Atelier d'Artiste
    by Nez à Nez

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    Atelier d'Artiste Fragrance notes

    Rum. Cognac, Black grape, Cade, Patchouli, Vetiver, Raspberry, Tobacco, Coffee beans, Vanilla

    Atelier d'Artiste information

    Atelier d'Artiste is a unisex fragrance by Nez à Nez.

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    United States United States

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    Wow, this is great - boozy, leathery tobacco and some semi-sweet dark fruit. It's like a smoking room (at least the one in my fantasies). Sort of masculine, sort of sexy, with a dollop of dark gourmand that keeps things interesting.

    18th July, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Smelling this blind, I would have guessed it was from the Frapin House. Cognacs and perfumes have a link -- they both have to be distilled.This is a very sweet rum and fruiit cognac that flirts with patchouli before finishing with a vanilla coffee tinged with tobacco. It's heady stuff -- the drydown is lovely. The best of the range from Nez A Nez by a long long way.

    30th December, 2010

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    Germany Germany

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    I tried this for the first time today so my opinion might change overtime but as of now its a neutral.

    It starts off simply sweet but the raspberry kicks in quickly. It tookme a few moments to figure out the smell but then i got it - Raspberry sherbet. Pure and in a perfection that shocked me. I didnt get much of the booze, tobacco or vanilla, just the patchouli was playing a background role (thought of it as civet for a second, smelled somewhat urinalike but not unpleasantly) but for the most its just raspberry.
    I didnt get a huge development but rather some kind of fade out.
    Too overbearing to wear it myself but i would love to smell it on a woman.

    12th October, 2009

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    Finland Finland

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    One of the better or at least compelling releases from this house. But again there is something fishy going on: This time the list of notes seems to me a quite clumsy swindle. I mean, it is a boozy scent for sure in a way, but if there is not a huge doze of amber in this scent for real, then my name is Jesus Christ.
    To my nose this is almost a pure, sweet and quite massive amber scent. I cant stop myself from thinking that this was trying to be some kind of Nez a Nez`s Ambre Sultan. It somewhat similar, although naturally not as well engineered and it’s sweeter without the salty herbal thing.

    This is even more similar to Ambre Russe (PdE). That one came after this was released so there is a hint of personality to this fragrance in a manner of speaking.

    And it does smell good, I don’t deny that. Sweet, dark big boozy amber with leathery feel. Intoxicating and long lasting.

    Neutral because there are better ones of these kinds available.

    And finally….Coffee?!? Raspberry????!!!! Well, yes, if I stretch myself over the limits of my imagination…..

    03rd March, 2009

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    United States United States

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    I love the rum note in this. A great fragrance for Fall and Winter, gourmande but not too sweet, this is a grown-up fragrance of booze, coffee and tobacco. Despite the predominance of 'vices' it's also a comforting scent, that stays close to the skin, and feels warm and inviting. Must be the vanilla that peeks out later in the development. Sillage is pretty mild on my skin, and the fragrance lasted about 5-6 hours. Very nice.

    10th October, 2008

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