

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