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Vetyver is a masculine fragrance by Nicolaï.

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United States
Had a lot of hope for this one after Cologne de Sologne, but this missed the target. Sure, it is a vetiver...maybe. I don't detect much of anything, though. There is a quick blast of some skankiness, which is kind of cool, but as other reviewers have noted, this whole scent lasts about 15 minutes before vanishing completely.

Overall not something I would purchase, unless I had the bottle in my pocket to reapply every 30 minutes.
12th January, 2014
Weak, does not last long, smells like pencil shavings which isn't bad., just week. Like Cheryl said, you' have to put your nose against your skin to smell it, I hate to give PDN athumbs down. Day 2 I sprayed a lite layer od PDN's Patcholi then sprayed the Vrtyver and it lasted and it was wonderful and not overpowering. Plus it comed down the Patcholi. I'm going to try it with some Montale's Black Oud next. Might as well have some fun with it.
26th September, 2012 (last edited: 28th September, 2012)
Let me add to the confusion. Opens as a spicy fresh sharp soap. Generic, yet bold. Grassy, yet nothing reminiscent of vetiver. Then it sort of vanishes. If you press your nose to the skin, that FRESH component is still hissing along. Nothing here that I like on me or a man.
31st January, 2011
Big lemon, medium spice (clove, pepper), little flower, a smidgen of vetiver. Vetyver is actually a refreshing and lovely scent for the few minutes it lasts. I exaggerate only mildly. On the skin, Vetyver last not quite as long as any eau de cologne I’ve tried. And has less sillage.

Neutral rating for a very pretty, very temporary scent.
25th January, 2011
This is exceptionally weak, with a similar herbal citrus opening to a lot of her other masculine scents, many of which I like. It's so weak that I'm not really sure what it smells like, per se, so I have to give it a thumbs down for that alone. Plus, it wouldn't even occur to me that it's meant to be a vetiver scent. As far as I can make out, though, it becomes less herbal and more nutty after a while. Later it's more sour, like lavender or maybe a very unsweet patchouli; rather like a diluted ST Dupont Pour Homme. Maybe my LuckyScent vial had been sitting around for ages, or got zapped by heat or sun? Really a pity. And I have no idea why LuckyScent considers it semi-feminine.
16th January, 2011
Nicolai's Vetyver is a completely different take on the vetiver concept from any other vetiver scent I've smelled. It opens with a citrus/cut grass/petitgrain/galbanum accord. A strobe type of effect of pepper, clove and coriander oscillates in and and out of the scent right from the gate. The floral/cumin heart stays decidedly masculine as the pepper/spice strobe keeps pumping through the entire development. The whole scent keeps a decidedly natural smell from the beginning right to its nouveau barbershop tonka dry down. This scent is to Vetiver what Nicolai's Patchouli Homme is to patchouli, in that the vetiver is persistent throughout the life of the scent but is markedly camouflaged by the structure of the composition itself. The result is a very bold, yet dignified perfume that is decidedly masculine to my nose.
24th February, 2010

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