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Hard Candy (200)
by Hard Candy


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Year of Launch200
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseHard Candy
PerfumerCécile Hua
Parent CompanyFalic Group
Parent Company at launchLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Hard Candy

Hard Candy is a feminine perfume by Hard Candy. The scent was launched in 200 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Cécile Hua

Reviews of Hard Candy

I love Hard Candy in the beginning, sweet carmel...yummy! But as the base emerged it changed entirely. The smell was familiar yet I couldn't place it. Then it hit me. It smelled exactly like my mother's Revlon Moon Drops lipstick from my childhood. I'm still on the fence about this one. In reading through the other reviews I expected similarity to Prady Candy (one of my favorites.) I find no similarity here at all. Or to Pink Sugar for that matter, I have that too.

This might end up being ok as a dabber, but I don't think I can stand smelling like lipstick all over.

07th March, 2012
Quite a bargain this one !! Just a tenner for a 100ml bottle.

Bottle and packaging are both very pretty.

Stated as a "Floral Fruity Gourmand" ( which isnt my usual cup of tea ).

The notes are also written on the back of the box ( more perfume house's should do this IMO). The top notes of White Tea , Pink Peppercorn and Rhubarb are quite a sharp "fizzy" blast , the olfactory equal of those sour fizzy sweets :). I think it may be this stage that some dont like . Luckily it doesnt last and it quickly settles into a true Rhubarb scent , sweetened up with the sugary base notes. I can detect Jasmine in there too , not so much the rose ( although im not a huge rose fan , so this is Ok with me) .

Middle notes on box - Passion Fruit , Rose , Jasmine

Base Notes - Caramel , Vanilla , Cedar Wood , Cashmere Musk. - This dry down stage is just YUMMY ! There's still a hint of the rhubarb all the way down with this scent though. Could be a bad thing if you dislike Rhubarb. Quite an unusual note in perfumery , but i enjoy wearing something that is a little unusual.

If you like sweet and/or gourmand scents , id give it a try. I can honestly say its one of the best scents of its genre that I've tried. Ive tested scents that are much more expensive and are boring , bland and don't last ( how annoying!) . Hard Candy lasts very well on my skin , days on clothes ! I sprayed some on my dressing gown last night and it still smells of a cosy , warm vanilla /caramel base ....this is 24 hr later!

THis is definitley a cold weather scent |IMO , i thin it would be OTT and sickly in the summer heat . However , the dreadfull stormy wet cold weather we have in Northern England right now , this is the perfect , fun , pick me up , without breaking the bank!

I have not heard of many people wearing this perfume in the UK. Ive had lots of positive comments from both sexes when wearing this , with many of the ladies asking where to buy from. They couldn't believe it was a £10 perfume :)

All in all a very nice surprise for a blind buy at £10 !! I like it so much I've nearly used it all in just 3 weeks , as this price though i can afford to spray liberally ...I'm off to stock up before they sell out.
08th January, 2012
Hard Candy is warm and sweet with vanilla and carmel. I like it. Men like it. Definitely for a candy sweet fun feeling day or night.
07th September, 2010
dimplesg Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Not sure about this one yet. I bought it on a whim in the shops - 100ml bottle for £14.99. I prefer the dry down smell. On first spraying this perfume it smelt a bit fly spray'ish to me. I need to wear it a bit more but good value for money anyway.
02nd July, 2010
Candi Show all reviews
United States
Got me a bottle and I enjoy wearing it.
23rd November, 2008

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